Low Carb Flax & Parmesan Pizza Crust (Gluten Free)

As a food blogger there are times that you get really excited about writing a post because you know you’ve outdone yourself and come up with something awesome.  This is one of those times!

After the dismal failure of the flax crackers earlier this week I  was down, but not out.  I knew that the low carb cracker recipe could work, but it needed some tweaking.

Meanwhile I’ve been thinking about how I could adapt it to make recipes for low carb bread, pizza dough, pie crust etc., and have literally lain awake at night mulling over different ideas.

Today my son had his first one-on-one play date here at our house, and it went great.  Awww, such a big boy now!  I promised the kids pizza for dinner and had picked up some traditional dough and a variety of toppings.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to try out my flax pizza crust recipe idea (since I am still eating low carb) so I got to work.

It came out even better than I’d hoped!  First of all, the recipe has only got three ingredients, and is completely (net) carb free since the flax’s only carbs are from fiber.  

It’s made with whole ingredients that are actually good for you, which isn’t always the case with low carb store bought products which usually have all kinds of chemicals and fillers in them to make them taste and feel authentic.  Not this recipe!

Loaded with fiber and healthy fats, whether you are low carb, gluten free, or just want more Omega 3’s in your diet, this pizza recipe is for you.  AND it tastes really great!  I’m so excited about this!  Could you tell?  Seriously, it’s all I can do not to write this post IN ALL CAPS!  Wow that would be really annoying to read.  But funny.  For me anyway.  But I wouldn’t do that to you.  I’ll just stick to overusing explanation marks instead!!!!!


Ok you’re thinking, it tastes good, it’s healthy, but can it really hold up to a saucy, cheesy, topping overload without getting soggy in the middle so that you can’t pick it up but have to eat it with a fork?  I submit to you exhibit A below.  It gets crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside like any good pizza dough should!  And with a nice stiffness to the finished product, there is no need to skimp on the toppings with this dough–it will hold up!!

For a low carber who is sick of either going without, or scraping the toppings off onto your plate and tossing the crust every time your family wants to order pizza, this is a dream come true!


I ate this tonight while everyone else ate the doughy, anemic looking white flour pizza and I thought they were the ones missing out!  It’s that good people!  I can’t wait for you to try it!  And report back!

Oh yeah did I mention it was super easy to make?  No rising, proofing, rolling and all that jazz – just mix all the ingredients together and press onto a greased cookie sheet.  Pre-bake for a few minutes, then add your toppings and bake until bubbly and cooked through. Ridiculously easy.


Low Carb Flax & Parmesan Pizza Crust (Gluten Free)
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: Pizza
Serves: 4
  • 1 cup flax meal (ground flax seeds)
  • ½ cup finely grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 eggs
  1. Mix the flax meal and Parmesan (or Romano) cheese in a medium bowl. Add the eggs and stir until a dough is formed. It will be sticky, let it sit for about 5 minutes or so until it's easier to work with.
  2. Wet your hands with water to help keep the dough from sticking to them and press onto greased cookie sheet about ⅓ inch thick in a circle. You should get about a 10 inch crust out of it - if it's a lot smaller than that you are making it too thick.
  3. Bake in a preheated 350 degree (F) oven for 8 minutes. Remove.
  4. Add toppings. Bake for another 15 minutes at 350. Remove.
  5. Cool. Eat. Swoon.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ¼ pizza (crust only) Calories: 239 Fat: 18g Carbohydrates: 0.4 Protein: 13g

Sample pizza recipe
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: Pizza
Serves: 4
  • 1 recipe Flax & Parmesan Pizza Crust
  • ½ cup sugar free marinara sauce
  • 1 Italian Sausage Link, cooked and chopped
  • ½ cup broccoli florets, cooked
  • 1 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
  1. Par-bake the crust as described above.
  2. Add your toppings and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees (F).
  3. Cut into 4 pieces. Each piece is considered one serving.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 piece Calories: 381 Fat: 19g Carbohydrates: 4g Protein: 24g

UPDATE:  I’ve since made a new pizza crust recipe that I think is better than this one, it uses less flax and is even better tasting for it.  So before you make this, check out my other Low Carb & Gluten Free Pizza Crust and see if you might want to try that one instead! Please note that the second recipe uses coconut flour and hemp seeds in addition to the flax – if you’re looking for something simple and with just a few ingredients, this one might be right for you after all.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much! Pizza is one of the things I miss most, but I know my “low carb” diet is right for me. I feel better and I’ve lost 30 lbs so far. So anybody who says low carb diets don’t work is a silly pigeon!

