IBIH May VITAMIX Giveaway!!!!

So I’ve been doing a monthly giveaway here on IBIH for awhile now, and I have to say that it’s become one of my favorite things to do each month!  You guys do so much to support my blog – you buy my ezines and book, you like, tweet, share and tell all of your friends about IBIH (which increases my traffic and thus my advertising income, making these giveaways possible), and you also make me SO happy with your comments here and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+!

With that in mind, I’m thrilled to be able to give something back in the form of a giveaway each month to show my appreciation to you all. It’s also very exciting for me to be able to increase the value of the giveaways over time as the blog grows. I never thought I’d get to a point where I could give away a prize as awesome as I’m offering this month! A commercial grade Vitamix 1002 blender!!! Woot!

Vitamix giveaway from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

I have had my Vitamix for about 7 years now and I LOVE it! The perfect keto-friendly appliance – I have used it to make low carb smoothies, nut milks, nut butters, soups, purees, sauces, etc. and it always works like a champ. There is almost nothing that this thing CAN’T do! It even just about cleans itself when you add water, a few drops of dish soap, and then blend it for a few seconds. Then just rinse and you’re done! I mean seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Already have a Vitamix or don’t live in the continental US? No worries, just enter to win the $350 Amazon Gift Card instead!

The giveaway will run from Saturday, May 3rd to 11:59pm on Saturday, May 31st. You can enter using the Rafflecoptor widget below – simply follow the instructions as shown. This will operate like the previous month’s giveaways, so if you’ve done it before you know the drill.

The winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email within 24 hours of the close of the giveaway – they will then have 24 hours to respond before I choose another winner. I will ship the product to the confirmed winner (it might be YOU! Squeee!!!), at my own expense, within 1 week of the close of the contest. No purchase necessary to win.

NOTE: If you’re already subscribed to IBIH by email, simply enter the email address you originally subscribed under into that entry to get credit!

That is all! Go forth and enter, then check back and share with your friends on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for extra entries throughout the month to increase your chances of winning this awesome prize! You can also access the giveaway directly through the IBIH Facebook Page under the tab labelled giveaway to get more entries daily!

Well what are you waiting for??? Enter already!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Tracy Fahey says

    I have been dying to get a Vitamix… have been talking about it just recently with my boyfriend :) He is a mechanic and we have be discussing how since it is just like a great tool it is totally worth the money. I have him on board now too! This would be the best prize I think. You can do almost anything with a Vitamix and it helps you eat so much healthier. Totally what I am looking for in my kitchen and life!!

  2. Ginger Gordan says

    Thank you so much for offering the Vitamix! Mmmm…. I would love to make coconut butter in it! And of course, smoothies and soups :)

  3. emily says

    Smoothies, but I use mine not as nice one all the time, so I’m sure I would find lots of uses

  4. Anastasia says

    If I had a Vitamix, I would use it for shakes! Shakes and smoothies, all day long. I could drink them forever! And there are so many combinations to try! :)

  5. Cher B says

    So many, many ideas for a Vitamix. Almond milk, smoothies, natural pb, ground nuts and flax… So many ways to make healthy food choices easier. I would love to have one to play with and use for my family.

  6. Suzanne says

    My vitamix died after 8 years and I CANNOT wait to have it back! WE are a sugar free/wheat free/gluten free family and I use the heck out of that thing! My favorite is smoothies for my 3 kids under 2!

  7. says

    I’ve been looking for someone who does awesome (delicious) low carb stuff – just stumbled on your site and you’re having an amazing vitamix giveaway plus I love your recipes?! I think I’m in love. Keep it up!

  8. Margarita says

    I have seen so many recipes using a Vitamix, can never afford one. Would be awesome to just simply make cauliflower mash “potatoes”, I do it now with my food processor and good ol’ fashion elbow grease, but I have seen pics of it and compared to mine they really do look like mash potatoes where mine looks like I tried.

