June Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Giveaway


Hey Peeps! Can you believe it’s June already??? With the start of a new month comes a new Reader Appreciation Giveaway! Woot! Last month I gave away a Vitamix commercial blender (congrats Emily D!), and one of the entry options was to vote and help me choose this month’s prize. The options for you to vote on were an Apple Ipad Air or a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I was surprised that the Kitchenaid won by a landslide! Guess you guys really love to bake and stuff!

Kitchenaid Giveaway from I Breathe Im Hungry

I went with the 5 Quart because it’s plenty big for most families, and it’s more compact and easier to store than the 6 Quart. It also comes in every color under the sun – and I’m going to let you choose which color you want, rather than choosing one for you!

Already have a Kitchenaid Mixer or don’t live in the continental US? No worries, just enter to win the $300 Amazon Gift Card instead!

The giveaway will run from Wednesday, June 4th to 11:59pm on Monday, June 30th. You can enter using the Rafflecoptor widget below – simply follow the instructions as shown. This will operate like the previous month’s giveaways, so if you’ve done it before you know the drill.

The winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email within 24 hours of the close of the giveaway – they will then have 24 hours to respond before I choose another winner. I will ship the product to the confirmed winner (it might be YOU! Squeee!!!), at my own expense, within 1 week of the close of the contest. No purchase necessary to win.

NOTE: If you’re already subscribed to IBIH by email, simply enter the email address you originally subscribed under into that entry to get credit!

That is all! Go forth and enter, then check back and share with your friends on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, or vote on next month’s giveaway prize and get more entries daily throughout the month to increase your chances of winning this awesome prize! You can also access the giveaway directly through the IBIH Facebook Page under the tab labelled giveaway.

Well what are you waiting for??? Enter already!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also be sure to download your copy of the IBIH Ezine Spring Issue and get over 25 new recipes – including one of our favorites, the Green Chicken Enchiladas!
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  1. loren b
    loren b06-04-2014

    Could definitely use this to make cloud bread

    • MrsK

      Awesome give away… Love your blog and recipes!

  2. JS

    Oh, please, please, please. This would be so wonderful! I could make healthy recipes. Simplify my life now that I’m handicapped. I could still cook and bake!

  3. Deb Brandt
    Deb Brandt06-04-2014

    I have done so much cooking and baking since I went grain free 1 1/2 years ago and would love a nice new mixer!

  4. Kiley

    I love my Kitchenaid Mixer, so since I have one and I also shop on Amazon all the time. I’d love a gift card. There are some gifts for my family I’m waiting to purchase on their with birthdays starting in July. Perfect timing :)

  5. Julie Bridges
    Julie Bridges06-04-2014

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing gift!!!

  6. Kendra

    I’m moving into my very first place, and a mixer is on my must-have list! I would use it to make cookies, cakes, mashed potatoes– the list goes on!

  7. Toni Schenk
    Toni Schenk06-04-2014


  8. Ivette m
    Ivette m06-04-2014

    So excited! I’ve been wanting one of these for years it seems!

  9. Alicia S
    Alicia S06-04-2014

    This is an awesome giveaway! I’d love to use this for SO many recipes! I avoid a lot of low-carb recipes BECAUSE I don’t have one of these. Having one would be…bliss!

  10. Domoni

    A kitchenaid is usefull for any person serious about baking. Having a new one would only make me want to cook more.

  11. Stephanie

    Can I make bacon in a Kitchenaid? ;)

  12. Melissa

    The kitchenaid mixer is so great! We had one when I was a kid, but I’ve never broken down and bought one as an adult. So many great things come from using the kitchenaid mixer!

  13. eternaljanuary

    Yay for stand up mixers!

  14. Autumn Ball
    Autumn Ball06-04-2014

    I have a mixer so I am totally excited about the gift card!! NEW RUNNING SHOES FOR ME!!! :)

  15. Skylar S
    Skylar S06-04-2014

    I usually only get out the big guns (KitchenAid), when I have a large baking project in mind. I’ll be making my son’s birthday cake soon though, so batter and buttercream will be made in mine!

  16. Ari Rosenfield
    Ari Rosenfield06-04-2014


  17. norma

    I went for gift certificate. I would like a food processor. thanks.

  18. Karen Ostrom
    Karen Ostrom06-04-2014

    making bread and cake mixes

  19. Cheryl

    Thanks for the chance to win, and thank you for your wonderful blog. I love all your recipes!!

  20. Elizabeth G.
    Elizabeth G.06-04-2014

    I’m excited to make chocolate chip cookies!

  21. Angela V
    Angela V06-04-2014

    I would love $300 to amazon…Maybe a Powerful blender to “RICE” and smoothie with or healthy ingredients like coconut oil and almond flour!!!

  22. Deb

    Making cookies and cheesecakes! : )

  23. Lisa Campbell
    Lisa Campbell06-04-2014

    With this baby you can do a whole lot of baking! I’d can see cookies and doughs, cinnamon rolls and on and on. Would love to play around with more of the gluten free recipes too!

  24. jamiee

    making homemade lotions!

  25. Alex

    Everything! I would love one of these. I’ve been coveting my sister’s for years.

  26. Wendy

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing giveaway! I actually already have a Kitchen Aid mixer in a pretty aquamarine shade, and it is amazing! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone. I entered for the amazon gift card instead so I can buy a food processor that’s big enough to handle making that delicious bacon & gouda cauliflower puree recipe. I think it might be my favorite recipe on the site so far!

  27. Suzanne Austenfeld
    Suzanne Austenfeld06-04-2014

    Thank you! You are so generous with your readers and followers!

  28. Heather

    I chose the gift certificate. I really want a spiral cutter to make zucchini pasta!

  29. Erica Lasley
    Erica Lasley06-04-2014

    This would be wonderful!!!!

  30. Deb

    Boysenberry Kitchenaid for sure. So many possibilities!

  31. Casey @ Casey the College Celiac
    Casey @ Casey the College Celiac06-04-2014

    Baking lots of gluten free cookies!

  32. Megan Korth
    Megan Korth06-04-2014

    This is my dream. Baking healthy with my kids is my favorite! Can’t wait to whip up a batch of donuts or cookies!

  33. Anastasia

    I’d love to make some good old chocolate chip cookies! :) mmmm They just sound super delicious right now :)

  34. Amparo Hubbard
    Amparo Hubbard06-04-2014

    I love making low carb goodies for my kids!

