August Bulletproof Coffee Bundle Giveaway

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) by now. The concept was created by this guy, and has really taken off in recent months. Mr. Hungry and I have been drinking BPC for the last few weeks, and we’re both hooked on not only the flavor, but also the energy boost we get from it! You can read all about the origin, health benefits, etc. of Bulletproof Coffee, as well purchase his special coffee beans on the Bulletproof Executive Website.

A lot of you have asked about BPC here and on the IBIH Facebook Page since I included it in the Egg Fast Diet Menu Plan, so I thought it would be cool to do a giveaway bundle of everything (almost) you need to make some delicious bulletproof-style coffee at home.


Unsalted grassfed butter is key to your bulletproof coffee, but the shipping was ridiculous through Amazon so I had to omit it from the bundle. We prefer Kerrygold unsalted butter for it’s superior flavor, and you can find it in most high end grocery stores – definitely at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s if all else fails.

Don’t skimp and go with regular unsalted butter – you can’t even believe how much it won’t taste (or froth) right!!! In spite of it costing a bit more than other butter, we spend less using unsalted Kerrygold for our coffee every week than we did back when we used heavy whipping cream. Totally worth it!

TWO WINNERS will be chosen to win this Bulletproof Coffee Bundle (valued at over $100,) which includes a frother, frothing pitcher, travel mug, MCT oil, 6 pack of Torani Sugar Free syrups, and your choice of coffee beans or k-cups. If you live outside the continental US or just don’t need these items, you can still enter for a chance to win one of two $100 gift cards!

There is no purchase necessary to enter and the contest will run until Midnight on August 31st. Two winners will be chosen and each will have 24 hours to respond when notified via email, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

Simply follow the instructions in the widget below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since I’m not going to publish a Summer ezine this year, I decided to prolong the ebundle that includes last year’s Summer and Fall ezines, along with my Amazon best selling cookbook The Gluten Free Low Carber! You can get all three for just $9.99! Get more information on ordering by clicking here!


  1. Amanda says

    How awesome! I haven’t tried bulletproof coffee, but I am pretty sure my hubby would be all over it! :) Thank you for all your wonderful monthly give aways!

  2. Ellie says

    I cannot choose just one..I would love to see a few things as a giveaway: Vitamix or Blendtec blender and an Excalibur Dehydrator! I don’t have any of these, so it would be amazing to have the opportunity to win one!

  3. Nicolelamb12 aka Nick Cole says

    I’d like to see a giveaway w/ more kitchen supplies — baking dishes, pans, etc. :) Thank you!

  4. teeky28 says

    I’d love love love to win a high-powered blender. I know you’ve given them away before, but I didn’t win! haha!

  5. Nina says

    I’d love to see the ice cream maker return. Amazon vouchers are always great and I love that you include those for when we’d rather have that. Fingers crossed I win at some point.

  6. Megan says

    Awesome giveaway. I’m not sure what to suggest for a future giveaway since shipping is always what seems to kill contests for me. What I mean is Canada (and other non-US places) get excluded because it’s too difficult to ship. Thanks for having options so we can all be included! :)

  7. Pamela Smith says

    I would love to win a really good icecream maker, I’ve never won anything so that would thrill my heart :-)

  8. Barbara Noland says

    what an awesome giveaway. I would love any of it, but sure could use gift card to purchase some low carb items.

  9. loren b says

    Not much of a coffee drinker really. I usually get ice tea in the morning for my caffeine fix., but bullet proof coffee sounds interesting

  10. Cheryl says

    I would love to see tools that make lc cooking easier – silicone bakeware, food processor, etc. Love your blog!

  11. Asia says

    Oooh, the Torani would be so amazing. *Crossing Fingers* There are SO MANY things that would be brilliant to win. I don’t know what the “cutoff” would be, price wise. I would love a stand mixer, for example.

    Stuff I’ve been needing/wanting to get for my Keto Lifestyle that would prob. make decent prizes for others: silicon mat set, erythritol, coconut milk powder, Any variety of flavored liquid stevia, muffin top pans, candy molds. I hope it’s okay to mention brand names. Wanting to try the “Carbquik” brand baking mix. Also Carba-Nada Low Carb Egg Fettuccine Pasta. Any kind of gluten free coconut wraps. I could go on and on and on. There’s ALWAYS stuff I’m dying to try!!