  9. norma says

    my ktec froze up on me so having a vitamix I would be able to grind up my lemons for my lemon water again.
    thanks, wonderful giveaway.

  10. says

    Not being based in the US, I couldn’t get my hands on the Vitamix, but I would definitely use the Amazon gift card towards buying one! I’ve been DREAMING of making nut butters in a Vitamix for months now! I can’t wait to give that a try! I’d be making all kinds!

  11. Marcia says

    I already have the vitamix – great prize!! so I would take the gift card – wowser that would be awesome!!! Love love love your site

  12. Denise Wright says

    I already have a Vitamix and use it about 3 times a day! It is the BEST piece of kitchen equipment I ever bought!!!!!!!

  13. Taka says

    I just bought a Vitamix last week so I entered for the Amazon gift card but I’m most excited about making no sugar added creamy salad dressing and nut butters. I’m hoping your blog posts have vitamix tags so I can search them quickly. Asparagus soup was the first thing I made when I received my vitamix on Friday and I was thoroughly impressed!

  14. Pamela Gurganus says

    I actually would choose the Amazon gift card, but if I had a Vitamix, I’d be most excited to use it for making hummus, peanut butter and soups!

  15. says

    LOVE this giveaway. We make smoothies all the time with a less than great blender. It gets it done, but this Vitamix is the ultimate!! Thanks for all that you do with blogging out beautiful recipes.

  16. Heather C says

    A friend if mine once made a raw chocolate avocado pudding in hers. It was amazing, and so healthy! But every time I try recreate in my blender it I get a gross chunky pudding, which is not so lovely. I hope I win!! I’d love to make a smooth pudding!

  17. Shelia says

    My sister loves her Vita-mix. I’d love to make more soups and she says its a breeze to operate. Thanks!

  18. Sara Hawker says

    This is a terrific May give-away and I’d love the Vitamix. I think I’ve read so much raving reviews of them I would HAVE to find room on my counter!

  19. Susan says

    I requested the gift card but IF I requested the Vitamix I would use it for smoothies, cauli-rice, bulletproof coffee…

  20. Giancarlo Rossi says

    Hummus, mashed cauliflower and new recipes I can’t manage with my cruddy blender!

  21. Mandy says

    I loooove making roasted almond butter in the Vitamix. And blending up some homemade sriracha. (:

  22. Diane Bowron says

    I would love to try new things – soups, smoothies, nut flours and butters. I think it would be great to have in my kitchen.

  23. Jana Johnson says

    I would use it for EVERYTHING!!!! (But I’m most excited about making my morning green smoothies!)

  24. Veronica says

    I would use the Vitamix for smoothies, soups, cauliflower rice, and new items that my existing blender can’t handle.

  25. judiboy says

    I would love to have a vitamix…what a great tool for creating many of your shared recipes. We moved to a small town in NC from NW Conn to be near our daughter after losing our other daughter to cancer…so glad I found your blog…seeing your comments about NW Ct makes me feel pleasantly homesick. Thank you and keep creating those wonderfully tasty foods!!!

  26. Leslie says

    I already have a Vitamix (which the whole family loves), so I’d use the gift card to stock up on some healthy treats and some swerve.

  27. shawna says

    My mom bought a vitamix last year & loves it. I don’t think the question is what would I make with one, it’s more like what wouldn’t I make with it!

  28. Casper says

    Loved my Vitamix but it burned up a few years back (it was over 10 years old!) and really would be nice to have another one!

  29. Jennifer says

    My husband’s mom had a Vitamix for years. My SIL received it upon her mom’s passing. I’ve always wanted one. It would be awesome for my THM lifestyle!!

  30. juliajenner says

    I’m most excited about making nut butters and soups. Plus I hear clean up is really easy.