  35. Melanie H
    Melanie H06-04-2014

    I chose the gift card because I already have that awesome stand mixer and Amazon is my crack! Use my mixer most for low carb cheesecakes and also for quickly shredding cooked meats. Love tricks like that. You’re so awesome for doing these giveaways every month.

  36. Samantha

    I love my kitchen aid mixer and use it frequently it has a special spot in my kitchen and deserves it’s place in all it’s glory. Makes awesome Paleo cookies.

  37. Carolina Herrera
    Carolina Herrera06-04-2014

    I always wanted a red one (:

  38. Janae

    Oooo! Really been wanting one form making bread!

  39. Kelly

    My Kitchenaid is from 1988 and I would love an updated one! Love the watermelon color :)

  40. Alex Gilbert
    Alex Gilbert06-04-2014

    I would make so many delicious healthy desserts!

  41. Liza

    I’d use an Amazon giftcard to get a spirulizer and meat slicer which are my next 2 kitchen priorties.

  42. amber

    i love using my mixer for just about anything that needs to be mixing and I have recently discovered you can use it to shred cooked chicken. AWESOME!

  43. Carolyn

    I have a 20 year old KitchenAid stand mixer that my in-laws gave us when we got married. It’s the best!

  44. Elle

    I chose the gift card.. I’d love to get some new, fantastic cookware. I cook a lot and I’d really like some new equipment to work with – the pots/pans I have right now are rather old.

  45. Sarah

    I want to make something different but something good and simple. In other words, I have no idea!

  46. Marcia

    I have an awesome black Kitchen Aid Mixer – got it for my birthday present when I turned 40 – everyone told my DH that he would be in the doghouse for that – I said oh no he gets huge kudos – that was the best gift ever – I have had it and used it a lot and it is still going strong after 15 years. I would use the gift card to get some new accessories for it!!

  47. JoeyfromSC

    I have always wanted one of these Kitchen-aid mixers, BUT I was recently gifted a different brand mixer so I’d choose the Amazon card to get a nice blender for making smoothies! Thanks for the chance to win! You are very generous with your giveaways & it’s much appreciated!

    Joey J.

  48. suzanne

    I would use it for all sorts of cooking and baking.

  49. ShaBranda

    I’m most excited about EVERYTHING. I love to cook, and having KitchenAid would be awesome!

  50. Lisa

    I would love a kitchen aid mixer. My mother is staying with me from CT and we are following your menu plan and loving the results. This would help us make your desserts and meals ahead of time so when the cravings strike – we have the cure.

  51. Casey D.
    Casey D.06-05-2014

    I’d be most excited about making my low carb chocolate mousse whip!

  52. amy

    I have never won a thing, but I am hoping to win this to give to my daughter for her wedding! I don’t really care about color, but if you ask me to pick? I would choose the stainless.

  53. Kristie

    Bread dough

  54. Rachel

    I have a cheap little hand mixer at home. It serves its purpose, but boy do I miss my mom’s stand mixer.

  55. Mary Anna
    Mary Anna06-05-2014

    I love to make cheesecake in my mixer.

  56. LaurenP


  57. Cindy P
    Cindy P06-05-2014

    I remember my mother using her Kitchenaid. This has been one of my ‘when I grow up I want to have…..’ items!”

  58. Lauren

    Love the idea for a spiralizer for next month’s giveaway!

  59. Pam Gurganus
    Pam Gurganus06-05-2014

    I’m most excited about using my new KitchenAid mixer for making all sorts of bread dough!

  60. Mandy

    Well, I entered for the gift card…. but I think a stand up mixer would be great for making (sugar-free) marshmallows!

  61. Sandy N
    Sandy N06-05-2014

    Cookies! Low carb, of course! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  62. Stacy W.
    Stacy W.06-05-2014

    I opted for the gift card, which I would use to purchase some much needed items like a food processor, an immersion blender, and good quality, low-carb ingredients!

  63. Jayne

    most definitely cookies!!!

  64. Marianne D.
    Marianne D.06-05-2014

    Yeah for baking !

  65. Hannah

    This is awesome! Hope to win the gift card as I have a kitchen aid that I love!

  66. Amy

    I would use my mixer to make Sourdough bread.

  67. Rikka

    Delicious, delicious baking. And marshmallows. Fingers crossed, have always wanted a KitchenAid mixer!

  68. Lynn

    What an AWESOME giveaway! I’m so excited!

  69. Nicole

    Tried to select the color liquid graphite but the url is the same for all the colors :( I LOVE these mixers and always wished I had one!

  70. Judith M.
    Judith M.06-05-2014

    I have a Kitchenaid mixer so I went for the gift card. Love How easy it is to make perfect meringue and other recipes with my Kitchenaid

  71. Sarah Twiss
    Sarah Twiss06-05-2014

    I have a home bakery and have always wanted a kitchen aid mixer however have never been able to afford it so I’m kneading by hand and using a handheld mixer for glazes, icings etc it would be a true blessing to win this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  72. Lisa

    I have ALWAYS wanted a kitchen aid stand mixer – this is VERY exciting! :)

  73. Amy

    I’d love to make bread with a new mixer!

  74. Recent Grad
    Recent Grad06-05-2014

    After four long years, I recently graduated from graduate school. My family has been put on hold for much of the time I have been studying, and I even had to take a year off for health reasons. Now that I am finally done with school, I can turn my full attention back to my family. I would pretty much make anything they asked me to, now that I have the time to do it (although cookies are a big request around here).

  75. Ellie

    I have a kitchen aid and love it. I can’t figure out how to cut and paste on IPad so I just type in what I would like to win. Hope that works for non- savvy computer people like me.

  76. Barbara

    Probably a coconut cake !!!!!

  77. Anna

    I would use this for my everyday baking and cooking. I wore mine out and need a new one desperatly! This would be awesome!!!

  78. Mandy

    I need the gift card… starting a new season in my life and need to re-organize!

  79. Rusty H
    Rusty H06-05-2014

    I’m most excited about the Kitchen Aid for everything — bread, cakes, cookies, etc.

  80. Diane Bowron
    Diane Bowron06-05-2014

    Wow! A gift certificate from Amazon would be fabulous!

  81. Maureen

    All I have is a hand mixer so this would be so great!! Love trying your recipes!!!

  82. saltygirl

    I love that you give the amazon gift card option. So thoughtful!

  83. Tracy Fahey
    Tracy Fahey06-05-2014

    These are my top 2 kitchen items… KitchenAid and that Vitamix :) Since I am in Canada and I would be getting the gift card I love that I would be able to flip back and forth and decide which is the one I REALLY want in the end :) Always wanted a KitchenAid and love the colours they come in though!! These are wonderful giveaways!!!

