The Gluten Free Low Carber E-Cookbook Launch!


I’m excited to announce that my first e-cookbook “The Gluten Free Low Carber” is finally available for sale!



40 of your favorite recipes from the blog, many with significant improvements!

28 new recipes that will have you running for the kitchen to get cooking ASAP!

A section on essential pantry ingredients, complete with links to sources.

Hyperlinks galore to make the book easy to navigate.

Nutrition information for all of the recipes.

The Gluten Free Low Carber On
If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, I will immediately issue you a full refund!  For more details, scroll to the bottom of the post!  Update:  You can now purchase The Gluten Free Low Carber on for Kindle!

Some crave-worthy recipes you can look forward to making…

Orange Miso Glazed Salmon over Sesame Spinach

Roasted Chicken w/ Lemon, Olives & Artichoke Hearts

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara Frittata w/ Goat Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Soup

Cheesy Cauliflower Tots Version 2.0  (Baked, not fried and infinitely tastier!!!)


 Hungry yet?????
The Gluten Free Low Carber On



Coconut Almond Ice Cream

Eggplant Parmesan

Asian Meatballs

Orange Ginger Slaw

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Lasagna


And that’s just a few of the simple and delicious recipes you’ll find inside The Gluten Free Low Carber e-cookbook!  There are also low carb and gluten free recipes for awesome new crackers like Garlic & Herb (cover) and Sundried Tomato & Olive, not to mention Chocolate Cream Pie, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Ice Cream (cover), Crispy Fried Fish w/ Tartar Sauce, Jalapeno Popper Dip, Fried Pork Chops w/ Orange Sauce, and lots of decadent dressings and vegetable sides to keep your low carb meals both exciting and healthy!

The Gluten Free Low Carber On


I hope you guys are as thrilled as I am!  I look forward to hearing your feedback on the book and recipes – you can leave your reviews (good or bad) here on this page in the comments section.  If you aren’t satisfied with the book, email me within 10 days for a full refund.  This material is copyrighted so please act accordingly – if you aren’t sure what is and isn’t OK, there is a copyright section on page two of the e-book.

The e-book is currently available in both Kindle and PDF format (which can be read by computer, Kindle, Nook, and i-everything – just download the free PDF app for your device).  You will be provided with three compressed files – one complete PDF copy, one PDF copy without photos for easier printing, and a third file that is specially formatted for Kindle.  If you are more comfortable ordering through Amazon, you can find The Gluten Free Low Carber available in Kindle Format on by clicking here.

Contact me at with any questions, concerns, or if you are interested in becoming an affiliate and earning 30% of each copy sold through your link/site.

Thanks so much for all of your support and patience Peeps!  I seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take to complete this project – not to mention the amount of time I’d have available to spend on it.  I want to thank my family for putting up with my being so absorbed in (read: obsessed with) finishing this book!  I look forward to getting back to a regular blogging schedule, and I have lots of recipe ideas in the queue that I’m excited to test out.  I’m also working on some outlines for future projects, and a site redesign once I catch my breath – so stay tuned!  Lots of exciting things planned for IBIH in the next year!  XOXO M-

  1. Heidi @ Food Doodles
    Heidi @ Food Doodles07-13-2012

    Wow, congratulations!! It looks wonderful!

  2. Anonymous

    Do all the recipes come with nutritional info such as carbs and calories?

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-13-2012

      Yes, sorry I should have said that – all of the recipes have calories, fat grams, net carbs and protein per serving.

  3. Elayne Sevigny
    Elayne Sevigny07-13-2012

    Congrats, Mellissa!! We’re so proud of all your hard work and amazing creativity. We wish you the very best. XO, your in-laws

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-13-2012

      Thank you so much – I couldn’t have done it without you guys and all of your support! If I had to pay you to babysit while I worked, I’d owe you a million dollars by now! :D Love you both, XOXO

  4. Casey Gossard
    Casey Gossard07-13-2012

    Just bought mine — I’m SO EXCITED!!! Beautiful layout and easy to print to boot. Can’t wait to get cooking. :)

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-13-2012

      Thanks so much Casey! I’m thrilled that you like it – can’t wait to hear back on what you thought of the recipes! Keep me posted!

  5. Vera


  6. Jude

    Oh man, this is great. I am downloading it as I write. Thank you so much for sharing your creative mind with the world. I love your recipes!

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-14-2012

      Thanks so much Jude – I hope you enjoy the book and recipes! Let me know what you end up making and how it turns out!

  7. Anonymous

    damn you and your food porn making me spend 13 dollars,, i guess its the least i owe you,,, zucchini hummus is a lifesaver

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-14-2012

      Good to know the photos are doing their job! ;) Thanks for making me laugh this morning – hope you feel that it’s money well spent once you try the recipes out!

  8. Unknown

    Hi, I’m ready to buy your book, and I want and idea of what kind of carb counts we’re looking at. Can you tell me the one for the mushroom & goat cheese lasagna (swoon)? Thanks!

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-14-2012

      The nutrition info for the lasagna is 554 calories, 43g fat, 7.6g net carbs, 30g protein per serving. There are 6 generous servings in a 9 x 9 pan. This was one of my favorites!