  31. Katie says

    Omg, this giveaway is amazing. I’d definitely use the gift card.. to get the vitamix :P HAHA. If I win :P

  32. Stacey M. says

    The Vitamix would be so great to use for healthy veggie drinks and soups. Here’s to hoping I win! :)

  33. Deb Brandt says

    Always wonderful giveaways! I make a daily smoothie and sure would make my life easier with the vitamix – Thanks for all you do and share with us!

  34. Christine+Castaneda says

    Woohoo Vitamix won! Ok I’ll control myself now. I would use the Vitamix to make the obvious…smoothies but I would also use it for soups, nut butters and anything else.

  35. says

    You do the BEST giveaways! I opted for the gift card because I really want a Kitchen Aid mixer and then I saw the June giveaway choices and well, maybe? Who knows, I might just win :)

  36. Angie says

    smoothies, soups and nut butters! but mainly to sneak some nutrition into my picky son’s diet – he’ll eat anything if it’s in a smoothie.

  37. LeDawn Webb says

    I have had this on wish list forever! It would be awesome to use it to make your delicious recipes!

  38. TB says


    I’ve been an European follower for over a year now, I’ve purchased your e-zine and I’ve replicated your cauliflower mash recipes, and others.
    I need a VITAMIX blender, Ive been able to maintain a 6 kilo loss in the past 2 weeks by joining the smoothie world.
    I currently buy smoothies and a salad at a shop by my office, but its blowing up my food budget, and hubby and I were just talking about how to get smoothies for less. A vitamix blender would be a blessing :)

    Choose us Choose us, please :) <3

  39. marguerite maguire says

    I would love to win the amazon card to get some products to help me on my new path toward a healthier lifestyle.

  40. Kris Johnson says

    I was just looking at a Vitamix yesterday! I would make soups and smoothies. Never made nut butters before, but would love to give those a try too!

  41. jody estabrook says

    I actually have a blender and would love the gift card BUT, I use my blender for everything.

  42. Allison+G says

    I cant afford this of course and buying all those butters are expensive so I would love making my own almond, cashew, and coconut butters and of course the flours too!

  43. Jan Johnson says

    I would love the VItamix but I chose gift card as we are low income right now and I could get some pet food and other things we need.

  44. Aubrey says

    I would use the vitamix for smoothies most often but would also love trying to make soups and sauces in it.

  45. Lisa Campbell says

    Getting more and more excited about this giveaway. Have read more about what the Vitamix can do! Thanks for offering such wonderful gifts to your readers, it’s very generous.

  46. Sandy Munn says

    This Vita-Mix would be a great replacement for my 35+ year old Blender that I inherited from my husband’s grandmother!

  47. paigekittles says

    I have been wanting a Vitamix ever since they first started advertising for them! I, too, am a gluten free low carber and I find myself making lots of protein shakes, pureed veggies for recipes, etc. but my crappy blender and food processor just don’t quite ‘cut’ it (lol) half the time.

    Hmmm, I wonder, would a Vitamix be good for making my own almond meal??? My previous attempts turned out too chunky :-/

  48. Jennifer says

    This would be a God send to acquire for my kitchen. Between hubby’s diet, smoothies for all, soups and having it around come the next time we have a baby for fresh homemade baby puree. This has got to be the must have for my kitchen, and this is probably the only way I’ll ever get one. :) Here’s hoping.

  49. Mindy Trzcinski says

    I would love to give this a try! i love your blog and it really helps me stay on track with all the great variations on old favorites :-) Thank you!

  50. says

    I’ve wanted to own a Vitamix for some time. I do a lot of cooking and have a food blog, so I know I could put it to good use on a regular basis.

  51. Gary says

    I used to have a vitamix and I never used it so I gave it away. Now that I am doing the LCHF diet I really wish I had it back. Maybe this is my chance :)

  52. says

    If I won the vitamix blender I would first make my own almond butter and so many other new recipes that I can’t make now because I don’t have a vitamix.