  12. Kari says

    I have loved every recipe that I have made off your website! I always thought that Keto was going to be hard until I found your blog! Thanks for making this journey a little easier! <3

  13. Pat says

    This is a great giveaway idea as I’m still not sold on this coffee – hated it first time I made it, but think I probably screwed up the recipe. I need to get well-educated on bulletproof coffee and I love coffee so not sure why I’m not “getting it”. Actually, I’m basically brain-dead lately as I’m in the midst of a move to another city. I’ve already packed my scale and am trying to eat as many egg meals as possible during this period of time until I’m back to my routine and complete my move on Aug 15th. I really miss being in touch with everyone’s Egg Fast progress. I did great my first 2 rounds and see it as an ongoing tool to help me continue to lose.

    I’m actually missing a lot of things lately being 100% focused on packing (boring) and “closing” but really missing the time I spent on your blog. That will resume very soon and so will life as I remember it. Now I know why people stay in their homes for 50 yrs. This is the pits, but my reward will be a nice near-the-beach rainbow at the end of this misery so I can do this.

  14. Samantha says

    Love my bulletproof coffee every morning, however I just use coconut oil and butter….yummy! As for upcoming prizes, I’d love an amazon prime membership or some Almond Flour/coconut milk….I always seem to go through so much and they are expensive

  15. says

    I would love to see another ice cream maker give-a-way. I would love another chance to win it. I love all the things you choose for monthly prizes……would love them more if I could win one!!LOL. Love everything about your website and blogs. Keep up the good work as us peeps are getting very dependent on you. Your talent and knowledge with food is an incredible gift!!! Thank you again for everything you do.

  16. Kris Johnson says

    Would love for another chance at an ice cream maker. Though the suggestion of a dehydrator is a pretty good one too.

  17. Emily says

    I’d love to see a veggie spiralizer giveaway! I need to try all of these low-carb veggie noodle options I’ve been seeing online!

  18. Jan says

    I’m not sure what I’d pick for future giveaway, but I was sure sorry I didn’t win the blender – mine is weak, sadly This is a great giveaway – I’ve been wanting to try BPC

  19. Amanda Kuhl says

    I already have Blendtec and completely love it! I would love to see an Excalibur dehydrator, food processor, or juicer!

  20. Kristin says

    I would love you to host a retreat for doing the Fat Fast… 5 days at a resort, eat all your recipes, get spa treatments, relax. Amazing!!!

      • Amanda says

        I’d totally sign up for that! Just saying! Would be fun to have so much encouragement from like minded people! Sharing struggles, quick recipes to help keep us on track, etc. :)

        YOU are pretty stinking awesome, Mellissa. Your work is pretty dang brilliant.

  21. Cheryl says

    Wish I could get a jump start with coffee – intolerant to caffeine. Looking forward to more of your great recipes!!

  22. Marcia says

    I love my BPC every morning!! It make for delicious bone broth and hot chocolate in exchange for the coffee.

  23. Diane says

    I can’t wait to try it with the Kerrygold! I didn’t know the butter could make that much difference! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Jessica says

    I’ve been drinking BPC for the past few weeks. I started with KerryGold but my local grocery store didn’t have it so I bought the next best thing, a high quality unsalted butter(Pulgera?) It is definitely not the same! I HAVE to go to the store to get the KerryGold brand and can’t believe the difference it actually makes.

  25. Maria says

    You are soooo generous! I love your recipes, now you are offering the makings of some fabulous BPC one of my favorite things. Would love to have this give away!!

  26. Jessica M. says

    A set of keto kitchen tools would be nice. Include a avocado knife, a mandolin, tongs, maybe a jalapeno grill pan, and definately a vegetable spiral (zoodle). Or a keto pantry themed one with coconut oil, nuts, quest bars, etc.

  27. juliajenner says

    I tried bulletproof coffee some time ago and didn’t really get it. Didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it or see the benefits over real coffee either. I will have to give it another go.