    I am really excited about trying this. It just sounds so easy!

  2. says

    Looks Great! Sounds Great! I am as excited to try it as you are to tell us about it. Do you recommend a brand of flax meal over another? I need to get some to try this out. I would rather start with the best possible option. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Penny! Glad you are excited to try it! I used Hodgson’s (sp?) Mill flax meal which I found at my local Walmart in the baking aisle – it uses the dark brown seeds. Sometimes I grind my own flax seeds which is cheaper if you are doing it all the time. The Hodgson’s Mill brand did produce a great flavor though so go with that for your first time! And I used inexpensive parmesan that was pre-grated which provided a great texture, so don’t waste money on the good stuff for this particular recipe as I don’t think it would work quite as well. Let us know how it comes out!

  3. says

    I just found your blog last week through foodgawker, and thank you for these recipes! They’re absolutely amazing! I just made your low-carb pancakes this morning and they were beyond easy — it was great not to have to fiddle with almond flour.

    So, thank you! I am looking forward to following your blog =)

    • says

      Thanks Giuliana – always happy to meet new followers!! Glad you like the pancakes! I love that they are so easy too! I can whip them up so quick and they reheat well so I make a big batch and then pop a few in the microwave for breakfast which works great. Looking forward to seeing you around the blog! XO

  4. says

    Totally favorited this and can not wait to try it! Love flax meal. Not a big pizza fan oddly enough, but am so excited to give this a go!

    • says

      I’ve used ground oats for a lot of different things to replace flour so it would probably work. I don’t know what the carb count would be on that, but if you aren’t counting carbs then that shouldn’t be a problem. Let us know how it turns out if you try it! Thanks!

    • Voula says

      I used ground flax in meatloaf, turned out excellent.
      I combine & roast sliced almonds, walnuts, traditional oatmeal,
      orange rind 2 T. flaxseed, sprinkle a little Himalyan salt, stir well, Add a couple T. of maple syrup, lots of cinnamon, ground cloves, & nutmeg & roast for 15 minute, Tossing several times & use it on cereal, with coconut almond milk or eat as a snack. Also tastes great on ice cream.

    • says

      Hi Jinx! (tee hee, hijinks…funny!) :) I make a simple red sauce using 2 cups tomato puree, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp oregano, 1/2 tsp basil, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes, 1 Tbl olive oil (optional) splash of lemon juice or red wine vinegar. You don’t even need to pre-cook it – just mix it well and spread however much you like on the pizza and it tastes great! Let me know how it turns out!

  5. Anonymous says

    Hey now hold on a minute. I like those flax crackers! :D I’ll definitely be trying this pizza crust one night this week though.

    • says

      Hey Katie I’d love to know how you like it being that you aren’t pathetically desperate for a pizza substitute like the rest of us “low carbers”! If you still think it’s good then I’ll know it’s not just because I’d eat almost anything I could put sauce and cheese on and call a pizza! :)

  6. says

    OMG! This sounds amazing!! I have all that stuff and I LOVE making pizza however pizza dough is tricky. I make my own of course. Last time I made true dough it took me three sets of yeast til I was convinced it was alive and active!! WHAT a pain.

    OMG I’ve got to try this!!! Maybe next week!! Thanks!!