  84. Alice

    WANT! Love the Boysenberry color, and that’s the one I want, but no matter which color you choose, it always goes to Empire Red. Thought you should know!

  85. Susan

    Love my Kitchenaid!!!!

  86. Theresa

    I’ve always wanted a stand mixer!! I would definitely try making a checkered cake :D

  87. Mimi

    If I was lucky and won the sweepstakes, I would choose the Kitchenaid Mixer. I always have children and grandchildren over and waiting time between batches of cookies, cakes, candies is precious. Another stand mixer would be a treasure in our kitchen. Thank you, by the way, for this chance at winning.

  88. Kim Arnold
    Kim Arnold06-05-2014

    I am in love with the Grass Green mixer!!! Reminds me of green smoothies! <3

  89. Paula

    I’ve just recently started baking. I’d love to have one of these for mixing up some great new recipes!!!

  90. Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown06-05-2014

    i want to use it for making cheesecakes, cookies, anything baked :)

  91. GB

    I chose the gift card instead of the mixer since I already have one and I use it all the time.

  92. Leanna Morris
    Leanna Morris06-05-2014

    Yeast breads!

  93. Wendy

    I would use the KitchenAid mixer for making cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, muffins, bread, pizza dough….it is really endless with what you can make with this great KitchenAid mixer!! I have always wanted one!!

  94. Katie

    I wish I lived in the US.. ): but I guess if I win I would use the gift card for the mixer HAHA

  95. Jamie Snyder
    Jamie Snyder06-05-2014

    I have wanted one of these Mixer Stands for a few years. Fingers and toes crossed. Cookies with my kids would be first on my list of things I would make with it.

  96. Ana

    I wish I lived in the US too…I wolud make cookies, bread, muffins…I love KA!!

  97. Karen

    Would love the Amazon gift card – already have the mixer. lots of great kitchen stuff on amazon!

  98. Bronwyn

    I would be most excited to use it to bake cakes and make my own fondant!! My mom has a kitchenaid and we would use it to do that together :)

  99. Adrienne @ Whole New Mom
    Adrienne @ Whole New Mom06-05-2014

    Cookies I think :).

  100. Leslie

    I went for the gift card since I just bought a Kitchenaid mixer, which I LOVE by the way! So wonderful of you to have a giveaway for one. But I have a food processor in mind for the gift card.

  101. Mary

    I would be so thrilled to have a stand mixer of my own for my new home. That’s why I chose green to match our kitchenwares! I think I would be most excited to use my mixer to make my own ciabatta bread. :)

  102. Megan

    This would definitely be the sexiest kitchen appliance I’d own. :)

  103. Veranda H.
    Veranda H.06-05-2014

    I want to try a new low-carb dessert each week!

  104. Maneesha Pradhan
    Maneesha Pradhan06-05-2014

    Baking with my daughters. Cakes most likely though they are encouraging me to breads and other yeast items.

  105. mona

    mashed potatoes for start

  106. Jan


  107. Audrey

    We’d add flames to this mixer.

  108. Kelly D
    Kelly D06-05-2014

    I am excited about making cakes.

  109. MarilynKetterling

    I have a 6 qt and I have been wanting a 5 qt. mixer. If I win I will give my 6 qt. to my daughter.
    The anticipation is half the fun!

  110. Dawn Lloyd
    Dawn Lloyd06-05-2014

    I am excited to make homemade pizza dough or a bread dough

  111. Shari

    I’ve lusted after Kitchenaid mixers forever! I would most like it for making Maria Emmerich’s Protein bread and other yummies that need whipped egg whites.

  112. Ilana

    I would make bread, cakes, desserts, everything yummy!

  113. Kali

    Since I have a Kitchenaid I’d take the gift card and get a few other handy things for the kitchen that are outside of our budget. Hope I win!

  114. Jeannie

    I would love to win the $300 amazon gift card because my cart there has over $100 worth of products! Thanks!

  115. Celesta

    I recently got a food processor and it’s changed my life! Not sure what I would do first with the mixer but my life is sure to improve!! :)

  116. Christina

    To make gluten-free low-carb bread!

  117. Alissa L.
    Alissa L.06-05-2014

    I would be backing mountains of cookies for my family and friends! Fingers crossed!

  118. Karla Wilcox
    Karla Wilcox06-05-2014

    I have an older Kitchenaid mixer and would love a new one as we just moved into our 1st house that has a decent kitchen for prepping and cooking! I would love to be able to create meals and memories, while smelling up our house, with a new mixer. I have never had a kitchen before and this would look so good sitting on the counter in our awesome kitchen! I love baking and this would just make my job so much easier! :-)

  119. Amber Tinsley
    Amber Tinsley06-05-2014

    I want to use it for everything!!! I have always wanted one if these bad boys.

  120. Suzie G.
    Suzie G.06-05-2014

    I use my Kitchen Aide mixer for LOTS of things. I’m currently most excited about the VioLiv 2 Liter Apothecary Jars on Amazon.

  121. Blair

    Oh man, I’ve been wanting a stand mixer for a looong time. Bread. I’d make all the bread.

  122. Larissa

    I can’t say I bake too often but it may be because we don’t have the proper equipment… :-)

  123. Jennifer McLean
    Jennifer McLean06-05-2014

    I already have a kitchenaid mixer and use is constantly as I have celiac disease and making most of what I eat is easier and saves money. Fresh cookies, I must admit, are the BEST. If I win the $300 I’d put it towards getting a Vitamix blender, it would be so great to be able to make hot soup in 5 minutes!

  124. mysweetiepiepie

    I’d be most excited to use it for making bread.

  125. joanna

    if i had a kitchenaid mixture, i’d make my lotions and whipped cream with it!

  126. Lindsay T
    Lindsay T06-05-2014

    Cookies and Bread!

  127. LeanGreenBean

    I would be excited to make meringue desserts, like il flotile or pavlova!

  128. EllenCF

    my dream! I love reading your posts!!!!!

  129. Danielle K
    Danielle K06-05-2014

    Been wanting one for years! It make baking and pizza dough making so much easier.

  130. Becki

    I would absolutely love to win this! I have been wanting one, but can’t afford it. I would make protein bread!!

  131. Danielle

    I chose the gift card. I would love to get some other gadgets for the kitchen.

  132. Dita MacDonald
    Dita MacDonald06-05-2014

    I chose the Red Mixer. I have wanted one for ages. Can’t wait to use it to make some of your fantastic recipes.