  28. Tara A says

    A low-carb baking essentials giveaway would be awesome. Silicone mats and molds, baking mixes and nut flours, alternative sweeteners, etc. :)

  29. eric says

    thank you for always doing these great giveaways every month, very generous of you. I wouldn’t mind seeing a baking essentials giveaway. nut flours, sugar substitutes, bake-ware, etc.

  30. Kris says

    Melissa: I would like another “ice cream maker” giveaway! Another good syrup is “Cafe al Fresco”. I like it better than the Torani and I found it at Walmart. The price was only a dollar so that was another selling point!! Hope I win your give-away this month!! Just love your site and recipe ideas!! I’m not a good recipe idea person so yours are very helpful, easy and inventive. Love them!!

  31. Wendy says

    Thanks for a great giveaway and I would love to win the gift card!!

    I would LOVE to see an Excalibur Dehydrator as a giveaway!!

  32. lisa says

    What would I enjoy for the next giveaway….How about those fancy juice cleanses you see celebrities get their hands on. It could be the “Feel As Good As A Celebrity Juice Cleanse” Giveaway =)

  33. Leslie says

    I would love to see recipe ingredients as a giveaway. Things like swerve, or your favorite brand of cocoa powder, et cetera. Bigger kitchen gadgets are nice too, especially when you don’t have them already, but I have a kitchen full of great gadgets and I don’t need or have the space for more.

  34. Dita MacDonald says

    I think Amazon Gift Cards are the best option. That way I can get the item I need. Thanks for doing the giveaways. I love your site. I don’t need giveaways in order to enjoy your blog and recipes. Thanks for all your hard work.

  35. Jennifer McLean says

    If I don;t win that cuisinart ice cream maker, I ‘d love to see you do another ice cream maker, maybe for kitchen aid attachment… Or a kitchen aid mixer plus an icecreammakeer??

  36. Chris says

    A magic bullet with the Bullet Proof coffee kit would be great! I can’t tell you how easy that makes the morning coffee go. I’d like to see all the recipes you have posted put into an ebook that we could buy so I wouldn’t loose any of them.

    I started using the BPC with coconut oil 3 weeks ago and have lost 15 lbs after a stall of 1 month where nothing I did worked. I started out doing Atkins and then found your site and have been using a combination of everything I can find. I’m down a total of 43 lbs in 5 months and am very happy with my progress. It’s been a real learning curve finding what works and doesn’t work for me. There is no one thing, but many things cobbled together seem to be helping. I haven’t tried the egg fast yet, but I eat eggs everyday. Maybe that will be on the agenda soon. The BPC and egg pancakes are gold!

    The BPC is amazing and it really gives me a boost, with a noticeable mental acuity lift. I have been remembering things on the grocery list without having to have a list again, pretty interesting stuff. The coconut oil is supposed offer some very good side benefits besides the metabolic lift.

    Thanks so much for making life better Mellissa!


    • Pat McKiernan says

      I’ve been drinking BPC for the past few weeks. I use 1 TBL unsalted Winn Dixie butter, 1 TBL HWC and 1 TBL Coconut Oil. i Also add 1/2 tsp splenda with 9 oz coffee. Using my Braun immersion blender it froths up beautifully and is delish!! I hope the ingredients and ratios are going to help with this weightloss journey. So far, I’ve not been very successful. Regardless, Mellissa, I can’t thank you enough for all you do!! I’m so happy I found you.

  37. Denise Wright says

    As always, I love your website and all your recipes. I was especially excited for this giveaway as I’ve become a big fan of the bulletproof coffee. For future give aways I always like cooking gadgets and cookbooks.

  38. Stephanie says

    Love, love, love Kerry Gold butter! Can’t believe the difference in taste and quality – and I always thought I was buying good quality butter before! I’d love an ice cream machine as a future prize. Never tried one, and I sure do miss the cold stuff! ;)

  39. MrsK says

    I’m not a coffee fan, but adore the Kerrygold Butter—it’s so delicious! I just adore your blog and hope someday you will publish a hard cover cookbook with all your FAB recipes!!!

  40. Lewann Rice says

    What an amazing giveaway! I have been wanting to try the bulletproof coffee for awhile now!