  53. Debbie Jennings says

    I understand it can make nice fluffy blanched almond flour. Would love to find out! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  54. Siri says

    I would make tons of puree, nut butters and humus – my current blender can’t handle that, so would be amazing to be able to make more than just smoothies and soups on my blender!

  55. Chantell says

    Vitamix is going to be making my BPC now over ice instead of warm, I love me some blended drinks but once you’ve had a vitamix’d drink you can never go back!

  56. Antoinette says

    I plan to use my Vitamix if I win to make my chocolate almond butter and I saw a recipe for coconut butter that I’m dying to try!

  57. Ana says

    I would love the Vitamix, but I write you from Spain so I have to choose the giftcard.
    thank you for the chance

  58. Erin K says

    I’m most excited to use the Vitamix to start a vegan cleanse after my second baby is born and to make her baby food!

  59. Lindsay says

    I’ve been silently Stalking a Vitamix for a while now. I want to make fruit smoothies with kale or spinich.

  60. brooke says

    My daughter would stand and watch the vita mix guy as I shopped costo, she would eat anything that man would hand her, I cant wait to make the ice cream with broccoli!!

  61. Kirstin says

    The Vitamix would be awesome! I’m so sick of my crappy blender…guess I could just buy one!

  62. Samantha says

    I can’t wait to make some delicious coconut milk smoothies with fresh peaches…..from scratch…ie the coconut milk also.

  63. Kathleen says

    The better question is “what wouldn’t I want to make in my new Vitamix?” There are too many things, but being summer I think it would need to be some frozen treats like low carb popsicles!

  64. JennCutt says

    I would like the Vitamix for my morning smoothies. Been thinking about getting one so they’ll be blended better. Thanks!!

  65. Elisabeth says

    I’d make all kinds of green smoothies, and REALLY pulverize that spinach/kale for a perfect consistency!

  66. Domoni says

    I would love to have a vitamix to make smoothies and fruit leather puree and so many other things

  67. Shari says

    I already have a great blender so chose the gift card instead. Smoothies are my favorite thing to make!

  68. Andrew says

    This is really generous of you! I just recently planned on starting keto once I finish up my finals next week and I’m excited for my healthy future!

  69. Leslie Metta says

    First of all, I would love to make nut butters! I would also like to make pesto and ice cream!

  70. Brenda says

    A lot of my co-workers have a Vitamix and I’d love to have one to try some of the wonderful things they’ve shared with me.

  71. Kirstie says

    What a great giveaway, Melissa!
    Fingers crossed that I win that great gift card.
    Thanks for all that you do :)

  72. Allyssa says

    I’d really like to try all of the recipes I see with dates or nuts that I wouldn’t dare try in my regular blender.

  73. says

    I would be excited to end my weight-loss journey and begin to maintain my weight using the Vitamix to make green smoothies. I’d also be excited to experiment making healthy ice creams and other novelties with the blender.

  74. Allie says

    I have dreaming about owning a vitamix for years…smoothies, nutbutters, coconut milk, sorbets, soups….oh the things I could make with the vitamix! I really hope I win!

  75. JoeyfromSC says

    I have dreamed of owning a Vitamix!! I want to make healthy smoothies! yum!

    & some homemade salad dressings

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  76. says

    I would love to BLEND kale! Instead of it just sticking to the sides of my ancient blender haha. And ooooh the ease of keto pancakes! YES!!

  77. Blair says

    Soup! I have an immersion blender, which I LOVE, but I definitely don’t get the super silky results I want.

  78. Jackie says

    I’ve been saving up to buy a Vitamix for a while now and it would be an amazing prize! I’d use it to make nut butters, cereal, soups, smoothies, and paleo ice cream!

  79. Common Sense says

    There are so many possibilities! Soups, mousse, batters, smoothies, I have a long list!