  7. says

    Hello! I’m not a carb counter either but wanted to try this for the healthier option that it is. It was super easy to make but my only concern is the time listed to bake it. I doubled the recipe since it was for my hungry man husband and I, so I added extra baking time before and after toppings. It still was a bit soft- needed a fork. :( Do you have a recommendation for the necessary baking time needed for two? It was very good. I would definitely make this instead of the other options if solely based on the fact that you don’t have to pound it and let it rise! If only I can get the baking time right….

    • says

      Not sure Fawn, sorry this was soggy for you! I would say double the baking time in the beginning stage and test it to make sure it’s firm in the middle. I was able to lift mine right off the pan with no bending in the middle before I put the toppings on. If you get it to that stage first, you should have no problems with it being soggy after you bake the toppings on. Unless you had really wet toppings or watery sauce? Otherwise I think you just have to make sure it’s nice and firm from the get go. Also, did you use freshly grated parm or buy the pre-grated? I had used pre-grated that I got in the deli department and it wasn’t shreds, it was more like meal and it may have helped. I hope you’ll give it another try and report back!

  8. says

    I found your blog through pinterest and have been following for a few weeks now. And I have to say THANK YOU for all the low carb posts! I have been on Atkins for over a year – have lost 70+ pounds – and still have a ways to go. I don’t miss sweets at all – but I miss bread – and I can’t wait to try these recipes!!

    • says

      Hey Kat! Hooray for Pinterest! :) 70+ pounds is pretty awesome! I’m honored if some of my recipes help you keep going the rest of the way towards your goal! I’m with you, sweets aren’t the hardest part for me – it’s the breads, pizza, crackers etc. So I’ll keep working on some alternatives – let me know how you like them!

  9. Anonymous says

    I found 100% flax meal in the supermarket this morning (in Australia) and it was labelled as having 8% carbohydrate. Admittedly this is low carb but not zero carb.

    Also it was labelled as being laxative in large doses, so I was loath to try the pizza in the end, even though it looks and sounds great.

    Any thoughts on that?

    • says

      I’m not sure if the process is different in Australia than in America so I can’t speak to the product you found there. However, the flax seeds and meal that I use has an equal number of carbs and fiber – the fiber cancels out the carbs for the purpose of a low carb diet since it doesn’t impact insulin levels. You can read about it in depth by searching under low carb diets and fiber. Regarding having a laxative effect I’ve never had or heard of that problem when consuming flax but if you haven’t eaten it before then certainly use caution the first time you try it.

    • says

      The trick is that fiber is technically a carbohydrate, but it’s indigestible so it passes through the gut without being absorbed. That’s where net carb counts come in. Net carb = total carb – fiber (some people would say also – sugar alcohols, but that’s more ambiguous).

  10. says

    Love this! And I’ve been inspired (again) to feature your flax pizza crust in my Friday Food Fetish roundup and on Pinterest. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next and please let me know if you have any objections…

  11. Betsy says

    Can you tell me about how many carbs are in your red sauce? I would want to include it, but try to eat low carb (and feel like premade tomato sauces make that impossible). I did see your recipe for red sauce in the comments. Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m looking forward to making it!

    • says

      Betsy, I’m not sure how many carbs, it would depend on how much you are using I guess. The only thing with carbs in my sauce is the actual tomatoes so I would check the can for how many carbs per serving and try to calculate it that way – and be careful of what kind you buy since some companies add sugar! Hope you like the pizza!

  12. Anonymous says

    I just made it and i have to say it was delicious!!! Didn’t have flax meal, but i just ground the seeds in a coffee grinder. Worked very well! Thanks for this amazing recipe!

  13. Anonymous says

    JUST made this for my 10 year old type 1 diabetic son. He LOVES it! He really loved the fact that the whole pan was 11 carbs! He is only allowed 45 grams of carbs for meals and 3 15 gram snacks during the day. There are times he is still hungry. Instead of taking more insulin he looks for things that he can eat that will fill him up and that have little carbs. This will totally work for him. Thanks.

    • says

      You are so welcome! I’m really glad he liked it! You can make burger buns with the same dough, and variations for crackers and pie crust. I’ve been experimenting all week and there will be more recipes getting posted soon so stay tuned!