  133. Karel

    I am so grateful for these giveaways: They’re fun, and the chances are there for an outstanding reward! Thank you!

  134. Kayla

    Love these giveaways!

  135. Theresa

    I love to bake!

  136. Leslie P
    Leslie P06-05-2014

    I would love to make my version of a Tiramisu and Tres Leches ;)

  137. dominique

    I picked the gift card because I already have a mixer!

  138. Jan

    I have a KitchenAid mixer that I dearly love, but I haven’t used it much since I went low carb. I used it to make bread in the old days :) So, I picked the Amazon gift card. Thanks for these great giveaways!

  139. Leela

    Bread! Thanks :)

  140. KMM

    Would love to win!

  141. JennCutt

    If I won I actually plan on giving this mixer to my future daughter-in-law. Thanks!

  142. D Schmidt
    D Schmidt06-05-2014

    I am excited to make cupcakes for my children.

  143. Emily

    I’d use it to make grain free biscuits for strawberry shortcake.

  144. Diana

    I have a kitchenaid so I am hoping for the gift card and, I would love to get a new set of stainless steel pans.

  145. Shana

    I would LOVE to win the mixer! It’s been on my wish list for ages, and since my accident (plus 4 spinal fusions with at least one more to go), it would make my life significantly more pleasurable by giving me the freedom to do more in the kitchen again since kitchen creativity is one of the things I miss most :-)

    Thank you for all of the great giveaways, recipes and meal plans you provide us with ~ they’re spectacular!

  146. Laila

    If I were to win this, I would like to make quick breads, cake or anything that demands a good mixer to get the job done. Right now I’m limited to thin batters/mixes with short stirring times.

  147. Alesha

    Making awesome baked goods!

  148. Marilyn Barnes
    Marilyn Barnes06-05-2014

    I have nothing but a hand mixer and would love, love, love to own a stand mixer like this. There are so many of the recipes that require dough hooks or paddles to mix the ingredients. When I read that I have to stop right there because I am unable to mix properly. So this would be a dream!

  149. Dawn from Texas
    Dawn from Texas06-05-2014

    I would use the mixer to make all manner of yummy foods but most likely your cauliflower mashed potatoes would be 1st!

  150. Nemours

    I’d love to whip up some cakes & cookies in this mixer – and whipped cream, too!

  151. Alexia

    I would super excited to make dough. I feel like you need a good mixer to do that well! :-)

  152. Terry Schultz
    Terry Schultz06-06-2014

    Would love to win this!

  153. Madalina

    Your delicious recipes! Nom Nom Nom

  154. rebecca

    Would love to have a kitchenaide!

  155. Karen

    Oooh, I could see some Italian Wedding Cookies in my future fo sho.

  156. Andrea Howard
    Andrea Howard06-06-2014

    So need a kitchenaid would be great for my continued weight loss….

  157. Andrea Howard
    Andrea Howard06-06-2014

    Would love a kitchenaid for my weight loss success.

  158. Laurali Manieri
    Laurali Manieri06-06-2014

    I love my kitchenaide mixer, don’t know what I’d do without it! I would love to use the Amazon gift card to stock my IBIH pantry.

  159. Jessica Crouch
    Jessica Crouch06-06-2014

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  160. Karen

    If I won the $300 gift card I would use it to buy a Vitamix! Thanks for the chance to win!

  161. Kim C
    Kim C06-06-2014

    Homemade GF chocolate chip cookies!

  162. Deana

    I’m entering for the gift card, to order the ingredients for your recipes. I don’t ever need a mixer.

  163. Laura

    Thanks for the generous giveaway and for your wonderful blog. I can’t tell you how many times I end up on it for recipe ideas and advice about low carbing. It’s a gift!

  164. steven weber
    steven weber06-06-2014

    I would make some peanut butter swirl brownies.

  165. Andrea

    French Macarons!!!! I’ve been on a serious macaron kick! They’re just so cute and tasty!!!

  166. Lauren E.
    Lauren E.06-06-2014

    Pizza dough! I’ve been buying premade dough since my last kitchen aid broke down.

  167. Juliana

    Excited to make goodies for my friends, family, and coworkers!

  168. Lauren S.
    Lauren S.06-06-2014

    Meringues and chiffon cake!

  169. Becca

    I would use this stand mixer to make a plethora of things, but I love making pao de queijo!

  170. Nathan

    I’d use this to make cheesecake fluffs and various Keto cupcakes and such.

  171. Iris

    Some meringue!!

  172. Barbara

    I’ve wanted one forever! It would be great for low carb recipes!

  173. MARIE

    I want to have a KitchenAid… I can imagine all those things I can make with it. But since I’m not a US resident, I’ll probably use $300 for a KitchenAid anyway. :)

  174. Marcia

    I am excited about the possibility of winning the KitchenAid. I chose tangerine for my color. It will help me easily mix paleo breads; and I am excited to learn what else I can do with it.

  175. shawna

    I wouldn’t have to steal my mom’s mixer anymore! I would be a baking machine! I’d finally be able to try out all the lc/gf recipes I’ve been pinning.

  176. Sherry

    Ohhhhh, WOW!!! We’ve been married going on 28 years, and I think we’ve wanted one of these the whole time! My husband was a professional chef for 7 years in the beginning of our life together, but changed careers to take care of me. I lost my health a quick 3 months after “I do”, and although I still struggle, I am able to stand, eat, and walk on my own again. If I were given this, I would give it to HIM!

    THANK YOU for the opportunity to even begin to win the KitchenAid!!!!

  177. nanci harper
    nanci harper06-07-2014

    I love my 6 qt Kitchenaid but I could use a 5 qt too, it would make heavy baking days much easier!

  178. Eva@Whole Food Mom on a Budget
    Eva@Whole Food Mom on a Budget06-07-2014

    I am most excited about my cake recipes that require mixing for a long time!

  179. Louise B
    Louise B06-08-2014

    Haha, I am in the same boat as shawna… I steal my mom’s mixer all of the time. Thanks for all of the low carb recipes, they make living this lifestyle much easier.

  180. Paula

    I loaned mine to my son’s ex fiancé .when they splin up she refused to return it to me. I miss it so much
    Thanks so much for the chance

  181. Brenda

    Already have the mixer, but shop at Amazon all the time!

