Coconut Frenzy Cake (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

If you like coconut, you are going to LOVE this cake!  I couldn’t cram any more coconut into this sucker if I tried!  The inspiration for this frenzy of coconut is from my sister-in-law, Jess, though she doesn’t know it yet.

Last week when she and my brother-in-law were visiting, my husband and in-laws took them to a local chocolate shop that sells “bloopers” in a big box.  They bought a 3 pound box and the family (not me peeps, I stayed strong!) whittled it down to nothing in a matter of days!

I looked on with great amusement that first night as my husband and Jess searched tirelessly for the holy grail of the blooper box – the elusive coconut filled.  They kept trying but turned up chocolate creme filling and acky orange nougats most of the time.

Of course once you bite it you have to eat it!  That’s the rule, and everybody knows it!  I laughed as they groaned each time, powered it down, and went on to the next one.  Matt finally scored a coconut, which renewed Jess’s resolve to keep trying, but to no avail.  That lone coconut chocolate was the only one in the entire box!

Days later when they’d finally eaten all of them, that single paltry coconut chocolate was still reminisced about triumphantly by Matt, and bitterly by Jess.  It’s become one of those family stories that will get retold a hundred times (no doubt becoming highly exaggerated), and be laughed about for years to come.

So it was with coconut on the brain that I headed into my kitchen on Friday.  My original plan was to try to recreate a sugar free version of the coconut filled chocolate – which I will still probably do at some point.  But when I made the filling it was so good that it reminded me of classic coconut cake and so I went to work.

I started with the cream cheese pancake recipe to which I added coconut cream, coconut flour, and coconut flavored sugar free syrup.  The filling was made with dessicated (dried) unsweetened coconut, which I reconstituted in coconut cream and more of the sugar free coconut flavored syrup.

The “frosting” is made with whipped cream, more coconut cream and you guessed it, sf coconut flavored syrup.  Finally, if you had any doubt about what kind of cake this was, I toasted more of the dried coconut and patted it into the sides.  And oh man is it good!

The “cake” layer is very much like a sponge cake in texture and I’ll be experimenting with it more in the future because I can already see a ton of other possibilities for it!  The best part?  I “baked” it in the microwave and it took less than five minutes!  Instant gratification people, I’m all about it!  And this cake delivered – it was pure coconutty deliciousness!

Remember the Caramel Machiatto Tiramisu and Red Velvet Crepe Cake???  Garbage.  Dog food.  An embarrassment!  Ok, not really that bad, but THIS coconut cake is where it’s at!  Make it.  Eat it.  Love it.

This recipe makes four 3 inch cakes

For the cake layer:

4 oz cream cheese, softened
3 eggs
1 Tbl coconut cream
1 Tbl sf coconut flavored syrup
2 Tbl coconut flour

For the coconut filling:

1 cup dried unsweetened coconut
1/2 cup coconut cream
3 Tbl sf coconut flavored syrup

For the frosting:

1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 Tbl sf coconut flavored syrup
1 tsp stevia powder
1/4 cup coconut cream

To make the cake: 
Combine all of the ingredients in a blender on medium speed until smooth.  If it’s really frothy, let it rest for a few minutes while you make the filling.  Then pour half of it into a greased 8 x 8 microwave safe dish.  I used a square glass pyrex dish.  Cook in the microwave for 3 minutes or until firm all the way across.  Flip out of the dish onto a plate or cutting board.  Regrease and repeat with the remaining batter.

Cut each square into 3 rows by 3 rows giving you 9 squares per pan or 18 squares total.  You’ll have two squares leftover.  Alternatively you could double the recipe and make one large 9 x 9 cake with four layers in any shape.

For the filling:
Combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl and let sit for 10 minutes before using so all of the liquid can be absorbed.  If you want it looser you could add more coconut cream to get the right consistency.

For the frosting:
Whip the heavy cream almost completely before adding the coconut cream, sf coconut syrup and stevia.  Once you’ve added it keep whipping until the cream holds it’s shape easily.

To assemble:
Lay one square of cake on each plate and place about one tablespoon of filling in the center of each square.  Spread to the edges and cover with another square of cake, repeating until you have four layers of cake. Frost the top cake layer and sides with the whipped cream and decorate as desired.

This may seem like a lot of steps but they are easy and it all comes together very quickly so don’t be intimidated!  It’s worth it I promise!  I used Torani brand sugar free coconut syrup but there may be others.  If you can’t get it, replace it with sweetener for half of the called for quantity and then adjust for taste.

