Eggs in a Cloud (w/ Chorizo, Cilantro & Manchego)


And here it is, finally day seven of my week of low carb posts!  Believe it or not, I’m actually going to extend it for a while longer since I’ve got some new recipes that I’m excited to share with you.  So stay tuned!  Meanwhile, I found this idea in a magazine (sorry, I can’t remember which one!) at the hairdresser’s the other day.  I didn’t tear the recipe out because that’s not how I roll. I hate flipping through a public magazine and finding pages torn out – it’s rude people!  I think the magazine recipe used bacon, chives and mozzarella cheese to flavor the “clouds” but I used Chorizo (I’m on my last package I promise!) cilantro, scallions, and Manchego cheese.  I’d never had or made anything like this before, but it was the perfect low carb breakfast idea so I gave it a try this morning.  It was a nice change in texture from a plain egg and the flavor was great.  I’ll definitely be making these again and experimenting with different add ins.  Basically you are whipping the egg whites, adding in the flavoring stuff, putting it on a cookie sheet (greased!  I forgot and it was a mess!), make a well in the center and add the yolks.  My yolks broke in the bowl and I had to separate new ones so be careful!  Then you just bake them for a few minutes so they firm up but obviously not too long or your yolk will harden and that would be very unpleasant! 

Makes 4
4 eggs, separated
2 ounces Chorizo
2 Tbl chopped cilantro
2 Tbl chopped scallions
1/3 cup finely grated cheese
(your favorite)
Remove the chorizo from the casing and cook thoroughly.  It was such a small amount and I was cooking other stuff for the blog on the stove at the time (cauliflower tater tots! What?!?  Yeah, that’s right.) and I didn’t want to dirty a pan for that little so I cooked the chorizo in the microwave for 2 minutes and it worked perfectly.  I drained out the fat and set the sausage aside.  Meanwhile, beat the 4 egg whites until stiff.  I do it by hand cause I’m so hard core, but if you want to be a wuss about it you could use a mixer. ;) Then fold in the chorizo, cheese, scallions and cilantro (GENTLY people!) until mixed.  Add a pinch of salt and pepper.  On a greased cookie sheet, place four spoonfuls of the egg white mixture at least 2 inches apart.  Make a slight well in the center and gently place an egg yolk in each one.  Bake in a preheated 375 degree (F) oven for about 6 minutes.  Keep an eye on it though, you definitely don’t want to overcook these and miss out on that fabulous runny yolk!  Garnish with avocado slices and fresh cilantro.  These are excellent for those of us doing the low carb thing, but also not super high in fat or calories for everybody else!  Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed – and get a little crazy and experiment with your own flavors!  Let me know how they come out and if you find a great new combo! 

  1. cravingsgoneclean

    I am loving this chorizo kick of yours! And this is quite the shot. What a gorgeous picture! Makes me want eggs for dinner now…

  2. Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
    Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-07-2012

    Hey Lauren! I love breakfast for dinner! Almost out of Chorizo – I had bought a ton because my local grocer discounted it so much since they weren’t carrying the brand anymore but I used up the last package today. Oh sad…

  3. tinytearoom

    Gorgeous! Ingredients I can grab fromthe fridge and pantry as I use them often. Thank you for this bright idea.

  4. Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
    Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-08-2012

    TTR – if you have all this stuff in the house already then we have a lot in common! When are you having me over?? :)

  5. Rowena @ Apron and Sneakers
    Rowena @ Apron and Sneakers01-08-2012

    I like the idea, the picture is beautiful and the ingredients are so inviting. I just have to substitute chorizo with pancetta or salame. Spain is just next door but nothing arrives here. Lucky you! I will do this recipe soon. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Mellissa @ IbreatheI'mhungry
    Mellissa @ IbreatheI'mhungry01-08-2012

    Thanks Rowena! I’m sure any salty cured meat will be delicious! If you like the heat of the chorizo you can always add peppers or sriracha sauce! Hope you like it! Let us know how it turns out!

