Chorizo, Spinach & Manchego Stuffed Mushrooms (Low Carb and Gluten Free)


So this will be my final post containing Chorizo for awhile (at least until I score some more!) since I used up the last of my stash that was in the freezer.  Oh sad.  But what a way to go out people, cause these are GOOD!  When you are doing low carb one  of the perks is that you can eat yummy, cheesy, dip-like things and lose weight doing it.  Yay! But the cruel other side of that coin is, there are very few legal vehicles to carry said dips.  Doh!  Tortilla chips (goodbye old friends, I miss you!), crackers, crostini, you name it, low carb diets don’t allow it.  Enter mushrooms.  Stuffed mushrooms are a low-carber’s friend.  You can put anything in these babies (the creamier and cheesier the better!) and it will be good.  Unless you hate mushrooms, and then I just pity you.  I saw a post on Foodgawker recently for spinach artichoke dip stuffed mushrooms – genius!  I’ll be eating that.  A lot.  Anyhoo, I had a few links of the Chorizo left and some shrooms in the fridge so this was a no brainer.  But even I didn’t anticipate them being as good as they actually were.  It brought a tear to my eye.  I’m choking up now just thinking about it…  Give them a try, then send gifts of appreciation.  It’s the least you can do.
12 – 15 button mushrooms
6 ounces (about 3 links) Chorizo
half a small onion, chopped
2 ounces cream cheese
1/2 cup grated Manchego cheese
(you can substitute sharp cheddar)
3 cups fresh baby spinach leaves
Remove Chorizo from the casing and saute in a medium frying pan for a few minutes.  Add the chopped onions and cook for about 3 minutes until translucent.  Meanwhile, clean off the mushrooms and remove the stems.  Place the caps on a large plate and microwave for 2 minutes to soften.  Nothing worse than biting into a stuffed mushroom that is still raw.  For me anyway.  Add the cream cheese, shredded cheese, and baby spinach leaves to the Chorizo mixture.  Stir well and cook for a minute or two until the spinach has wilted and mixes in.  Remove from the heat.  Stuff the mushrooms with about a tablespoon each of the filling.  Place on a cookie sheet and bake in a 375 degree (F) oven for about 10 minutes.  Longer if you like your mushrooms really soft.  Remove and cool for a few minutes before eating or pay the consequences (like I did) with a blistered mouth for the next few days (it was worth it). 

  1. Carrie

    These look absolutely awesome! I can never get enough stuffed mushrooms (or chorizo…). Love the spinach in there, too.

  2. Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
    Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-10-2012

    Thanks Carrie! These were so good that I may buy more chorizo just so I can make them again soon! You’d think I’d be sick of Chorizo by now and yet….no. Not yet! :)

  3. Paul Halliday
    Paul Halliday01-18-2012

    Proper sexy! Love it!

  4. Wyn

    Love all the chorizo recipes – my boyfriend makes homemade and swears by the recipes on Len Poli’s site ( It’s crazy easy to make if you have a grinder attachment for your stand mixer… we’ve stopped buying commercial sausage since we discovered how easy… can’t wait to make these and the egg clouds!

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-23-2012

      I’ve been dying to try making my own sausage and will definitely be trying this, thanks so much for the link!!!! Hope you like the recipes!

  5. Anonymous

    Oh my lord I did this using porobello Mushrooms and no spinach and all i can say everyone loved it!

  6. Anonymous

    Mellisa may I ask a question? Did you use fresh mexican style chorizo (raw) or the smoked and cured Puerto Rican style chorizo? I can’t decide which to use! I’m going to make this in the next couple of days for my family thanks for the recipe!


    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-30-2012

      Hey Kathy, sorry I didn’t answer this sooner! I use the fresh mexican style for this so you have to remove it from the casing and it cooks crumbly like ground meat. You could use the cured kind if that’s what you have, you’d just have to chop it up relatively fine so you aren’t chewing large hard chunks of it in the filling – unless you like that and want a heartier feel! Whatever you use I hope they come out great, let us know!

  7. Kat Cline
    Kat Cline08-20-2012

    I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to say that these were delicious! I actually chopped up the mushroom stems into small bits and added them to the skillet with the onion. (I don’t cook with mushrooms often so I didn’t know what else to do with the leftovers, and I couldn’t bare to throw them away!) I just added a little more of the cream cheese and manchego to offset the added mushroom bits. Turned out awesome! I’m posting a photo with the link to this on my food blog so that I can show where I got the recipe!

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny08-20-2012

      Thanks Kat, great idea to add the mushroom stems into the filling, totally trying that next time!

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