Foodless Fridays – 5 Great Low Carb/Paleo Recipe Blogs

So another week has flown by and I find myself with nothing ready to post for Foodless Fridays again!  I have stuff in the queue but I just can’t seem to find the time to get them completed – I’m hoping that my schedule will be more normal by the first of the year and I’ll be able to share more of the fun stuff I’ve had planned soon!  Meanwhile, so as not to leave you with nothing, here’s a list of some of my favorite low carb/paleo recipe blogs for you to check out!  You didn’t think I was the only one did you?  ha ha!  Just don’t leave me forever when you find out how great their recipes are!  Have some favorites of your own?  Please do share with the rest of us in the comments!  Oh, and if you want to pin the photos of their recipes, please go to their sites and pin directly from there, thanks!


1)  All Day I Dream About Food

This is Carolyn’s Low Carb and Gluten Free Hazelnut Chocolate Bundt Cake.  It has only 3.9g net carbs per serving.  Seriously?  Where have you been all my life?

Super creative and ridiculously prolific, Carolyn posts pretty much EVERY DAY and still seems to have a life!  She is obviously doing a lot of things right!  Head over and see for yourself – you’ll be inspired for sure!



2)  Your Lighter Side

These are Jamie’s Waffles which are not only low carb and gluten free, but also grain free and dairy free!  And at only 2g net carbs per serving, I’m thinking it’s high time for yours truly to invest in a waffle iron!

Her site is loaded with delicious recipes like cauliflower taco shells (WHAT? Totally trying that!!!), and other great things I want to stuff into my face ASAP.


3)  Against All Grain

This is the lovely and talented Danielle’s Mixed Seafood Paella recipe.  It’s just gorgeous isn’t it?  Danielle is hard at work on her first cookbook so she’s not posting as much as usual – but that’s great for the rest of us because she’s lined up tons of guest posters to fill in for her, and it’s a great way to discover new blogs.  Look for a guest post over there from IBIH in a couple of weeks!  Super excited!


4)  Maria’s Nutritious & Delicious Journal

Maria Emmerich is a wellness expert and cookbook author who really knows what she’s talking about.  I love that many of her recipe posts also contain information on health and wellness.  For example this “healthified” pumpkin pie in a jar post also talks about adrenal fatigue – the symptoms and what to do about it.  Food and health together?  It’s a win/win.  Plus these were so adorable my eyes almost fell out!

5)  Nom Nom Paleo

Created by Michele Tan who has the most adorable family EVAH, Nom Nom Paleo is chock full of Paleo deliciousness!  It’s easy to see why she won Saveur’s Best Special Diets Award for 2012!  Many of the recipes are even Whole 30 compliant, like this Oven-Braised Mexican Beef recipe!  Definitely going on my “soon to nom” list!!!  Like, REALLY soon!


So there you have it peeps – a list of (other?) really amazing places to get low carb/gluten free recipes.  They say if you love something you should set it free, and if it comes back you know they really care…or some such drivel.  So go.  Be free.  Try other recipes, read other blogs….just come back sometimes, OK????  Pretty Please????

P.S.  If you have a low carb/paleo blog and are not on this list, please don’t be offended!  These are just some of the many that came to mind as there are lots of us out there!  Feel free to post a link to your own amazing blog in the comments section!

Want more great low carb/gluten free recipes?  Download The Gluten Free Low Carber!


  1. says

    Lol, thanks for featuring my Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cake. I keep meaning to make it again because it really was so good. SO GOOD! Hope you are well!

    • says

      Thanks Carolyn! This cake really um…takes the cake! In spite of my best intentions I rarely actually make things from other blogs because I’m so busy creating in my own kitchen for mine. But this one I am DEFINITELY going to try!!!

  2. says

    Michelle is amazing! I have read all 133 pages of her blog. I love that she doesn’t concentrate so much on treats and cheats, but shows you in simple terms how to live a Paleo life every day. I have made her recipes over and over and my family and friends always love them.

    I used to read several of these blogs, but the constant sweets became a turn off. I like that you have savory recipes on your blog. We cannot live on cake alone.

    • says

      Thanks Alexandra – I agree with you about Michelle and her blog! It’s so useful and fun to read. It really inspires you to make better choices – and doesn’t make you feel like it’s impossible or that you have to be perfect. Plus I can’t say enough how CUTE they all are! Note to self… I MUST get one of those t-shirts!

  3. Anonymous says

    Mellissa, IBIH is most definitely in my list of “other”, with at least daily visits, as are three of the five others you shared. You so belong in that group! Thank you for the incredible addition your work is to the awesome landscape of low carbing/paleo recipes and information, so generously shared.


  4. says

    I’ve had several of those bookmarked, but two are new to me, so I’ll check them out. I’m glad you offered to let us post our blogs. While my photos aren’t pretty and I am still learning to eat/cook correctly for low-carb eating, I blog to help myself along. It just so happens that I’m hostessing my first giveaway and had been worrying about how to get the word out as I’ve only had two people enter. So, please, scootch on over there and enter! Just think how good your odds are! (I’m trying not to spread it around too much and make it more than I can handle, though, as I will be entering names into a hat to be drawn.) Any whoot, click on my name to go to the site to enter, please! ;)

    • says

      Thanks Becky! I think I missed the deadline but hope your giveaway went well! They are definitely a lot of work! Try a random number generator next time – you can find them free online and they make it easier!

  5. says


    I found your blog about 4 months after I started one of my own due to sugar sensitivities and gluten allergy. I had lost the link and today found it again. It’s really good to find other people who share the same dietary requirements, and inspiration to keep going with this sometimes complicated lifestyle. Blogging helped me to cope with the stress, while remembering that food can be fun again (foodie before, foodie again after diagnosis!)
    Thank you for your writing, it is very positive!

  6. Belke says

    Can’t wait to start trying ur recipes!! I’m starting this new gluten free thing so I’m pretty excited!!


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