  14. says

    I was diagnosed with diabetes about 3 months ago, and am struggling to minimize carbohydrates in my diet. Will definitely be trying this – thanks for sharing the recipe!

    • says

      Sorry to hear about your diabetes, I have family members recently diagnosed as well. It’s definitely a major diet change but there are many healthy alternatives to old favorites! I wish you the best with managing it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this recipe and it will help you stay on track!

  15. says

    your recipes look amazing!!! can’t wait to try them – so tired of doing low carb thinking i can only eat eggs, meat, cheese and plain veggies. no more!

  16. says

    I’m a recently diagnosed diabetic myself, just since July, and have lost 40 lbs so far doing low carb. Can’t wait to try your recipes! But both my doctor and my diabetic nutritionist nurse said that carbs and fiber don’t net out one to one, that to figure out net carbs you deduct HALF the grams of fiber from the total carb load and that is your new number. This is still a terrific and low-carb option for all of us, but it isn’t no carbs by my team’s rules. Keep up the inspiring work!

    • says

      Thanks for that Stacey, I’ve never heard that before. Do they mean the net carbs in a recipe aren’t one to one or the net carbs in a specific ingredient? My understanding has been that in a single ingredient, the fiber carbs don’t impact insulin so they can be subtracted from the total carbs – but that carbs in a recipe or dish can’t be cancelled out by another ingredient’s fiber. If that’s not the case then I definitely want to know – I’ll be doing more research on this for sure, thanks a lot for the head’s up! Congrats on the weight loss and I hope you enjoy the recipes!

    • says

      According to my team, the way to figure out the net carbs of even a single ingredient is to deduct 1/2 the total fiber grams from the total carb grams. This conservative method helps ensure that I am not allowing those “sneaky carbs” to derail my program. I think for your blog, the best thing is to say for diabetics who really need 100% control over sugar and carb load to use that method, but you can always say that for people who are just trying to go low-carb the numbers might even be better. Trying this pizza crust tonight, and can’t wait!

    • says

      Thanks so much for this Stacey! It’s a great method to try if weight loss has stalled on low carb too and may help break through the plateau’s. I’m going to try it myself and see if it helps speed my progress! I really appreciate you sharing that info!

  17. says

    I tried making and baking some of this. I think my golden-flax meal is starting to get a bit stale, as the flavor seemed a little strong. Maybe with freshly-ground meal it’s better. Over-bake it and it goes from sort of leathery to quite crisp, and makes an okay cracker. I haven’t tried it as a pizza crust yet, but it’s as palatable as any flax-cracker recipe I’ve tried. (Type 1 diabetic for over forty years, and low-carb is the easiest way I’ve gotten adequate control of blood sugar.)

    • says

      Flax has a very short shelf life before it goes rancid so you should try to store it in the freezer if you have the room. Even still it can get stale which has happened to me and it’s a very unpleasant flavor. You should really be mostly tasting the saltiness of the cheese and very mild nuttiness from the flax so I hope you’ll try it again with a new batch of flax meal and report back! Also I recently posted a rosemary and sea salt cracker using this basic dough which is tasty and if you don’t like the flax flavor the rosemary definitely helps with that. Thanks for the comment!

  18. says

    I am making this crust right now. I only wish I’d discovered your blog before I did the Candida diet. Your recipes would have made the whole process a lot better!

  19. says

    The pizza was great. We piled it high with roasted tomatoes and broccoli, and used my kale pesto as the sauce. Then a little more parmesan, and some goat cheese on top. Delicious!

    The version of the candida diet I did was very strict: no dairy, no fruit (because of the sugar). I found it very challenging, and felt pretty low energy by the end of it. I always try to bake without sugar (other than from fruit), so I’m just back to that. And, I just love dairy, so I’m back to my usual super healthy, but not-candida style diet. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to chat more about this :)

  20. says

    This blog has such great ideas. I just started a food/recipe blog with things like cauliflower hashbrowns and salmon patties if you can check it out I would love it! Keep up the great work!!