  80. kayla says

    I am very excited for my new vitamix!!!! I plan on using it daily for healthy and delicious smoothies as well as spreads, soups and dips. I also intend to use it to make natural and organic products such as soaps, lotions and etc. Overall my new vitamix is going to make an easy transition into a healthier lifestyle!!! Thank you so much!

  81. Josee says

    I have done every diet known to man EXCEPT for low-carb. It always seemed so crazy to me but after stumbling into this I’m seeing great results and more importantly I feel good! So, at 37, I’m brand new to this lifestyle (no more dieting for me!) and brand new to this amazing blog! Can’t wait to try out so many of these delicious meals. I love your “voice” too! Thank you for your inspiration and ideas!

  82. Rachel Cartucci says

    I know smoothies are probably the most common answer but dang,I love a god smoothie!

  83. LeanGreenBean says

    I would love to be able to make green smoothies! I never feel like eating in the morning, but green smoothies always sound good.

  84. Carolyn says

    Healing ms via the walhls protocol. I need a vitamin to make nutritious shakes. Would really love to have this gift in my life.

  85. Pooja says

    I’d love to use the Vitamix for homemade nut butters, soups and sauces! It would add a lot of convenience to my cooking.

  86. Melissa says

    I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for such a long time but just honestly haven’t been able to afford it. Since moving to southern california and being far away from home I’ve developed a love for cooking and since I cycle ketogenic diets during my training this site helps me to stay in ketosis but not sacrifice delicious food! I’d definitely put this baby to good use!

  87. Maria n says

    I’m excited to make green smoothies & protein shakes in the morning! Would love to eat healthier :) don’t have a good blender at the moment! Xoxo

  88. Kate says

    A quality blender goes a looooong way toward making smoothies more palatable – but cauliflower is always the most common ingredient in my blenders :-)

  89. joanna says

    i’d use it for making coconut butter and nut butters! i picked the amazon gift card though because i could buy different things with it.

  90. Lewann Rice says

    I am excited about everything I can do if I win this blender! I need to start juicing and I don’t want to waste the pulp by juicing it in a juicer which a loving friend gave me I really want a very powerful blender for this and to make homemade butter!

  91. teeky28 says

    I’d love to have a high-powered blender to make almond milk, green smoothies, and things I don’t even know about yet!!!

  92. Anita says

    Everything! I’ve been babying my Kitchen Aid for a few months…. saving to get a replacement. This would be great.

  93. Paige says

    I ADORE your recipes and have shed 10 lbs in just 3 weeks of eating them!!!! I would be over the moon to receive the VitaMix as I never have used a blender so much before and my current cheapo can’t keep up with the heavy usage! The vitamix is truly the gift of health for our family so we can keep making these AWESOME recipes and stay on the path to wellness!!!!

  94. Erin Stewart says

    We make smoothies every morning for breakfast and the Vitamix would be perfect for making our morning routine simpler! =)

  95. says

    I have been suffering from a lot of vague digestive issues for the past couple of years, and without insurance, I have just been slowly figuring out how to make my body better. The most recent addition to my lifestyle change is making smoothies in addition to juices, and I would love to have the Vitamix to make these smoothies on a daily basis!

  96. Jeannine says

    Thanks Mellissa for awesome giveaways! I will use the vitamix for mashed cauli which my hubbie and I love.

  97. Lawson Yale says

    What isn’t exciting about the prospect of cooking with a Vitamix?! Making my own nut flours and nut butters would be my first project!

  98. Lee Blasingame-Reddock says

    I have been saving up for a vitamix for about 2 years. Something more urgent keeps coming up!

    We have been going paleo and more natural in our family. I need a vitamix for nut butters, nut flours, and dates!

  99. says

    I really hope I win this so I can continue to make healthy yummy recipes for my soon to be husband. It will look great in our new kitchen!

  100. says

    Heavy things never ship to my APO :( So i chose the gift card option. If I did have a Vitamix I would make my shakes and nut butters in there all the time! With the gift card, I would probably get a new spiralizer and get some good running shoes :)

  101. michele says

    would love to make smoothies and almond butter!
    gift card, I’d probably put it towards a vitamix!