  182. Catherine


  183. Stephanie Hirsch
    Stephanie Hirsch06-08-2014

    Baking some low carb cookies

  184. Melissa

    My stand mixer is one of my favorite things in the kitchen. Good Luck everyone! I am the lucky winner of the Ninja system and I wanted to say how much I love love love it for all sorts of things but my true favorite is how quick and easy all things involving cauliflower mash are now! Thanks Mellissa!

  185. Meena R
    Meena R06-08-2014

    I would use it to make everything! Cookies, cake, batter etc.

  186. Yvonne

    It would be so awesome to win a KitchenAid Mixer

  187. Jenny

    Ah!!! Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!! That would be so wonderful. About 4 years ago I purchased an off brand due to the cost and good grief, the dog stands and stares at it each time I use it tilting his head in disgust or confusion, I cannot tell which. It’s wretched and makes this awful noise and barely works. This is a kitchen tool I have always wanted, what every little girl should dream of.

  188. judiboy

    I’d love a KitchenAid Mixer…both of my daughters have one and I’ve always been envious, LOL! I enjoy reading your cheery blog, learning how to make all kinds of gluten free recipes and benefiting from all your knowledgeable experimenting with foods I really love! Thank you for so generously sharing with us!

  189. Andrea M
    Andrea M06-09-2014

    I love love love making fresh bread in my KitchenAid!

  190. Christina T
    Christina T06-09-2014

    I would love to make some keto cookies with this bad boy! :) YUM

  191. Linda

    I picked the gift card because I already have a Kitchen Aid mixer which I love very much.

  192. Shay Summers
    Shay Summers06-09-2014

    I would love it to grind meat with the attachments, and I love foam so using it to whip egg whites or cream.

  193. Christie Gardner
    Christie Gardner06-09-2014

    I am new to low carb and sugar free and really want to jump into baking. So the mixer would definitely help with that! I really want to try making a low carb, gf, sf pie crust!!

  194. Jan

    I would start by making your Death By Chocolate Cupcakes from last summer’s magazine. Yummm!

  195. Deb K
    Deb K06-10-2014

    I am most excited to make some cupcakes!

  196. Brenda

    I already have one that I use and love. I would actually give this to my daughter who is soon going to be out on her own and loves using mine and her step mom’s.

  197. Lisa

    I never used to do much cooking before I started a low carb diet! A kitchenaid mixer would help me so much because I do a lot of low carb baking! I’ve been dreaming of having one, but they’re so expensive in S. Korea (where I live). I’m heading back to the states for a couple weddings this summer, so I would be able to pick it up while I’m there!

  198. Jenny N
    Jenny N06-10-2014

    I use the kitchen aid Mixer for dough and love it!

  199. Amanda

    Endless possibilities with that lovely, darling, brilliantly colored Kitchen Aid!

  200. Della

    Thank you for all your hard work and WONDERFUL recipes!!
    I have a Kitchen Aid from my mother!
    I picked the gift card!
    I LOVE shopping on Amazon!


  201. Christy

    I would love to cook using this mixer. It would be a dream come true!!!

  202. Darcy Fallon
    Darcy Fallon06-10-2014

    I’ve never had one so I’m excited to learn new recipes so I can use it.

  203. Ana

    Picked the gift card and would LOOOOVE to splurge for my sister’s gift.
    Great low-carb recipes. Love coming here to see what’s new.

  204. AlexisB

    I need it for everything since I’ve went grain free/Paleo.

  205. Kris Reeves
    Kris Reeves06-10-2014

    Low carb breads/rolls!

  206. Flavia

    I love my KitchenAid but it’s getting so old! Thanks for this amazing giveaway :)

  207. Brandy Mello
    Brandy Mello06-10-2014

    I have a Kitchen Aid but love it for all baking needs!

  208. Garrett

    I would really like to make some cheesecake with this. And use a squeegee attachment to make it even easier!

  209. Niki

    Due to my little boys health situation I live in my kitchen and cook every meal for him i make bread batter in my bullet everyday. I bet a kitchenaid would be more convenient and more practical than a magic bullet… Bigger batches. What an awesome giveaway. Thank you for your helpful recipes!

  210. Jamie

    Everything! But especially some of your LC cake recipes since baking is tricky for me!

  211. Sarah Betcher
    Sarah Betcher06-11-2014

    I own a small bakery. I can always use another mixer! Especially a pretty yellow one!

  212. Deb C
    Deb C06-11-2014

    I’d be excited about using it to make homemade bread.

  213. Manda Healey
    Manda Healey06-11-2014

    I’m most excited to make my daughters first birthday cake with it!!

    Thank you!
    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  214. Cristin

    Looking forward to using it for years and years!

  215. Denise L
    Denise L06-11-2014

    Birthday cakes! Summer is prime time for birthdays in my family!

  216. Rashay Bradford
    Rashay Bradford06-11-2014

    I would love the gift card!! There are many other healthy items I need from Amazon to go with my mixer. :)

  217. Heather

    I have wanted one of these for SO long! I am most excited to make cupcakes and homemade bread

  218. Kristeen

    Thanks so much for your awesome recipes and these monthly giveaways. I adore your blog.

  219. Mimi

    I would love to win! I could use the gift card to buy textbooks!

  220. Kristen

    Can’t wait to win the kitchenaid mixer! I wish the purple one was available still (my favorite color). There’s so much more you can make in the kitchen with this! Amazing giveaway, I love it!

  221. Lenah De LA Cruz
    Lenah De LA Cruz06-12-2014

    Im excited to make my giant cupcake with the kitchen aid; )

  222. Alexandra (ketobelly)
    Alexandra (ketobelly)06-12-2014

    What an awesome giveaway! I would make everything. Ever.

  223. Kalley S.
    Kalley S.06-12-2014

    I have been wanting one of these for quite some time now. I would use it all the time for making homemade bread! I make bread at least once a week and this would make it a lot easier for me. What a great present this would be for my birthday! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  224. Michele

    I would really love to win this.

  225. Wendy Hsiao
    Wendy Hsiao06-12-2014

    I’ve always wanted a stand mixer but they’re super pricey haha, but I make do just fine with hand mixers :)

  226. Carla S
    Carla S06-13-2014

    I would be really excited to make divinity and bread. They have great attachments.

  227. nasim

    Great! I love kitchen aids …

  228. Connie Hopkins
    Connie Hopkins06-13-2014

    I have wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer for forever! I would love it to make all the exciting LC recipes I see on here. Who knew that we could get back to baking after going Low Carb? Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and the chance to win!

  229. Gypsy

    So easy my 7 year old daughter could bake with me!