  21. Anonymous says

    Low carb doesn’t work? Who says? From Halloween 2011 to now over 35 pounds have dropped off, and just by getting rid of the obvious crap (pasta, potatoes, rice, bread etc) This looks interesting, especially now that I have found out what “Net Carbs” are …. BONUS!

    • says

      Good for you! Congrats! Higher in the comments another commenter mentions that for her diabetes her doctors recommend calculating net carbs by deducting only half the fiber from the total. So if you find that you are slowing down in your weight loss using the one to one ratio, try the half fiber to one carb.

  22. Anonymous says

    Just made it. I made a half batch and added a little baking soda and water. It was the BEST low/no carb dinner I have ever had….thanks for the idea. It seems so simple yet I didn’t think of it!! I am sooooo happy!!

  23. Anonymous says

    We tried this tonight after finding it on Pinterest. It was very good! I used sauteed: broccoli, turkey, ham, mushrooms, onion and tomatoes as toppings.

  24. Anonymous says

    I will have to post my Chicken Pizza we made the other day. You use the chicken breast as your pizza crust, it was wonderful! With the seasonings and ingredients you put on top of the chicken breast you felt like you were eating pizza!

  25. says

    I just made this tonight finally!! AHHH-Mazing!!! I’m Coeliac so it’s tough to get fibre and I had lots of flaxmeal I didn’t know what to do with!. Great idea and so tasty… I spread homemade sunflower seed pesto and topped w, chicken and veggies. All that is left to say is YUM!!

  26. Jennifer says

    SO delicious and EASY! Tastes and holds up much much better than cauliflower pizza crust… (never going there again). So glad I stumbled across your recipe! Thanks so much :)

  27. says

    I finally made this too and it’s great. I liked the flavour and texture, and the fact of low carbs and masses of fibre.

    Just thinking…you seem to be the Queen of Flax…..wondering if you could come up with a cookie (or biscuit as we call them in Australia) preferably with Splenda or low sugar.

  28. says

    I made the flax crust last night. It was really good, and my husband loved it, too. Here is what I did. I doubled the recipe to suit 2 people (and a couple leftover slices for breakfast today ;)). I ground my own flax in my coffee grinder. I used the golden flax (2 cups after it was ground). Then I used 1/2 cup of the dried parm cheese (like the stuff from the can), and then I used 1/2 cup fresh parm, which was shredded, but I turned it into a powder in my coffee grinder. 4 eggs, about 1 tsp onion powder and 1 tsp dried oregano, a little salt & pepper. Mixed it all up with a fork, really mashing it together, etc. I ended up letting it rest for about 30 minutes, only because I made my kids a regular crust pizza before mine (I only have one pizza stone). Maybe this makes a difference, I dunno, but while my pizza stone was still hot from baking the previous pizza, I sprayed the stone with olive oil, then I dumped the flax dough onto the 15 inch round stone, and pressed it down with my hands a bit, then I finished rolling it out with a pastry roller. I sort of rolled it out so the center was thinner than the outer crust, probably about 1/4 inch thick, and the crust was about 1/3 inch thick. I baked on 375 for 8 min. Then I put the toppings on (I used mushrooms, broccolini and tomatoes, and cheese), and then I baked it for another 15 minutes, broiling it on 450 for the last 5 minutes. The outer crust was crispy, and we could eat it with our hands. I’ll definitely be making this again. Thanks for another awesome recipe!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your method Amorette! I have a pizza stone but never thought of using it for the flax dough! I bet it crisped it up nicely and I’m totally going to start doing that now! I may even try baking my crackers on it from now on! Awesome idea!