  102. Jessica says

    I want smoother green smoothies! I’ve also heard these types of blenders are so powerful they can essentially make whole fruits into juice. Can’t go wrong with a Vitamix. :)

  103. tamio says

    My boyfriend and I have been wanting one for sooooo long, but they cost so much and being a teacher.. I just cant afford it! I would love to make my own tomato sauce, dressings, salsa, soups….the thoughts are end less……

  104. char says

    Our weaksauce Kitchen Aid blender broke and I am out a blender! I would LOVE a VitaMix but hubby would never let me:) I use a blender for about everything and am excited to try the rice cauliflower :)

  105. veronique says

    OH my world, I would love to have a Vitamix. Because I don’t live in the US I can’t win it, but if I get the amazon gift card, i will definitely use it to buy a Vitamix! woot

  106. Connor C says

    I am so excited to use the Vitamix to better maintain a healthy diet to coincide with my daily workouts. The Vitamix is perfect for making juices, smoothies, and soups that would be perfect additions to the meals I eat now. I would literally use the Vitamix every single day. I’ve wanted one for AGES.

  107. Carriesue says

    I have a whole recipe book made up waiting to make nut butters, milks and flours and raw seed based cheesecakes etc etc and of course I have a whole section dedicated to smoothies, and another for soups and savouries too. Been on top of my wish list for a long time! Good luck to all.

  108. Amy says

    With our whole family eating low carb since our son started a modified keto diet, the possibilities are endless!!

  109. Maria D says

    Since I already have a high speed blender, I will choose the Amazon gift card.
    I use my high speed blender almost every day for smoothies, sauces, mixing up batters, making soups, pureeing stuff and many more things than I can think of right now. It’s one of the best purchases I have ever made.
    I love Amazon and would have a blast spending the gift certificate.
    This is one of my favorite low carb blogs. Your recipes are great!
    Thank you!

  110. P.J. Stietz says

    I have a food processor, but it’s so unwieldy I often wonder if something like a Vitamix would be better.

  111. says

    I heard many times that Vitamix is the BEST blender/food processor/mixer all in one product there is! I’ve been dreaming of all the smoothies and nut butters recipes and many more, I cannot wait to try with my Vitamix!!

  112. Jill says

    I currently have a ninja and it’s much better than the blender I had but there is food in place that I didn’t think we’re possible and I think there is a crack in the bottom so I’m nervous about using it for things that are either got or cold or putting it in the dishwasher so I don’t use it as often as I should. I would love a vitamix!

  113. Mirka says

    Yeah,a good thing to own definitely.useful in days of “starving” for making fruit/veggie juices.
    aaand i also like smoothies!
    let’s juice together guys!

  114. Maryse says

    I’ve been eating healthier in the past few months and would love to own a Vitamix. I am trying to get my kids to adopt a healthy life style earlier than I did.

  115. Melanie says

    I love my blender so I’d go for the gift card to buy a grill…. I’m so desperate for my first outdoor grill! LOVE your blog and recipes :)

  116. Lori says

    Thanks so much for offering such awesome giveaways!! I’d LOVE to win the Vitamix to blend up some great summer smoothies!!

  117. Sandra says

    I live in Germany so I can’t win the Vitamix… but I would! It sounds so amazing, what this little buddy can do :) Maybe I can find something equal here in germany?

  118. Kristina says

    I was so excited to learn about the Vitamix giveaway! After a scary doctors visit last month I started a new healthy lifestyle that includes protein shakes for breakfast & having a Vitamix blender would make that soooo much easier!!

  119. Meg says

    I really want to try making my own rice milk for my family but my current blender is not up to the challenge!