You could replace the coconut flour with almond flour or protein powder I suspect, but I can’t guarantee that it will work as well.  Coconut cream can be found at Asian or Indian markets, online, or possibly in some grocery stores.  You can replace that with full fat coconut milk, but again, I haven’t actually tried it so no guarantees!

If you guys try substituting, please do share with the rest of us so others can benefit from your experiences – and as always, I welcome and look forward to your feedback!  M-

*Update:  Ok so this morning I calculated the nutrition info, but please remember that these are approximate and in fact I think are higher than actual because you won’t use all of the cake or frosting to make the four mini cakes.  Each cake is a VERY generous serving – I ate half of one the first day and finished it the next day (for breakfast….mmmm).   For comparison purposes, I got the nutrition info from CalorieKing for a similar amount (2 servings of theirs) of the Pepperidge Farm coconut cake.  Here’s how it stacks up per equivalent serving:

Coconut Frenzy Cake:  543 calories, 51g fat (0g trans fat), 7g net carbs, 11g protein

P.F. Coconut Cake:  480 calories, 20g fat (3g trans fat), 69g net carbs (50g sugar), 2g protein

Now go forth and eat cake – in moderation of course!  :)


  1. says

    OMG, I just started low carbing again so I will wait until May (my BD) to celebrate with this cake. It looks over-the-top delicious!!!

    BTW, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a bloopers candy shop. Thankfully there isn’t one around me that I know of. What a fun place, though. If you can resist that store, you can resist anything!! ;)

    • says

      Thanks Tami, hope you like it! The store itself (Russell Stover) sells chocolates and ice cream, but all of their imperfect looking chocolates go into the “blooper” boxes that they sell at a huge discount. Unfortunately you never know what you are getting and I’d rather pay full price for a box of caramels personally – at least I used to! They do sell sugar free as well and I occasionally eat one but it’s not usually worth it because they don’t agree with me. But this cake definitely works for me and I’ll be making it again soon! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    There’s a great sounding sf chocolate covered coconut candy at Your Lighter Side–here’s the URL:

    Your cake is gorgeous! I don’t personally like coconut, but I appreciate the beauty and promise of your cake to those who do! Next time I make dessert (don’t do it often, because I eat too much!), I’m going to make your tiramisu. It keeps calling to me in a very loud voice!


  3. says

    You have so many fricken recipes that are so wonderful, Melissa! I so want to try this, but I’ve been so lazy lately with my cooking. Aside from being a single mom raising 2 kids all by myself, working out, trying to write and get paid for it, I just don’t always feel like cooking. Though, tomorrow night I’m going to make you Chicken Buffalo Balls and take them to my life group (it’s appetizer night). So far, in 8.5 weeks, I’ve dropped 18 lbs (and almost 8% bodyfat) going low carb! Woohoo!

    I so want to try this, but I actually haven’t had REAL dessert in over 2 months (resisted even eating cake on my birthday a couple weeks ago . . . I lived vicariously through other people eating my birthday cake. Also, I don’t have coconut cream, but I do have coconut milk. Where do you buy sugar free syrup? Online? At a regular store? What section? Would it be with the baking stuff? I’m trying to avoid things like aspertame, Splenda, etc. I found that whenever I consume any of that stuff, it actually impedes my weight loss efforts.

    So, when I can get off my lazy cooking butt (I get in spurts of motivation) and try this recipe, I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • says

      Thanks Doris! Sounds like you have a full plate (no pun intended) no wonder you don’t feel like cooking! Congrats on the weight loss! The sugar free syrup you can usually find in the coffee aisle believe it or not. I get some of the more popular flavors at Walmart but the others I get at World Market (also called Cost Plus depending on where you live) and you can also sometimes find them cheap in the gourmet food sections of TJmaxx and Marshalls if you have those near you. And of course online. They are sweetened with Splenda though so you’d have to make an exception. I don’t use them all the time, just when I want a special treat and it’s nice to have them to make things like ice cream and other desserts when the mood strikes. Hope you like it and the coconut milk instead of cream would probably work fine! Let us know!

    • says

      Didn’t see your reply, Melissa. I’ll have to write those places down. We have all those stores here in the Phoenix area. I think I’ll wait until after I’m finished with this 8-Week Spartacus Challenge (3 more weeks to go) before I use anything with Splenda. Just taking cough drops slowed my progress down, which they had aspertame in them. Ugggh.