  230. Heather

    I really love the option of the gift card!! I have a KitchenAid mixer already and would love to use the g.c. to add to my kitchen :)

  231. cait

    Would love to use a new kitchenaid for some healthy cooking!

  232. Rebecca Parsons
    Rebecca Parsons06-13-2014

    I love how it is stationary and I don’t have to move it around. The bowl stays in place so that it doesn’t move around.

  233. Stephanie Guertin
    Stephanie Guertin06-13-2014

    Oh I would love to win this! It would be a great addition to my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, and I can picture myself making sourdough bread, and large batches of plan-approved goodies with such a beautiful piece of equipment!

  234. Lija

    I’m excited to use it in my brand new kitchen!

  235. Joanne H
    Joanne H06-13-2014

    I had a Kitchen Aid mixer that I gave to my daughter, thinking that I could just use my hand mixer. I miss it, though! Would love to try some low carb bread. Also, it was great for dense breads, such as fig nut bread. My old one was white, but I have always coveted the cobalt blue one!

  236. Rebecca R
    Rebecca R06-13-2014

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  237. Maureen M.
    Maureen M.06-14-2014

    I would use the gift card to buy some new bakeware.

  238. Kay

    Love you keto recipes, thank you!

  239. Kindra

    You have awesome recipes — especially the brownies with the PB on top. I love sharing your site with friends who are looking to improve their health. Everyone I serve your PB brownies to loves them and no one but my family knows how healthy they are until they ask for the recipe! I would love a KitchenAid mixer to make more of these and other healthy baked goodies for my family and friends.

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny06-14-2014

      Lol Kindra – pretty sure you’re referring to a different blog, I don’t have any brownies with peanut butter on top here on IBIH – though they do sound scrumptious! ;)

      • Kindra

        Too funny! So my three favorite places for keto-adapted recipes and inspiration are your website, Maria Emmerich’s, and Carolyn’s All Day I Dream About Food. I guess I forgot where the PB brownies came from! That said, I love YOUR Brownie Mug Cake, your cream cheese pancakes and getting my kids to eat cauliflower in your cauliflower brownies (yes, I do have an addiction to brownies!).

        Seriously though, thank you — you are an inspiration. I especially appreciated your keto-adapted menus as I often have a difficult time planning my meals. Also, your information on getting through the carb withdrawals is so important for people switching over to the keto-adapted paradigm.

  240. Taylor

    I would either make myself some cookies or I would make my SO some nice, tasty bread.

  241. Birdiebee

    Baking cupcakes and making cheese spread for cheese bread.

  242. Waine Ramos
    Waine Ramos06-15-2014

    I love all your recipes and I thank you for sharing all your healthy experiences. I would like enter the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers giveaway because me and my girlfriend are getting married soon! :) It would be a lovely gift from you to have this mixer! Thanks for inspiring us!

  243. Basak

    I am a very good cook, i think i deserve a gadget like this :-)

  244. Margaret McRae Davis
    Margaret McRae Davis06-15-2014

    Making cakes and cookies.

  245. AVIVA

    Stuck between a rock and a hardplace!!! I choose to win the Amazon gift card because I really would love to own a Breville Espresso Machine and this would get me half way there! On the other hand I really love the KitchenAid 5qt mixer to make bread and other goodies! Now you understand my problem!!! Well if you ever had espresso from the Brevillehttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GRIR87M/ref=wl_it_dp_v_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1VPIY4IZRQ9W1&coliid=IHRVBLLU8QISD you would understand Lol!

  246. Juanita

    I could definitely use one of these !!

  247. Vixie

    I’ve always wanted this mixer!

  248. Aimee Simonelli
    Aimee Simonelli06-16-2014

    I only have ever dreamed of owning such a mixer!! What a wonderful gift!!

  249. Lisa Thomas
    Lisa Thomas06-16-2014

    Oh where do I begin? I’d probably start with LC peanut butter cookies, then branch out to a LC chocolate cake.

  250. Carol

    Sure would like that gift card. Want to buy a Vitamix so I can make delicious smoothie drinks

  251. Natalie

    Baked goods and other treats.

  252. little island studios
    little island studios06-16-2014

    Banana Chocolate Bread!! Thanks so much for opportunity! @littleislandstu

  253. Alison R.
    Alison R.06-16-2014

    Can’t wait to make LC Ice Cream in this bad boy!!!

  254. carol wagner
    carol wagner06-17-2014

    Would love to have this mixer!!

  255. Mary Stubbs
    Mary Stubbs06-17-2014

    I would LOVE to win this gorgeous mixer! It is the pistachio color, it reminds me of the 1950’s… Thank you..Love your recipes..and giveaways!

  256. Kandra

    hmmm…so many goodies and none of them healthy! Pecan Sandies, Lemon Bars, all those things I have been avoiding for so long!

  257. courtney b
    courtney b06-17-2014

    i can’t wait to make all types of cookies and cake!!

  258. kersten

    I have a kitchenaid, but have been wanting a few attachments. The amazon gift card would be just the thing to make it happen. Thank you for the opportunity!

  259. Katie Lane
    Katie Lane06-17-2014

    Making a fluffy Victoria Sponge!

  260. Sherrie C.
    Sherrie C.06-17-2014

    Making chocolate chip cookies and orange sweet rolls :)

  261. Marilyn Barnes
    Marilyn Barnes06-17-2014

    I have nothing but a hand mixer and would love, love, love to own a stand mixer like this. There are so many of the recipes that require dough hooks or paddles to mix the ingredients. When I read that I have to stop right there because I am unable to mix properly. So this would be a dream!

  262. Mary

    I’ve always wanted a KA mixer. I am new to low carb and would put a mixer to good use!

  263. Randi C.
    Randi C.06-18-2014

    I went for the $300 giftcard, but that sure is a good-looking mixer!

  264. tammy young
    tammy young06-18-2014

    all kinds of cook stuff

  265. Traci M
    Traci M06-18-2014

    I’m getting ready to start keto in a couple of months (why not today? Gotta wait for that pesky gallbladder to come out first!) and I’m SO thankful for your site. So many great resources! I’ve even got a friend excited to start with me. I’m excited to use my KitchenAid (should I BE so lucky) to whip up all kinds of tasty treats! I know there are a few things that say use a food processor or magic bullet, but I’m sure a stand mixer will work just as well for making mashed cauliflower.

  266. Eva

    Marshmallows. Not something I eat, but everyone is amazed that I make my own marshmallows.. Would love to have a better mixer since my current one gets a little umm.. warm.. after 15 minutes of running.