  29. says

    All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! This is delicious. I have been missing pizza so much. I am eating it right now and I am in heaven. I was actually able to spread the dough into a 12 inch thin crust and it held together beautifully. I topped it with a drizzle of olive oil some fresh basil, a little bit of organic marinara sauce then I added spinach, sliced roasted red peppers, thinly slices portabello mushroom caps and some soft unripened crumbled goat cheese and a sprinkle of garlic powder. So yummy and I know my husband and 7year old son are going to love it too. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe :))

    • says

      Thanks Kelly! I hope your family liked it! Your topping sounded great, I love goat cheese too! I was actually thinking about this pizza yesterday and thinking it’s time I made it again. Reading your post made me bump it up my mental list to a “must do soon!” Thanks!

  30. Alexa says

    I have been wanting to make this recipe ever since I found it last month, and finally got around to it tonight! Oh. My. Goodness. Amazing! I halved the amount, and only baked it for 4 minutes prior to toppings and 10 minutes afterwards. It was perfect! I then proceeded to eat the entire thing myself. :) Thank you for such an amazing recipe!

  31. Anonymous says

    Yep, still the late one in the bunch. BUT, made this last nite for the hubby and one of his buddies, “It’s a ‘keeper” response is HIGH praise from those two! Will be back for more. (and NO, I didn’t tell them it was TURKEY pepperoni on the pizza!) {insert evil grin here} ~Sand~

  32. Anonymous says

    I’ve made this twice now. The first time, I did it exactly as you have here and it was good, but I wanted it a bit thinner, so I could taste the toppings, and I wanted to play off the toppings in the crust, since it does have quite a unique flavor on it’s own. So I did the recipe like this:1/2 cup flax, 1/3 cup parm.,1 whole egg + 1 egg white, a good sprinkling of garlic powder and dried Italian seasonings. (I didn’t measure the last two, but I would say to taste.) I followed the rest of the directions the same, pressing out the dough to the same basic size, thereby making it thinner. Then pre-baked just like you had laid out in the original recipe. The garlic and seasonings and thinner crust made it feel more “pizza-y” for myself and my Type 1 diabetic husband. By the way, my husband is a type 1, meaning insulin dependent diabetic since childhood. His carb and fiber ratio’s are 1:1. I think that may be because he exclusively uses insulin for control? I know that a previous comment mentions that it was 1:.5 of carbs to fiber, so maybe that’s more related to type 2 diabetics who have some insulin resistance to deal with. Hope that helps!

    • says

      Thanks for reporting back on your method and the carb/fiber ratios which is interesting! I’m going to try adding the seasonings to my next batch of crust too – sounds yummy! I think we’re having pizza night thursday so I’ll post my own results as well!

    • says

      It’s so versatile I’ve used it as a base for all kinds of fun stuff! Interesting about the nutritional yeast which I used when I did raw a few years ago. It’s amazing that it really does impart a cheesy flavor. Great idea for those who are dairy free – thanks for sharing!!!

  33. says

    The carbs are zero per slice because it’s less than 3g per entire batch. I never calculated the other info but you could enter it into an online calculator. It would be hard to quantify per slice other than on an individual basis because it depends on how large you make the pie and how many slices you cut it into. Best to figure out your batch and then you can calculate how many slices you personally get out of it.

  34. Alli says

    love love love this! Made it tonight..big hit! Only problem..I wanted to eat the whole thing myself!! Thanks for posting this and your other great recipes!

  35. says

    I so need to make this tomorrow night. One of the great things of eating low carb is that if there is a new recipe and it’s easy, I usually have the ingredients already, which I do. My kids will love this.

    All your recipes look so great. You do a great job in food photography. My birthday is coming up and I think I’ll make one of your desserts and share with my family.

    Thank you for sharing your recipes with us.

  36. says

    Ok, I made this pizza tonight. I started off with your recipe, but only using 2/3rds of the 2 eggs. I have a pizza stone and I tried to do it real thin, and it did not cover the whole stone. So, I added more and probably used 1.3 cups ground flaxseed, 1 cup parmesan, 3 eggs. I also added dried basil, oregano, & thyme. It gave the crust wonderful flavor.

    I oiled my hands with olive oil and that helped it to not stick, but water would’ve done without the calories added.