    A prize I would like to win would be a Vitamix blender, ice cream attachment for kitchen aid mixer, bakeware like cookie sheets and stuff like that!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  41. Patty seifert says

    I think a bunch of samples of low carb products from netrition and Dixie diner. I want to try them but hate to spend money on things that don’t taste good. It would be nice to sample the products first. Patty

  42. Penny Reveile says

    I’d love to see a great food dehydrator given away…One with great potential and LOADS of uses. Excaliber comes to mind!

  43. Gail says

    not a coffee drinker, but bulletproof tea is just delish! The next giveaway? Pizelle maker. Luscious crepe like pizelles filled with coconut cream, OOOOOHHHHH!!!

  44. Kristina says

    I would love to try bulletproof coffee. I have heard of using coconut oil and butter, but I know it’s not the same, so this is a great giveaway!

  45. Lauren says

    You know, the first time I heard of bulletproof coffee I thought it was the most absurd, disgusting thing I had ever heard of. But now I don’t drink coffee any other way. When I run out of MCT oil I’ll use some coconut oil instead to switch things up a bit.. either way it’s heaven!

  46. Robin says

    What a fabulous giveaway!!! I love BPC, but I’m sure this would knock me over the edge! Also, just picked up your bundle. Thanks!

  47. amarullis says

    I love bulletproof coffee!

    Some things on my kitchen wish list – a blender, dehydrator, ice cream maker, yogurt maker…

  48. Mei-ling says

    I love that your giveaways include non-US residents! :D
    I would love to see Chocperfection bars as a giveaway – I really dig baking treats and convincing my friends that this low carb lifestyle is enjoyable!

  49. says

    I love my BPC, but I have to admit I’m cheating. I use HWC, and I stopped putting coconut oil in it because it gave me a weird scratchy feeling in the back of my throat. I’d like to try it the way it was meant to be tried! I struggle to find good LCHF products in my town, but I will try looking for the good butter.

  50. Sandy Munn says

    I need a new blender…..mine is 38+ years old! It was my husband’s grandmother’s blender! A food dehydrator will also be really nice.

  51. Christine Castaneda says

    Oops!! I commented wrong. I think next month’s giveaway should be the Nutri Bullet only because I don’t have one, haha.

  52. Amanda says

    I’d be up for a total baking kit too! Silicon mats and muffin cups, sweetener, almond and coconut flour, cocoa powder – things that are your favorite staples that make it easier for you to experiment in the kitchen.

  53. Sheryl says

    I love Bullet Coffee!! Since I tried it I don’t drink my coffee any other way. I love the energy it gives me. This giveaway is fantastic!!

  54. Cheryl says

    I think the next giveaway should be some new pans. Either a set of baking pans, or cooking.
    I’ve been in there a lot more lately and a handle just broke off a skillet!

  55. Teresa says

    Love your recipes!!!!! Can’t wait to try this Bullet Proof Coffee everyone raves about!! I would love to win chocperfection bars as well.

  56. Domoni G says

    I have yet to try bulletproof coffee. I love my coffee though so I should. I would also love to see the dehydrator as a prize. I work my little store bought special to the bone. I would love to upgrade.

  57. Rae says

    Oh my gosh, I loved this giveaway! Ideas for future giveaways – juicers, Vitamix, KitchenAid mixer, more sugar-free items (love the flavors in this one!), books, pedometers, fitbit, gift cards of all sorts, documentary DVDs (e.g., hungry for change, etc.), heirloom seed packs, growing-your-own veggies supplies, wrist/sweat bands, a really good-quality scale (person scale, but also a great food-scale is also a neat idea), good-quality knives with a nice cutting board, nifty measuring cups, a set of nice water mugs, a ricer, or one of those kitchen devices that makes veggie…ribbons? – Thanks!

  58. Lia says

    Silicone bakeware would be great to see as a give away. Very excited about this bulletproof coffee prize, however!

  59. Shannon says

    I’ve fallen in love with bulletproof coffee. But, I also like a mug of bullet-proof Tazo calm, since I often find out that I haven’t got my fat in at night, and it does knock you out.


    I would loooove to see a Vitamix blender as a giveaway, or one of the Veggie Spiralers everyone is raving about!!!