  9. arlene

    Congratulations! I am so excited for you (and for me, because I just purchased it!!)
    I’m hungry! Darn, I wish I had not promised myself that I would stop eating after 8pm. I can’t wait till tomorrow to get cooking!

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-14-2012

      Thanks so much Arlene – hope you got some sleep last night! ha ha! Let me know what you make first and how it comes out! :)

  10. tort

    Just downloaded, I’m so excited!!

    I do have a question though, have you considered converting it to an epub file format? I can’t speak for other devices, but on the iPad it is INFINITELY easier to read things that are saved in the .epub (because you can bookmark, highlight etc). I tried to investigate how easy the conversion process would be and found this neat post which also goes into more detail about what epubs are. And actually if you are ever interested in converting file I’d be more than happy to try my hand at helping!

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-14-2012

      Thanks Tort, I’ll look into it and check out your link! I originally planned to have it available in all of the different formats but since pretty much everything can read a pdf it seemed easier to just offer that. But if I convert them I can offer a special link to different formats with the confirmation email after the sale and then people can access them. Thanks for the offer to help, I may take you up on it! :)

    • Alisa

      I just downloaded your cookbook too. So excited! But I have to agree with tort – epub is a much better way to go. While just about every device can read pdf, the problem with it is that it doesn’t reflow, meaning that how you have it set is how it will show up on every screen. This is not so bad if you’re always looking at a pdf on a computer, but if you should ever want to look at it on a smaller screen, be it a tablet or a phone, if you make it so you can see the entire page, the text will be so small you’ll never be able to read it. If you make it large enough to read, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time dragging the pdf from side to side to be able to see all of it. ePub, on the other hand, will take the text that you have and reflow it to fit the size of the screen you’re viewing it on. The reader can set the font size as big or as small as they’d like, and it’ll just adjust it so it all fits on the screen at that size. Oh, and epubs are also a format that can be read by pretty much every device out there. I’ve actually done a lot of work converting ebooks from one format to another. If you’d like, I can run it through one of my conversion programs and see how I can get it to come out. It may not look exactly like the pdf version, but I think I can get it pretty close.

  11. flamidwyfe

    Congrats, Mellissa! Mine just finished downloading and it looks GREAT!

  12. Anne

    Oh yes! MUST have this book! Congrats – I can’t wait to check it out. :)

  13. arlene

    Made the Faux-lafel. You’re right, the flavour is out of this world. It’s festival season here in Alberta, and everywhere I go there are falafel stands, selling my favorite street food ever. I made yours for lunch. I must have had a very juicy cauliflower because I had to add extra coconut flour to get to hold together (ended up doubling it). So good with your tahini sauce.

  14. pr

    Bought the book today and so excited to try out the recipes. Melissa, the recipe for “Buffalo Balls” seems to have the wrong introductory paragraph (cauliflower).

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-15-2012

      Thank you for catching that! It’s fixed now, can’t believe I missed that one! If you’d like an updated copy send me an email and I’ll send it to you!

  15. gredecki

    I’m such a hard-copy person. Is there a chance this will be printed at a future date? Otherwise, I *will* be buying the e-book. It looks wonderful! Congratulations!

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-15-2012

      There are no current plans for it to be printed in hard copy though I plan to shop it around to some agents just in case. To self publish a printed hard copy with all these pictures would be really expensive per book so I doubt that will be happening anytime soon. It would be nice though! :)

  16. Jennifer

    CONGRATULATIONS, Mellissa. All the best! Hugs, Jennifer

  17. Kitchen Riffs
    Kitchen Riffs07-15-2012

    Congrats! Looks terrific. Self-publishing is definitely the way to go these days – unless you’re an established author (and even then), publishers expect you to do most of the promotion anyway. And I say this as someone with a ton of experience in the publishing world (I was a book editor for years). Good luck with this.

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-22-2012

      Thanks KR – I’d love to publish a “real” book sometime but it takes forever from what I understand and there are a lot of hoops to jump through for the publisher so I’m happy with my e-book for now! :)

    • eka

      Have you thought about making it available through Then those of us who want a hard copy can get it via print on demand…

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny08-20-2012

      I’ll look into it, thanks eka!

  18. Olly

    Fantastic book, thank you!

  19. Lauren

    Congrats Melissa! This is awesome! I am so excited for you!

  20. Akpene

    I just ‘skeed’ with excitement. Thank you so much and congratulations!

  21. Abbie

    Just downloaded it, and I am very excited. I’ve been in a rut lately with my eating, and it’s pretty boring. Looking forward to getting inspired again! Thanks and congrats!

  22. susiet

    Congrats to you girl! Excellent job and beautiful photos. Very “droolicious”!

