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    Hi everyone! With so many sweeteners out there, I am SO confused what to use and how much to use. First, I have never been a baker since hubby and I don’t eat very many sweets. But since we have gone low carb, I am now trying to make some sweets since hubby LOVES them. Way back when when limiting sugar became important for weight loss, I found Splenda. In fact I have two of Marlene Koch’s Splenda cookbooks. I still use it, but, after all, it is an artificial sweetener and from what I have read, not that great for you. When I started finding the low carb recipes online, they talked about Swerve. Swerve (I now use generic erythritol) is good, but doesn’t seem to dissolve very well. Then I saw recipe that had Stevia extract. Haven’t used them much since not sure about bitter aftertaste and how do you squeeze out a drop or two out of those little squeeze bottles? Then I got the Low-Carbing Among Friends cookbooks and they use liquid sucralose. Again the sucralose I found comes in those little squeeze bottles and a squeeze is a lot. Then I see things like Vanilla Stevia and other flavored Stevia. Then my friend tells me to use coconut sugar and says it is low glycemic and natural. And the recommended sweetener varies so much from recipe to recipe. I am SO confused. Not sure what to use where, what is best for you and best for what type of dessert. So far the only answer I found was “whatever you prefer” which isn’t much of an answer, but maybe that is the only answer. I keep buying different sweeteners that the recipes use and now have part of my pantry with just sweeteners. Can you help? Thanks so much.

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    Mellissa Sevigny

    It really does come down to taste preferences in most cases. I tend to use sweeteners that measure cup for cup like sugar because I feel like they perform better. I used to use mostly Splenda but have recently become a swerve convert. It’s pricey though so I don’t use it for everything – definitely superior in baked goods I’ve found though. I stopped using stevia because I became allergic to it, but some prefer it because it’s natural. Coconut sugar may be low glycemic but it’s still too heavy on the carbs for me to use and stay in ketosis. There are a lot of options out there, so just find what you like the most and take it from there!

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    Thanks Mellissa for the reply. I know that some of the sweeteners are better for specific things – solid vs liquid for instance. I did notice that erthyritol maintains that “grainy” feel when I use it and doesn’t seem to melt (still that graininess) very well. I have had problems incorporating the erthyritol with butter/fat for cookies and such – doesn’t seem to want to meld with the fat like sugar does with butter. Thanks again for the reply.

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    I think if you powder your erthyritol it would probably incorporate better with the butter/fat for your cookies.

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    Thanks for that information, Melissa, and for the question, Kotty. I use a lot of Splenda. It was my understanding that it was not as toxic as aspertame and saccharin. But, who knows? Someday I’d like to break my addiction to sweets altogether.

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