  7. Mickle in NZ
    Mickle in NZ01-09-2012

    I had completely forgotten the wonder of an egg in a cloud or two for breakfast. Just love the idea of mixing flavoured yumminess into the egg white – super thanks for sharing!

  8. Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
    Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-09-2012

    Your welcome Mickle! Hope you like them!

  9. EA-The Spicy RD
    EA-The Spicy RD01-09-2012

    Hi! Just saw this on Healthy Aperture and had to comment…looks absolutely delicious! Defintely on my list to make :-)

  10. Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
    Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-09-2012

    Thanks for the feedback EA! Let me know how they come out when you make them!!

  11. Carrie

    Interesting dish! I’ve never had anything like it, but it sure looks amazing. I’ll have to try it out for breakfast one of these mornings.

  12. Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
    Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-09-2012

    Hi Carrie! It’s a little more time consuming than a regular egg but it’s fun and a nice change from the same old same old! Perfect for a lazy weekend morning! Let me know if you try it and if you liked it!

  13. Mickle in NZ
    Mickle in NZ01-11-2012

    I made some yesterday and despite greasing the dish they stuck – then I remembered that in the original recipe I came across a few years back it recommended placing the egg white mixture onto baking paper/parchment in the baking dish/tray.

    I love the contrasting textures – crispy top on the egg white then pillowy softness plus rich, creamy egg yolk. I’ll be making them again – many times!!!

  14. Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
    Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-11-2012

    Hey Mickle – thanks for the parchment idea! I assumed mine stuck because I forgot to grease the pan but now I know to make them on the paper next time! I love the contrasting textures too! Glad you enjoyed them!

  15. Hannah

    Beautiful, I love baked eggs and these look gorgeous!

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)01-13-2012

      Thanks Hannah! This was my first time baking eggs with the yolk intact and I’ll definitely be making them again! Let us know if you try them and how you liked it!

  16. glassy~

    I cooked your Eggs Cloud this morning. I said I didn’t care what it tasted like, it looked SO good. It tasted GOOD naturally.
    Altho, I had to put each egg separately so I could place one at a time .

    I took picture they look SO good. Thank you! I have never heard of egg Clouds.


    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)04-19-2012

      Thanks Glassy, so glad you liked these! It’s been awhile since I made them and your comment reminded me of how good they were – think it’s time to make these for breakfast again this week! :)

  17. Melanie - Australia
    Melanie - Australia02-28-2013

    Oh Lord I just made these and I made a lot of saucy sounding enjoyment noises eating them! I don’t like chorizo and threw my coriander (cilantro) out yesterday so I used tomato, eschallots and grated Parmesan.
    Farout they were so delicious. I usually scramble 2 or 3 eggs for myself so I didn’t believe 4 eggs would make 4 serves and made 2. One really IS enough for one person which great! (But I mean…I ate the second one…).
    This is a favourite now, and mine stuck but I used a butcher’s cleaver to get it off anyway so it all stayed beautifully intact and I would rather that to unsuccessfully removing grease paper, which is what usually happens to me – some sticks on.
    Thank you!

  18. Ashlie

    This looks amazing! We have a bunch of eggs and turkey “bacon” that need to be used up, and I was looking for something outside the old eggs and bacon breakfast for dinner routine (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). This is perfect – I can just swap in cooked turkey “bacon” slices for the chorizo. Can’t wait to try it!

  19. Linde

    This was yummy! I didn’t have chorizo or scallions so fried up a little chopped ham and onions. The 6 minute time is right on. Yolks were still runny but nice and thick and gooey. Will have fun making this for company. Thanks.

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny03-23-2014

      Can’t go wrong with ham and onions! It’s been ages since I’ve made these, and I forgot how much we liked them! Think I’ll try your version for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks!

  20. Phyllis

    These eggs look so delicious that it’s all I can do not to take a sick day at work and go home and make them RIGHT NOW! I’ve got some wonderful pastrami that I’m trying to use up, so I’m thinking of putting that in the dish along with some hot sauce. (Already cooked, so no need to dirty a dish, and that doesn’t hurt either.) Yep, pastrami, pickled jalapenos, and extra sharp cheddar–that’s for dinner tonight.

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