  267. Lisa

    I would bake LOTS of cookies!

  268. Holly Guerrero
    Holly Guerrero06-19-2014

    I love to bake and would be so excited to have this!!! Thanks!!!

  269. Debra Holloway
    Debra Holloway06-19-2014

    I am very excited about this mixer. My old one died and could not be repaired. I am currently without a mixer, and I love to cook and bake.

  270. maria

    this is awsome, i would love a stand mixer !!! (:

  271. Joyce

    My daughter graciously gave me her stand up mixer when she moved. So I would opt for the gift card. Amazon is A-Mazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  272. Sarah

    Throughout my life I’ve only ever used two Kitchenaids (and one of these is in another state so that’s why I’m unable to use it). They are amazing and I’d LOVE to be able to own one (the one I have now is starting to slow down and I’m not able to use it as much).

    • Cathy M.
      Cathy M.06-21-2014

      My Mom owned a Kitchen Aid mixer when I was growing up, but I’ve never had one of my own. It would make my cooking and baking so much easier since I make everything from scratch. I would love to win one.

  273. Julie

    I would use this to make bread, cakes, cookies, buttercream frosting, and divinity.

  274. Christina

    I would LOVE to be able to make smoothies that weren’t weirdly chunky… maybe then I’d even venture into soups!

  275. jody estabrook
    jody estabrook06-21-2014

    I wuld actually like the 300.00 amazon card as I already have a mixer. buut we use it to make large batches of grain free chocolate chip cookie

  276. NANCY

    I have wanted one of these forever. I am kind of an appliance collector. My kids said I cant buy anymore. LOL

  277. Diana S
    Diana S06-21-2014

    Gluten Free and living an hours drive from the best places to buy GF products…I should pick the mixer!

  278. Deanna Stevens
    Deanna Stevens06-21-2014

    I would just get out my recipes & stock up the freezer using the mixer until it gets tired lol or I did… thanks for the great gift give a way! :)

  279. NIRE

    I can’t wait to make more MEATBALLS!

  280. amanda

    I have wanted a kitchen aid mixer since I was in middle school. I couldn’t even begin to say what I’d be excited to make. I want to make all the things!

  281. CommonSense

    I love my KitchenAid so I’d like the gift card. I’ve had my eye on some of the accessories.

  282. Anna

    hmmm…what can’t you do with a kitchenaid mixer?

  283. Limari Colon
    Limari Colon06-21-2014


  284. Abby

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  285. Moselle

    I’ve been wanting a Kitchen Aid mixer for years. The first thing I’d do is get a meat grinder attachment and make sausage. I’d also like to make meringue (even though I mostly avoid sugar).

  286. Barb

    To make cloud bread

  287. Stephanie Phelps
    Stephanie Phelps06-21-2014

    I am so excited to make cookies and cakes for m y husband and kids with it if I win!

  288. Amy

    I would use it to mix dough and I’ve always wanted to try it to shred cooked chicken.

  289. Mirjam

    Oh my my :) I would definitely loooove this. I can allready imagine all dishes I would create with it :). You are great

  290. Teresa

    We don’t have kitchenaids here where I live, but call me a sucker for pastel kitchen appliances. I’d love to bake and bake and bake even more (like everything! breads, cupcakes, cakes – you name it) and it’ll feel like luxury to just let the paddle attachments do their magic instead of my old handheld mixer.

  291. Hailey

    I would use this kitchen aid mixer to make all sorts of low carb goodies!

  292. Natalie

    Healthier meals for my soon to be retired hubby & I

  293. melissa

    All kinds of baking! I so need a stand mixer.

  294. Susan

    I’ve dreamed of a kitchenaid stand mixer for years. I’d make everything under the sun in it.

  295. carol n
    carol n06-23-2014

    I have had a Kitchen Aide for 20 years, still works fine, so I would like the gift card, I read lots of Kindle books

  296. Vicki H
    Vicki H06-23-2014

    I would bake cookies more often.

  297. Debbie Henzel
    Debbie Henzel06-23-2014

    I would use the Kitchen Aid mixer to make my famous cheesecake pops

  298. valerie (aka ruby) sobus
    valerie (aka ruby) sobus06-23-2014

    Man, my kitchen aid mixer is decades old. it belonged to my grandmother. it may not be the hippest newest bestest model on the market but i couldn’t dream of replacing it. it’s far too special. i would however love an amazon gift card ;)

  299. jan

    getting the pasta attachment for pasta

  300. Miranda

    I could use a gift certificate more than anything right now! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one! (That and for all of the awesome recipes!)

  301. Hannah

    would love to use this for any & everything to start my new healthy lifestyle off right!

  302. Bailey Dexter
    Bailey Dexter06-23-2014

    I would love to make gluten free flax bread in the mixer!

  303. Stacey b
    Stacey b06-23-2014

    I’d actually prefer the Amazon card but I’d still use it towards a lesser price mixer, and it would be a gift for my Grandmother. She is ALWAYS baking and cooking things from scratch.

  304. Wanda McHenry
    Wanda McHenry06-23-2014

    I would love to start making homemade ice cream.

  305. Dita

    My mother-in-law keeps raving on how the kitchenaid is super awesome for making bread! I’d be making a lot of bread when I get one (either through this giveaway or when I buy one in the future–have to save some money!)

  306. Kim Davis
    Kim Davis06-23-2014

    I would use it to make breads and cakes and cheesecakes and anything else I could think of, I love it.

  307. Diana Smith Hill
    Diana Smith Hill06-23-2014

    I really want to make a homemade cake for birthdays!

  308. BillieBee

    Cookies! :) :)

  309. jennifer

    I’ve been dubbed as cupcake mom, because I bake everyone cupcakes! This would make my life so much easier!

  310. Helen

    I’ve never owned a KitchenAid so I would love to give it a try for effortless mixing.

  311. Janele

    Would use the KitchenAid mixer to make Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies with my oldest son. He makes the best cookies and loves to share them with neighbors and friends!

  312. Jen B
    Jen B06-24-2014

    I’m in the UK, so I entered to win the gift card, not the mixer. I would be excited to make all sorts of cakes and biscuits with it as I’ve never had a mixer before.

  313. AM

    I need this to make more delicious low carb goodies!!!

  314. Jessibeth Vicenty
    Jessibeth Vicenty06-25-2014

    Cakes, brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, Tres Leches, Flan oh my, my mouth is watering just to think about all of those yummy treats lol

  315. Sara

    Love, love, love your blog and everything you do! I love baking and cooking which was a bit challenging for me until I found your site but now I’m back in true form and my family couldn’t be happier!

