Smoked Salmon Pizza w/ Red Onion & Capers

For my low carb peeps, this pizza can be made on the flax pizza dough or any low carb pizza dough alternative of your choice.  I splurged and had the real thing since my hubs was making the dough from scratch.  It was great.  I did worry that eating it might start a downward spiral of cheating and gorging on carbs, but it never happened.  I enjoyed the pizza (a LOT), but I never felt like I had been missing it so much that I couldn’t go back to low carb.  Honestly I felt lousy the next day even though I got right back on the wagon, and today I’m still kind of lethargic.  Looking forward to ditching the last of whatever is in my system and getting back to feeling good and having more energy like I did before the cheat!  Next time I indulge I’ll do it on the flax pizza crust and save myself the two days if misery that would inevitably follow having all that gluten and refined carbs!  But I digress!  Now about the pizza!  When we lived in CT, my husband Matt built us a beautiful pizza oven that we used all the time – at least a few times a week.  We entertained a lot and routinely hosted parties of over 30 people and had as many as 50 at one time.  We loved it and are planning to build one here soon (meanwhile we’re using a pizza stone in our kitchen oven.)  Needless to say we made a lot of pizzas back then, but this one was always a favorite.  When Matt suggested a pizza night this weekend, I knew this is the one I wanted to eat!  It’s loosely based on the flavors of classic bagels & lox.
Ingredients for a 10 – 12 inch pie:
4 oz cream cheese, softened
1 tsp fresh chopped dill
1 Tbl capers, drained & chopped
2 oz smoked salmon, crumbled
(after many tests I prefer the hot smoked fillets instead of the lox style “soft” salmon which can be mushy and strong tasting)
2 Tbl thinly sliced red onion
1 cup of shredded mozzerella cheese
2 Tbl grated parmesan cheese
half a lemon
pizza dough of your choice
Roll or press out your dough into about a 10 to 12 inch pie.  Combine the cream cheese, dill and chopped capers (use the tiny ones, not the big caper berries that I used in the photos – it’s easier!) in a small bowl, mixing well.  Spread the cream cheese onto the dough – this is your “sauce.”  Sprinkle the salmon evenly over the top.  Top with mozzerella & parmesan cheeses, followed by the red onion.  Bake for 8 – 10 minutes on a preheated stone at 500 degrees.  In the absence of a pizza stone you could bake it on a sheet pan but it may need a couple of extra minutes.  Remove from oven, cut into slices, and squeeze the half lemon over it just before serving.  Creamy, salty, tangy and rich – this pizza is totally crave worthy!  Hope you like it!  M-


  1. Sonia says

    Made this for fussy family with the addition of a lil Italian tomato sauce and have already been asked to make it again! Thumbs up from the UK!

  2. says

    That would not be appealing in the least….although I am GF SF and LC and would go great on a flax seed crust. A couple of garnishes and and boom you could have a post.


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