  120. says

    I would love to win a VitaMix! I want to make my own peanut butter, super smooth hummus, and creamy soups. Not to mention delicious smoothies :)

  121. says

    It would be such a blessing to own a Vitamix! I’ve gone through quite a few blenders over the years and it would be so nice to have one that will last for a loooooong time! Thank you for the chance to win!

  122. Kat says

    I would love the Vitamix to help me continue to get healthier by making protein shakes, soups, and just help out in the kitchen in general (they’re so useful!!). I’ve always wanted one but could never afford it.

  123. Ayala says

    Ahh! Well, I want to win this Vitamix for my mom. There are so many things she’d love to use it for and we have projects planned together for the day we get a good blender. We want to make nut butters, cashew cheese, mill flour, and much more.

  124. Jessica M. says

    I would love a Vitamix to make mashed cauliflower and riced cauliflower with. My current one is so small it is such a pain to make anything with.

  125. rachel says

    I would love to win the Vitamix. I have so many food allergies and need to do a cleanse desperately. I have been feeling lethargic, bloated, and sick for months. Time to make a change. I would do a smoothie cleanse with the Vitamix….fruit, veggies, dairy free milk, etc. Yummy!!!

  126. rachel says

    I would love to win the Vitamix. I would love to make green smoothies packed full of anti-oxidants and nutrients (eg. kale, spinach, banana, flax seeds, orange juice smoothie). A great way to start the day!

  127. Kim says

    I sooooo want a Vitamix. I drool over them at Costco and Target every time I see them, but I’m just too cheap to buy one. Winning one would be great!

  128. Theresa Fletcher says

    Everything!!! I love shakes, but I really really love fresh coconut and other nut butters. My blender just can’t handle it.

  129. Sally LaBree says

    Thank you for the chance to win an awesome product. I really want to make my own almond milk as needed to cook with. Boo on that stuff on the shelves at the grocery store!!

  130. Rosa says

    I actually chose the gift card because I could make it go really far lol. But if I had a Vitamix I’d be interested to see how quick I could whip up some mayo.

  131. Diana R says

    I would love to be able to make a smoothie with greens that is smooth and not chunky like my blender makes.

  132. Carl Wargo says

    So excited for this giveaway, I have been wanting to give one to my wife, as she is gluten intolerant and would love to have one for her fast paced life style. Blessings

  133. Allison Wargo says

    Really excited for this. I would love to give one of these to my sister, she is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and would make her life super easy! Thanks!

  134. Kelsey says

    I’d live to make perfectly blended bulletproof coffee and awesome smoothies! My blender always sounds like it’s dying when I use it.

  135. Alexandra says

    I was recently diagnosed with a health condition and need to change my diet quite a bit. Being in college, I don’t have the money to spend on such fancy machinery, but boy, oh boy, this would be a lifesaver to have!

  136. Nicole says

    My new fav snack is sweet potato chips dipped in nut butter!!!
    Soooo, the first thing I would make is my own nut butter!!

  137. Jessica Miller says

    I’ve been blender-stalking on Amazon all year because I need a new blender, want the Vitamix but haven’t been able to bite the bullet due to cost. I’d use it to make smoothies, soups and sauces.

  138. Angela says

    It sounds awful, but I’d use it for my laundry soap. Smoothies, of course, but yeah… laundry soap.

  139. Lynn K says

    Hopefully could make the green smoothie quicker instead of later.Really want to try all the vegies, have juicers but all the waste in fiber thrown out. I think consuming the whole is better than just the juice.

  140. Crystal says

    Hmm .. with a Vitamix I’d be making more of your awesome recipes! and it would be so much easier :) (my poor old mixer and hand blender just don’t have enough power) (haha every time I hear more power I’m hearing Tim “the Tool man” … )

  141. Cynthia says

    A long time ago, my Mom had a Vitamix. It went to mechanical heaven, which made us both very sad.