  61. Corinne says

    I always love the gift card option, but any kitchen item is a great giveaway. How about a good cookware set?

  62. Carol W says

    I would love to see a vitamix or blendtech giveaway! Then again, I like all giveaways. Even if I don’t win. Having the chance to win is exciting. I’d love to see a stoneware baking set giveaway too!

    Just out of curiosity, why do so many low carbers say not to put HWC in your coffee? It has a good fat content, so I don’t know why that is.

  63. Bailey Dexter says

    Great giveaway! I alway love seeing different things in the giveaway, things that I never knew were out there.

  64. Alona Y says

    I love this one, coffee anything is a great prize. It’s really nice to have the choice of the gift card, anyone would love to get an amazon or paypal card as well.

  65. Jana says

    All of these giveaways just melt my butter! :) I do agree about the dehydrator – that would be a very cool giveaway!

  66. Sonya says

    Doh! For a future giveaway – a Magic Bullet or similar appliance would be awesome. I would also love to have a steamer for my veggies and seafood. :D

  67. Lorinda says

    This sounds really interesting! Just stumbled upon your site & like what I’m seeing. A newbie keto starter set would be great. Include some pantry staples and one kitchen tool like a spriralizer or something. Or a one on one coaching session with you, that’d be really great.

    Thanks for the valuable information!!

  68. Judy Freve says

    This is a great looking recipe. I may have to do SF orange marmalade as I tend to have spikes with fruit. This will be great when I finally abandon the grill…maybe November, lol! and pull out the crock pot! Thanks for the recipes as always. Great contest. I had followed you on the egg fast, and it was a great plateau buster. I tried BPC for the first time. (Decaf, lol) and also BPtea. Both yum!

  69. Anna says

    I think a Keto Survial Kit would be cool, something simple with just a bunch of random things that would be helpful. A tube of Ketostix, a refillable water bottle that’s at least 32 oz., coconut oil cooking spray, muffin top pan, a nonstick skillet, a slow cooker… the possibilities are endless!

  70. Jen says

    Would love to see a beginners keto kit. You could either do an appliance one that includes things like an oopsie pan, food processor, veggie spiralizer, grease keeper, kitchen scale.

    Or a food kit which includes a package of almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, Quest bars (I’ve heard they’re good), and any other necessary keto essentials to get one started.

  71. Shana says

    Thank you for another great giveaway!l!
    I’d love to see an Excalibur or another great dehydrator giveaway, or any other kitchen appliance you can’t live without :-)
    The Ninja Crockpot that sears/ browns, etc looks pretty darn cool, too since it eliminates my major aversion to browning Crockpot meats ~ the extra dishes! (I know someone else makes one as well, but can’t remember who).

  72. Juli says

    What a lovely giveaway! Thank you so much for offering, I love your website! I think a great future giveaway would be one of your cookbooks!

  73. Tiffany says

    Love this giveaway! I just recently tried BPish coffee myself. It’s definitely a 5 star coffee drink. Thanks for offering this.

  74. Rebecca R says

    I haven’t tried bulletproof coffee yet. I can’t seem to give up the sweetener and h&h, just doesn’t seem like bp coffee would be all that good though I shouldn’t knock it until I try it. As for what I’d like to see as a giveaway item… erythritol (as I won’t buy it due to price until I KNOW that it is better than xylitol), a coffee mug and plate set, heavy duty silverware with pretty handles, nuts… Hey, I’m game for pretty much anything.

  75. April says

    What a great giveaway, thank you! :) Maybe a copy of your cookbook and the ezine bundle. I love your recipes. :)

  76. says

    I would love to see a giveaway with things like Quest bars or some sort of “Quick Eats” basket. I’m always looking for things to make on-the-go!

  77. Jennifer Tuttle says

    I just found you last night so I don’t know about future giveaways but I’m already excited about this blog!

  78. Melinda says

    Bulletproof coffee addict, love it!

    As far as future prizes, I think a Nutribullet giveaway would be great. I use mine almost everyday and it is such and easy clean up! It’s probably the most used gadget in my kitchen!

