15 Best IBIH Low Carb Recipes of 2014

I’ve never done a year’s best post, but I see everyone else doing it and figured “why not?” It’s a great way to have all of my (and your) favorite IBIH low carb recipes from 2014 in one place!

Thanks for a great year, and I’m looking forward to sharing some exciting new things with you in 2015!

Best Low Carb Recipes from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

Here are the 15 best IBIH recipes of 2014 (in no particular order.) Click the title to go to the recipe!

1. Fettuccini Alfredo

A keto and atkins diet friendly fettuccini alfredo recipe from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

2. Bacon Wrapped Asian Chicken Wings

keto recipe for asian chicken wings wrapped in bacon from I breathe im hungry

3. Spinach and Artichoke Dip Meatballs

A low carb and gluten free meatball recipe from I Breathe Im Hungry

4. Coconut Flour Biscuits

Keto Friendly Biscuit Recipe from I Breathe Im Hungry

5. Pecan Praline Ice Cream

A keto friendly low carb ice cream recipe from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

6. Bacon and Smoked Gouda Cauliflower Mash

A keto, atkins and paleo friendly side dish from I Breathe I'm Hungry

7. Slow Cooker Sticky Mandarin Chicken Thighs

A low carb slow cooker recipe for Mandarin Chicken from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

8. Caramel Machiatto Cheesecakes

An Egg Fast friendly recipe from I Breathe Im Hungry

9. Slow Cooker Madras Beef Curry

Keto slow cooker curry recipe from Mellissa Sevigny at I Breathe Im Hungry

10. Garlic and Chive Cauliflower Puree (Dairy Free)

Dariy Free Keto Cauliflower Puree recipe from I Breathe Im Hungry

11. Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake with Maple Bacon Shortbread Crust

A low carb cheesecake recipe from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

12. Potsticker Meatballs in Asian Noodle Soup

A low carb Asian inspired Meatball recipe from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

13. Pumpkin Chai Mugcakes

A keto friendly recipe from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

14. Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Poblanos

An Atkins friendly low carb recipe from Mellissa Sevigny of I Breathe Im Hungry

15. Apple Cider Donuts

a keto friendly apple cider donut recipe from mellissa sevigny of i breathe im hungry

So, how’d I do?  Are your favorites all on this list or did I miss any?  Let me know in the comments what kind of recipes you’d like to see more of in 2015 and I’ll add them to my list!  Have a great 2015!!!
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  1. Jacqueline Marchuk says

    So far my favorite recipe has been the cheesy cauliflower mash :) Looking very forward to trying out the Cuban pot roast!

  2. kelly mac says

    see several of my favorites… and a few I must have missed. Thanks for a good year of healthy and delicious LCHF options. You’re the best!

  3. Lynne says

    Melissa – Thank you for all that you do for people following a low carb (or keto) diet. I am so grateful to you. We use your recipes all the time. Your blog is our favorite. Our favorite recipe this year is your chicken nugget meatballs. They are fabulous. I didn’t see the bacon wrapped asian wings recipe before. I am definitely trying that next. Thank you and have a Happy New Year.

  4. Deb says

    Thank you soooo much for all your hard work creating your amazing recipes that you share with us! You have made my LC journey not only possible for me but also my entire family…they are always asking what are you making next? Love, love, love all your recipes! Happy New Year!

  5. Frank weir says

    melissa..next year sell your “best recipes of the year” as a $4 or $5 ebook! You are worth it and it would earn you some money toward your cooking expenses, time, and bandwidth expense.


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