  316. Mom C
    Mom C06-25-2014

    Cookies, cakes and all those yummies. Thanks.

  317. Rachel Horowitz
    Rachel Horowitz06-25-2014

    I’ve wanted one of these KitchenAid Stand Mixers for YEARS. I’m not quite sure what I’d use it for … whipping egg whites for meringue cookies, or mixing low carb cakes or breads. The possibilities are endless.

  318. Jan Warner
    Jan Warner06-25-2014


  319. Sarayna

    I would bake bread, cookies, my cakes, everything! =D I could do the thicker stuff that my hand held mixer can’t do. :)

  320. Serena Powell
    Serena Powell06-25-2014

    I can think of soooooo many things I would make if I won. The first thing would probably be bread because it would be a heck of a lot easier with the machine than by hand.

  321. Renee West
    Renee West06-25-2014

    I’ve never had a mixer. I’ve developed a bit of muscle in my right hand mixing things by hand. I love baking! I do custom cake & cupcake designs for friends and would love the option of throwing things into a mixer! I’m getting married in just 94 days- a mixer would be a great gift for my new home!!

  322. Danielle

    I would definitely use the mixer to make cakes. Delicious low carb, gluten free cakes.

  323. Mary D
    Mary D06-26-2014

    I love making my turtle cakes. This mixer would look so complete in my kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome gift.

  324. Sallie

    I’d use it for a gift for my daughter.

  325. Linda

    I can’t wait to use it for so many things! Mostly baking.

  326. Lori Morton
    Lori Morton06-26-2014

    Making BREAD! for sure…and other delectable Yummie’s!! :) My Kitchen wants the Pistachio Green one!!LOOOOOOOOVE it!

  327. Sarah


  328. carol wagner
    carol wagner06-27-2014

    I went for the gift card, cause I have a good stand mixer. Thanks!

  329. Richard Salgado
    Richard Salgado06-27-2014

    Had to go for the gift card. Not enough kitchen space for the mixer.

  330. Tammy S
    Tammy S06-27-2014

    I have a KitchenAid mixer so I entered for the gift card. If I won I would use it towards a new laptop. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  331. Katy

    I’m excited to use it for EVERYTHING! I’ve wanted one for a long time and just haven’t gotten it. (Here’s hoping) and thanks for the great giveaway!

  332. Ashlyn B.
    Ashlyn B.06-27-2014

    I would love to make muffins and bread with the cranberry colored mixer!!!

  333. Jessa

    No more aching arms from kneading dough Whoo~~ would love to win this to save my arms ahahahah

  334. Johna

    If I was getting the mixer I would use it to bake all sorts of healthy goodies

  335. bren


  336. jessie

    I love your site I’m currently doing low carb and it’s turning into a lifestyle with all the delicious recipes I’ve found. Your recipes are unbelievably decadent and I can’t wait to make them.

    Also, I don’t have a mixer and never have and I think my life will be complete with one.

  337. Terri S
    Terri S06-28-2014

    I love my KitchenAid Mixer!!! I would choose the Amazon gift card.

  338. Melissa

    I’d love to make healthy (and not so healthy) cakes.

  339. Caitlin

    Gotta say I went for the gift card since I already have a rocking Kitchenaid mixer! But with the gift card I’d splurge on the new Vitamix single blender, which would be awesome for wipping up smoothies and soups for the keto diet and to take to the gym!

  340. Cindy Walsh
    Cindy Walsh06-29-2014

    I would use it to make amazing ketogenic recipes for my family!!

  341. Jordan B
    Jordan B06-29-2014

    Better late than never! I would make all kinds of low carb goodies and treats for myself and roommates, we’re all low-carbers on a budget at college! Wish me luck :)

  342. Linda V
    Linda V06-29-2014

    I would use it to mix and knead bread dough.

  343. Kim Kihega
    Kim Kihega06-30-2014

    I would love to make cupcakes and cookies with my daughter!

  344. Gretchen

    I love love love to bake and desperately need a new mixer!

  345. Kirstin Dorsey
    Kirstin Dorsey06-30-2014

    Love love love your recipes! I’m a really big fan of the fact that you stick to more common ingredients and don’t seem to use the more obscure things as much (psyllium husk?).


  346. Will

    I don’t really want the mixer, I am going for the gift card :)

  347. Marla

    I’d love to have this for the holidays… oh man… all throughout the year!

  348. Sharon

    You have so many great recipes and insights. This giveaway is awesome! I’ve wanted one of these forever, but ….

  349. Amanda


  350. Esther

    Have a mixer.. Older but it works! Would want the gift card. Food processor would be a good giveaway. I really want one!

  351. Melissa Mirarchi
    Melissa Mirarchi06-30-2014

    You always have such amazing recipes!

  352. Pauline Gudas
    Pauline Gudas06-30-2014

    I want to use it to make bread

  353. Jillinda Cavedon.
    Jillinda Cavedon.06-30-2014

    Everything I love cooking and baking and doing everything

  354. Mirka

    I would LOVE to have my own one!so many delicious recipies that I coul prepare with more ease as now!

  355. Robert w
    Robert w06-30-2014

    Love your keto friendly recipes, would love this mixer to make them easier to prepare.

  356. Marie

    Making my chocolate chip cookies and cheese cake!

  357. Tricia J.
    Tricia J.06-30-2014

    I would be excited just to have one!

  358. Louisa Lewis
    Louisa Lewis06-30-2014

    I would so love win ! :D

  359. Catrina Latuszek
    Catrina Latuszek06-30-2014

    OMG what could I make with a Kitchenaid Mixer??? Would I be able to make that cordon bleu meatball recipe in it. because that looks all kinds of awe-some!

  360. Liz

    I have seriously wanted a Kitchenaid mixer for as long as I can remember! I would use it to make so many delicious keto things!

  361. Amanda Sakovitz
    Amanda Sakovitz06-30-2014

    im excited to use it for baking. i want to try and make more things than i do now.

  362. Lesli

    Live in Australia so will have to settle for the gift card – might put it towards getting a Kitchenmaid here though :)

  363. Frangelica

    I went with the opportunity to win an am zone gift card!!! What an awesome prize!! Can use for my flours!!!

  364. mary ann
    mary ann06-30-2014

    Love the give away !!

  365. Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy06-30-2014

    I am excited to make a cake.

  366. Monica

    Would love that gift card!!

  367. nickawicka

    I love your blog :-)

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