  79. Kaylyn says

    I’ve never tried BPC but it sounds pretty yummy! I think a good idea for a future giveaway would be Swerve sweetener (I like Swerve better than regular erythritol, but it’s more expensive) or as Brittany suggested, Quest bars.

  80. Louise T. says

    As I am an “Outsider” – a Dane I would love to win some of your great books of recepes – or other product not available in Denmark :)
    Or kitchen gadgets that are easily/cheap shipped outside US.

  81. Angela Majumdar says

    I was about to give up on the low carb diet my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were trying. I told him I missed flavor and he found your site. We tried dozens of recipes and I learned how to cook using low carb ingredients. I can attribute the 35 pounds I lost (over the course of eight months) in part to your blog. Thanks!!

  82. Gwynne says

    Hi Melissa – Love your blog!

    So I fell off the wagon when we went to Vegas but I’m trying to get back on. I’d like to see really low carb – but good tasting protein shake supplies or something along those lines.


  83. Gwynne says

    Hi Melissa – Love your blog!

    So I fell off the wagon when we went to Vegas but I’m trying to get back on. I’d like to see really low carb – but good tasting protein shake supplies or something along those lines.


    • Wanda says

      This name and email address are for my “anonymous” online identity. Do you need my real name/other email address for the gift card if I win?

  84. Kerry says

    Would love donut tins, a waffle iron, silicone mats, an iron food press for bacon, an ice cream maker and so much more. Being new to LCHF means I’m slowly adding to my kitchen list of necessities.

  85. says

    I love the idea of any and all things kitchen! This is a great bundle because it has everything that you need in one place. It would be cool to have other bundle packages; like seasonings and spices; or knives or kitchen utensils..

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. ceecee says

    I think it would be cool to have a giveaway with various kitchen supplies/bakeware, like muffin top pans and silicone baking molds. Or a bundle of ingredients/snacks that can be hard for some of us to find, like almond flour, erythritol, Quest bars, etc.

  87. Ames says

    I would love to try for a portable mixer like the ninja. I’ve had my bullet for years and I know it’s getting close to dying on me. lol

  88. Kristen says

    Cool giveaway! I haven’t tried the BPC coffee yet because I don’t have the tools. This looks awesome! Another great giveaway would be a nice handheld blender because mine broke and I’m not looking for a huge appliance.

  89. Phyllis Newton says

    Hope I did right with the URL. Love these website, lots of information, helpful hints and recipes. I would love either prize. If I win gift card can order items to further my weight loss or if I win the bullet coffee that would be great and something new to add to my diet. Thanks

  90. Rebecca says

    BPC giveaway is a great idea. Excalibur dehydrator, kitchenaid, ice cream maker, kombucha starters set, make your own cheese starter set, fermenting foods set, anything kitchen related sounds great to me . Love your blog!!

  91. Jaclyn says

    Oooh, I usually use cream in my coffee but the BPC sounds much better and I am excited to try it. A Vitamix or another Amazon gift card would be a great future giveaway since it isn’t always easy to find special ingredients in stores.

  92. Maria says

    You are so generous with your recipes and now this offer , it’s simply over the top and would love to win this. Thanks for everything Melissa!

  93. Lauren says

    Maybe some hemp nut bags, and gift card for organic seeds from a well known website. To encourage growing an organic garden at home. Maybe an irrigate system for a home garden.

  94. Lori H says

    Love your recipes! I’ve captured or bookmarked so many, I haven’t even tried all the ones I want too! Thank you for the giveaway….come on….big money card….never have won anything ever!!

  95. Moselle says

    I love your site, it’s the first place I look when I’m doing menu planning. I’d love to see a spiralizer giveaway. Another good giveaway would be any lodge cast iron.

  96. Kelsey says

    Great giveaway! I’ve been curious about BPC but haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. For future giveaways I’d love to see a Vitamix or Blendtec.

  97. Kelsey says

    Great giveaway! I’ve been meaning to try BPC but haven’t gotten around to it yet. For future giveaways I’d love to see a Vitamix or Blendtec.

  98. Karen says

    I’d love to see the ice cream maker given away again! The Amazon gift cards are always a great alternative, thanks!