  142. Margo says

    I have had one for years, but never realized I could make flour etc– We need keto-adapted guides to Vitamix abilities. ANd thanks for the tip on cleaning. I’ve always been frustrated that I cannot take the bottom off to clean under the blade like a regular blender.

  143. Terri says

    I’m excited to make better smoothies and try my hand at making my own nut butters – YUM!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win :)!

  144. Kayla says

    Just entered! Hope to win and use the gift card as a way to help buy ingredients to try some of these recipes out!

  145. says

    I would love to win a vitamin! I’m on a diet that uses a veggie soup as a staple and it would be ever so much easier daily to just put the veggies in the blender and run it until the contents was hot!! Such an easy way to make soup.

  146. Nicole says

    I really need a blender. I want to try the cauliflower recipes in the worst way but don’t have a good blender to rice it.

  147. Leah says

    I really want and need a Vitamix! I’m a student, and I can’t afford one, so it’d mean the world to me!:)

  148. Nathalie says

    I use it when i go to Canada…sleeping at my best friend house. Wish I had one too…one day, one day….We make everything…Icecream, soups, smoothies, babyfood, nut butters..ect…It is a must have in every kitchen,,,, <3

  149. Sue says

    I have used my vitamix almost everyday for the past 3yrs. I love making green smoothies and soups as well as coconut and almond milks.

  150. Tammy T says

    Just starting to live and eat healthy. I don’t have a way to make smoothies,or blend the foods I need the proper way for better living. This would do the trick!

  151. Lesli says

    Being outside the US, I’d love the gift card. Could put it towards an iPad for accessing recipes in the kitchen. :)

  152. says

    I have a Wal-Mart blender I’ve had since college (hey, it worked for margaritas!!), and would love the Vitamix to make non-chunky, actually-smooth, smoothies for a quick healthy breakfast!!! :)

  153. Layne says

    I sooooooooo want a Vitamix! I would use it for so many things, but a few would be smoothies, making nut butters and flours, and soups! Fingers crossed!

  154. Stacy says

    I would LOVE a Vitamix! My regular blender has been dead for a year. I’ve been making do with the Nutribullet but that is SMALL. I’d like to make some nice creamy soups (and my whipped laundry detergent) without having to do a ton of small batches!

  155. Susie D says

    Always wanted one of these, I buy a lot of almond butter so I’d like to try my hand at that as well as some homemade coconut manna.

  156. Stacy W. says

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’d really like to try my hand at nut butters and milks, and maybe hummus!

  157. Cheri says

    What a wonderful addition to our kitchen. BTW love your recipes. I’m a newbie to your WOE but will definitely be following you.

  158. Sandy Speed says

    I would use a new Vitamix for so many things! Grinding meat into fine textures for meat loafs, iced frappachinos, hot soup, any type of batter that needs to be poured, smoothies, nut butters, liquifying fruit for homemade fruit roll ups, homemade mayonnaise, potted meat, grinding ice for making snow cones! I could type all day on the many uses I would have for a Vitamix in my house.

  159. Linda says

    I would love to toss my lousy blender and win the Vitamix which has been recommended to me by my daughter-in-law. Smoothies and much more.

  160. says

    I would love a Vitamix. It would be nice to have one appliance that can replace several!! Milkshakes, pancake batter, soups, and the list of possibilities goes on and on!

  161. sarah twiss says

    I will be using the vitamix if I win to help with my new smoothie and green living lifestyle plus it is great for toddler foods and making liquids for different foods. LOVE SMOOTHIES!!!!

  162. JS says

    I want to eat healthy. Now being handicapped I need the vitamin to do the function of multiple appliances I can’t reach.

  163. says

    I use mine for everything! Smoothies, soups, nut butters, making nut flours…you name it! Would love the gift card because I am an amazon junkie!

  164. Diana S says

    Every single time I see a recipe that calls for using a Vitamix I feel sad. My little old mixer just doesn’t cut it for most things.

    I really want to try the blender method for making cauliflower rice.


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