      Maybe I’ll need to figure out how to develop the same taste using stevia, xylitol or erythlitol (sp?) instead? Thanks for letting me know where to get them. I would’ve never thought and was already frustrated. I would’ve never thought the coffee aisle. I tried peanut butter, baking, jams, ice cream toppings areas but to no avail. Now I know!! Thank you!

  4. says

    That sounds perfect! The way I’m going lately, though, I’m going to have to wait for a ‘very special occasion’ to make this cake. The PB Chocolate cookies were gone in two days. I hang my head in shame. Yes, I ate every one myself. Even if it’s low carb, you still don’t lose weight eating that much! :)

    • says

      I know what you mean Dawn! I freeze mine which helps so that I’m not walking by them sitting on the counter all the time. I have on occasion been known to eat one straight out of the freezer though so not sure how much of a deterrent it is! lol! One option is to make the stuff but only assemble one cake at a time and store the rest of the stuff in the fridge separately where they would keep for up to a week I would think. The coconut and cake could probably even be frozen to keep longer. Enjoy!

  5. says

    This looks amazing but I’m allergic to sugar substitutes. Do you think the recipe will come out the same if I use regular coconut syrup and sugar instead of stevia?

    • says

      For the whipped cream I’d use confectioner’s sugar and I’d test the syrup sweetness first because depending on how sweet it is you shouldn’t have to add any other regular sugar to the recipe. Hope it works for you!

  6. says

    I used the coconut milk instead of the cream, and it turned out fantastic! I was going to use the cream, but it was a super-thick paste, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get it to “melt” or get the shredded coconut to absorb it (the directions on the box said to just sit it in a bowl of hot water to get it in a liquid state) Tried the milk, and *instant* soakage. I gave a piece to one of my fellow low-carbers at work, and even though she’s not normally a cake person, she said it was absolutely amazing! Thanks, Mellissa!!

    • says

      Your welcome Jessica! I’ve seen the cream sold in solid form but have never tried using it, thanks for sharing your experience with it and confirming that it does indeed work well with the coconut milk! Glad your friends liked it too!

  7. says

    The only coconut cream I can find has a crap ton of carbs in it. Does yours have lots of carbs? Or did I just find a sweetened version?

    • says

      I think yours must be sweetened or be thickened with fillers or something because the one I bought had only a few grams of carbs in it and was unsweetened. The ones they sell for drinks is usually sweetened if that’s where you found it – maybe try the asian/indian/latin sections of your grocery stores to find the unsweetened version. Hope you can find it! If not try the unsweetened coconut milk instead!

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi there,

    If I don’t have a microvave, is an alternative method to “cook” this in an oven? I’m not very bake-savvy! Thanks!

    • Anonymous says

      Would love to know how it works out in the oven as I don’t own a microwave,please post to let us know if you do.Would also like to know if I can sub the coconut syrup as I have never seen it here or is it possible to make my own? Sooooo excited to try this cake!

  9. Jacquie says

    This my possibly be the perfect coconut cake! Not sure it’s apparent as I “drool” on my computer!!! I want to eat this right now! Will be making this for my Birthday ,too! as my B’day is not for a few months I will have to give a try before hand””YIPEE”” !!!!I haven’t heard of coconut syrup before or seen it can I use a substitute for it? Please let me know…..soooo excited! Thank you.

  10. Anonymous says

    For those asking about the coconut cream, you can put a can of full fat coconut milk in the refrigerator overnight. When you open it the next day, you can skim the ‘cream’ off the top & the water will stay in the can & not water down your recipe.

  11. Anonymous says

    My husband is a coconut lover and his birthday is this week. Tomorrow my son and I are going to give this a try to surprise him. I have a Demarle baking tray that has small square. It does 12 at a time, so I think I will try baking it the cake in that. It should even work in the microwave. I am looking forward to my husband’s reaction to this beautiful cake! Thanks for the idea!

  12. Anonymous says

    What do you mean by “net” carbs? I am a type 1 diabetic and I count carbs to know how much insulin to give myself before eating. Your recipes are very enticing due to the low carb counts. Now if I could just understand the low carb count.