  99. Maria says

    I would love to see a membership to the new amazon fresh service. I think it has to do with grocery delivery, which is something I would totally go for! But the gift cards always rock, too. :)

  100. says

    I haven’t tried bulletproof coffee yet– I love butter, I love coffee. Why am I hesitant to put those two together? I think I’ll aim to try it this weekend!

  101. says

    A dehydrator would be awesome… coconut oil is also always a great thing. Could switch up gift card ideas too, offer costco as well? No idea if you regularly have access to that… uhm. Those are my ideas, hah.

    Thanks as always for your great resources and give aways. :)

  102. Stephanie Guertin says

    I would love to see kitchen essentials, like baking dishes (silicone would be great!), gadgets that make like easier, or anything really. I love your site, and really appreciate all you do!

  103. says

    Okay first off, the cheesecake recipe you posted this morning is freaking GENIUS!! I’m going to try it today, but i doubt it will look as gorgeous as yours.

    As for giveaways, I’d be happy to do a collaboration with you! I made a high protein pancake mix.

    Love your blog!


  104. corinne says

    Your site is fantastic and always very interesting. I’m always so excited to see what new recipe will be posted!
    You have helped me to adapt to this new lifestyle with much more ease.

  105. Cindy Mc says

    Thank you for the wonderful recipes and the chances at the giveaways. Have you ever tried Chocoperfection chocolate bars? I think they would make a great giveaway. I like making my own chocolate, but sometimes I don’t have time. The only place around my area that sells them is 40 miles away. I can order them online, though. Or, a giveaway with some of your favorite products would be great, too: Kerrygold butter and cheeses. OOh, speaking of cheeses, Carr Valley makes a great cheese called bread cheese. There is no bread. When you heat it in a pan, the edges become crusty/crispy while the insides stay sort of fluffy. The taste is buttery. I bought some to treat myself with my birthday money. It is a favorite, but rare, treat in our house.

  106. Jamian says

    I think giving away some nice coconut oil next month would be great! It’s always hard to find good quality stuff! Or perhaps a food scale!

  107. Elyssa says

    Silpat baking mats would make a fabulous prize. Many people have not tried these, but they are wonderful, although a little pricey.

  108. says

    Hi Mellissa,

    I too am a fan of your great blog! I am entering your contest and I’m trying to subscribe to you via email, but no matter how many times I re-submit the form, I never get the email to click on the confirmation link. I’ve checked my spam folder each time also, and it is empty. Maybe it’ll arrive later?? I sure hope so!

    Also, that “STAYFREE” maxi pad ad is the most annoying ad ever! And then, after battling it over and over again, I noticed an “X” at the top right of my screen, which zapped it away. GRRR! I know ads are important, I usually don’t even notice them, but this one was annoying beyond all of them! Just accidentally scrolling my cursor over it made it dominate my screen again and again. I’m glad I figured out how to KILL IT—- I hope others see my comment and find relief too.

    Still LOVE YOUR BLOG no matter what ads you have!! <3

    • says

      Came back to add that I finally received that confirmation email now that I left this comment, hmmm, ANNNNNNND that annoying Stayfree ad is back, LOL! But now I know how to KILLLLLLLLLLLLL ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

  109. Stacy Sprouse says

    Melissa, I love your blog and the fabulous recipes you have worked hard to formulate and share with the rest of us. Thank you! Any giveaway is greatly appreciated. If I had to have a “wish” it would either be a SousVide or an Excalibur Dehydrator. Both make cooking so much more interesting and healthful. Once again thanks for the commitment you have made to develop such great recipes!

  110. Amanda Carroll says

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try bpc but haven’t been able to yet because the ingredients are nearly impossible to find in my town and so expensive online so I’ve really got my fingers crossed for the bundle!! I think a good future giveaway would be an awesome blender or some sort of other cool kitchen gadget:)

  111. Jenny says

    I would love to see recipes with kits that include the bake ware or pots/pans that are required to make it, and your choice ingredients for that recipe.

  112. Diane says

    I would love to see some specialty baking items, like the specialty pan you used for the egg fast cheesecakes.

    • Maria D says

      I think a Ketonix ketone breath analizer would make a great gift. So many people now doing keto diets could benefit from one.


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