  23. CJ - Food Stories
    CJ - Food Stories07-18-2012

    Congrats :-)

  24. Matt Sevigny
    Matt Sevigny07-18-2012

    Great job Hon! That was a little like giving birth right? Not that I would know..or presume to tell you how that feels…or that its the same thing…um…never mind. You’re the best! ;)

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-22-2012

      Thanks Mr. Hungry (that’s your new name what do you think??), and you’re right, it kind of WAS like giving birth! Except I didn’t almost squeeze your fingers off when giving “birth” to the book! And you didn’t buy me a new sparkly when it was over. Not yet anyway – hint hint! ;)

  25. Eric

    Just downloaded the cookbook… Looks terrific! Love the variety and presentation. Just one question that struck me as I was reading through it: Coconut cream? I have cans (or cartons) of coconut milk, which I assume is not what you mean. And I am sure you don’t mean Coco Lopez, which is seriously sweetened. Can you enlighten me?

    Thanks, and congratulations on a job well done.

    - Eric

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-22-2012

      Thanks for purchasing the book Eric! I hope you enjoy the recipes! Coconut cream can be bought in canned, block or powdered form and it’s a more concentrated version of coconut milk – kind of like the difference between whole milk and heavy whipping cream. It’s not easy to find in the regular grocery store, usually you’ll have to go to an Asian, Indian or even Latin American to find it – or you can order it online. Worst case you use regular coconut milk and it just won’t be as thick.

  26. Kim Bee
    Kim Bee07-19-2012

    WHAT? WHAT? Dude you did not email me. I am furious.

    Okay, I’m totally not. Lol. I am however dying for a copy cuz you are a rock star.

    So proud of you my friend. Smoochies! xx

    • Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)
      Mellissa Sevigny (sevimel)07-22-2012

      Well you’ve been so busy hobnobbing with the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream people that I figured we’d catch up sooner or later! Thanks, I’m glad it’s over! XOXO

  27. Eric | Slow Carb Diet Experiments
    Eric | Slow Carb Diet Experiments07-20-2012

    Mellissa, congrats on the book launch! It really looks like this book has some amazing recipes…I may be featuring it on my blog soon. :)

  28. lc4good

    I really love your recipes but could you consider listing total carbs instead of just net carbs? Many of us long term low carbers don’t subscribe to the net carb theory :)

  29. Aimee | The Honeyed Almond
    Aimee | The Honeyed Almond09-11-2012

    Congrats on the book, I just bought it and am loving it! I’m going to be sending it to my aunt for her kindle, she is a total computerphobe but I know she would LOVE your recipes :-)

  30. dori

    I just purchased my copy of your cookbook and have printed out 4 recipes to try this week! I like to have a copy of the recipe in the kitchen with me and your ebook makes that easy to do. That being said the cookbook doesn’t include the Bangers & Mash recipe which I am making tonight, well not the bangers part of the recipe, and I can not find an easy way to print it. Am I missing something? Is there a print option I’m not seeing? Thank you. btw, since I found the pancake recipe 2 weeks ago I’ve made them 5 times…love them!

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny09-17-2012

      Hi Dori, sorry about the Bangers and Mash. I had limited space in the book and since the cauliflower recipe is already in it, I figured putting the B&M recipe in there too would be kind of redundant. Unfortunately the blog doesn’t have a print recipe feature though that’s something I’m working on in the new design. In the meantime, while inconvenient, you can cut and paste the text of any recipe from the blog into a word document and print it that way if you really want a printable copy. I’m working on the redesign and relaunch so this won’t be an issue in the future. So happy that you are enjoying the book and recipes!! :)

  31. flamidwyfe

    I made my 2nd batch of Rosemary and Sea Salt Flax Crackers yesterday for a dinner party and they were a hit!

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny09-17-2012

      So glad! I love those crackers and really need to make a fresh batch soon come to think of it!!

  32. anna mcdonald
    anna mcdonald09-16-2012

    I would like to buy your e-book. But when I went to buy it there is nowhere to put in your email address. So how do you receive it?

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny09-17-2012

      Hi Anna, thanks for your interest in the book. When you check out through Paypal you get the link sent to you to download it. If you have any trouble with it just email me and I’ll send you the files directly. Hope you like it! :)

  33. Anonymous

    I bought it! I love it! :)

  34. Anonymous

    I ordered the book and paid for it and it did not download????

  35. AnniesNice

    Congratulations on your website and cookbook Mellissa. You have done a great job and it looks awesome. I also love your food pics they make us hungry. Looking forward to try my hand at cooking like you because I miss your cooking. We also miss you, Matt and Mason and hope to see you soon. Love you, Auntie Annette

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny12-15-2012

      Thanks Auntie, we miss you too! Coming up for a wedding in March so we’ll definitely see you all soon! XOXOXO

  36. Alicia S
    Alicia S03-08-2013

    Just bought your book. Can’t wait to start trying some of the recipes! So excited!

  37. Lisa

    I made your Roasted Chicken w/ Lemon, Olives & Artichoke Hearts tonight for dinner. It was AMAZING! It turned out looking exactly like your picture and tasted just as good as looks! I was so proud of myself! For dessert I made the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Cream (used raspberries, since that’s what I had on hand). It christened my new ice cream maker, can’t wait to put a dollop on top of a Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake ;)

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny07-22-2013

      Thanks Lisa! I haven’t made that in ages but it was one of my favorites when I was testing recipes for the book! So glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to let me know! :)

  38. Marisa

    Existe em língua Portuguesa?

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