  13. says

    My husband will adore this cake! Maybe for our anniversary. It looks so light and creamy. I made a low carb german chocolate cake a while back, which was good, but dense. Definitely going to try this one, including the tip about chilling the canned coconut milk. Thanks for sharing!

  14. says

    This DOES look dreamy. I don’t always have the time or money for this, either, but it looks heavenly! You are SO creative. I am glad I found your site! I will be promoting you big time on Pinterest and my blog, Low Carb Lifestyles. Thank you! I can’t wait to get cooking!

  15. Carol says

    This looks amazing, and I cannot wait to make this. I was wondering what coconut flavoured syrup is. Is that like DaVinci’s syrups? or coconut flavouring? I am not sure. Thanks again.

  16. Malainie says

    I bought your cookbook and was getting ready to make this scrumptious looking cake, but noticed that the recipe in the cookbook calls for a 9″ X 9″ pan. I had only ever seen the 8″ X 8″ pan so thought I’d come to your blog to ask about it. When low and behold the recipe here calls for an 8″ square.pan! Guess that answers my question!

  17. Jenny says

    This cake was pretty yummy! I think I may have made a mistake by putting too much Sweet Drops (Clear Stevia) in the filling, as I didn’t have SF coconut syrup on hand. Next time I make it I will be sure to get the right syrup. So other than the filling tasting every so slightly strange the cake was great. This was extremely easy to make and went by a lot quicker than I thought it was going to. Microwaving the batter was a nifty idea. Instead of building the layered cake, though, I simply poured the filling and the “frosting” over the cooked batter. I’m lazy like that. :)

  18. darkelegance says

    I have been wrestling with this cake for a couple of days. Each time I make it, being sure to follow the directions -to the letter-…the cake comes out like a slightly coconut flavored omelet.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Right size pan, right SF syrup, proper coconut flower, proper measurements…..

    • says

      Sorry it’s not working for you – not sure what the problem is. Sometimes overcooking the cake layers it can make it more eggy tasting – or you can try adding more coconut flavored syrup or coconut extract to boost the flavor. Are you using coconut cream or coconut milk? Coconut cream is denser and more coconut flavored – I find the milk watery and it won’t work the same in this recipe. Otherwise, this just might not be the cake for you – sorry!

      • darkelegance says

        Yes, I tracked down proper unsweetened coconut cream. At first when I read the recipe I thought perhaps the 2 table spoons of coconut flour was too low but I double checked on site and it was correct.
        Also, when I did it in the microwave…after 3 minutes it was still liquid.
        Tomorrow I am trying it in the oven.
        What is the consistency suppose to be of it before baking?
        When I did it in the microwave it came out like an omelet. Nice flavor but it was an omelet.

  19. Lindsey McK says

    We are loving all of your recipes, I have the hubby doing a fist pump in the kitchen every night after his first bite, lol! I have had no luck finding sf coconut syrup. Is there anything I can substitute for this? Coconut extract, maybe?

  20. Frankie says

    the photo of the ‘thumbprint’ type cookie with an almond pressed into it, which is next to the coconut cake, comes up with the coconut cake recipe.
    Could you please put in the recipe for that cookie?

    thank you

  21. says

    Hi Melissa! Could you clarify the carb count for me? Is it 7 net carbs per cake? So 1/2 a cake would be 3.5 net carbs?! Thanks for sharing this great recipe! :)

  22. Lisa Abel says

    Is there a way to make it dairy free also by just using coconut cream? Any suggestions? I have the trifecta of sensitivities…dairy, sugar and glutenthe

  23. cathy mcnamee says

    What a great site..Will order magazines soon as I love leafing…Have started back on low carb due to heart issues and am thrilled by the variety of recipes…You are doing a great job…I cannot believe the amount of time and money you must spend on perfecting these recipes…I am a low carb ingredient hoarder in my house, so it must be hard to use up so many ingredients working on recipes…We appreciate your diligence. Keep up the good work..

  24. Jeanne Warner says

    Is there a reason that you don’t make this into one large layered cake and cut it to serve?

  25. Jessica says

    I made this last night for today. They’re nowhere near as cute as yours, but they are super tasty! It is my birthday cake, so thanks for posting the recipe so I’ll have a keto friendly cake this year!

    • says

      Sorry about that, a lot of the older posts aren’t reformatted yet because it’s so time consuming. I’ll get around to it eventually, in the meantime you can cut and paste into a word document to print and that will avoid the ads and comments getting printed. Thanks for the feedback!

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