    I had leftover rotisserie chicken that I shredded by hand, fresh basil leaves, and leftover walnut-basil pesto, thin prosciutto slices, and shredded cheddar cheese. The pesto only covered half the pizza, so I used a Trader Joe’s marinara sauce that was low in sugar and carbs for the other half.

    My kids (8 & 11) LOVED the pizza and said it was the best they ever had. All the flavors are so yummy. I can’t wait to try other toppings and other types of sauces. The pestos are sooo good, but really high in fat & calories. The pizza is so low carb (low in sugar, no grains, no starches) and so flavorful. I don’t miss regular pizza at all.

    I’m going to share your recipe with my single moms’ group. The whole thing took me less than 45 min. to get the stuff out, make, and clean up before serving. This feels so gourmet. My pizza made 8 generous slices.

    Thanks again for the recipe.

    • says

      Doris thank you so much for sharing your experience with the pizza crust! I especially love getting feedback that kids are enjoying the different recipes – low carb or not, flax is so much healthier than wheat for them! Your version sounds really delicious and I’m looking forward to trying out some of your topping ideas! I hope it’s a hit at your single mom’s group – thanks for sharing it!

  37. says

    Hi Melissa,

    I went no grain, no starch, low sugar on 27-Jan-2012 and really love this way of eating. I’ve dropped 15 lbs (another 35 lbs more to go to get really flat abs. Eating this way does NOT seem like a diet, but some adjustment. I’m finding eliminating grains, starches and taking a probiotic helps me to have no cravings like I used to have for sweets & grains.

    I shared your recipe and the pics I took with one of the moms who is a health/fitness professional. She LOVED it! I’ve been coming up with various recipes, too, but just not as creative as you. I love delicious, simple eating that looks and tastes delicious, as well as relatively easy to make.

    I may just do a cooking class for the single moms showing how inexpensive this is to eat THIS healthy AND lose weight at the same time without feeling deprived. All my recipes have to be kid approved.

    And, once a month, one of my small groups at church that I belong to has a potluck. I take foods that are no grain, no starch, low sugar and they can’t believe how yummy everything is, and easy to make.

    Oh, as a side note, for regular pizza, I don’t like eating the crust normally, but this parmesan flax crust with dried herbs is out of this world. I gobbled up every morsel, as did my kids. Definitely going to make crackers out of that. The cost is so little compared to trying to find this at the store.

    • says

      Hi Doris! I agree that it doesn’t feel like a diet – I don’t even miss the grains and sugar anymore and it’s awesome! My mom was a single mom for years with five kids and she cooked almost everything from scratch and taught me how to cook too. I have a lot of respect for you and others who are trying to be healthy and teach your kids to eat healthy as well – in spite of all the challenges being a single mom brings! So kudos to you and thanks for sharing!

  38. says

    Thanks for this recipe. I can’t wait to try it. I found you on a “low carb” search in Pinterest. I repinned your recipe as well as your blog.

  39. Anonymous says

    I just made this for my boyfriend (He has been having very good luck with his low carb diet.). It was delicious! Thank you! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  40. Anonymous says

    I personally didn’t like this=(… but it was a thought=D it is just too soft. is there anyway to make the crust harder?

  41. says

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy it! It shouldn’t be soft so it was either a) too thick, or b) it didn’t pre bake long enough. If you give it another go, make sure it’s no more than 1/2 inch thick and that you pre bake it long enough for it to be pretty crisp before you even put the toppings on for the final baking. Hope that helps! Thanks for the feedback!

  42. says

    This looks absolutely delish! I am looking for a reason to start low carb again ( besides the fact that me spare tire is starting to look like the size of one for a transport truck) and I think your blog has just given me the reason! One thing I’ll ask you though, when you’re calculating net carbs, how exactly do you do that? I did atkins so long ago all I did was pretty much all meat ( I was a kid what can I say). After looking at your great recipes your blog as really inspired me to get going on this :) Thanks

    • says

      Jump back on the low carb bandwagon with the rest of us – there’s plenty of room! :) It’s generally accepted that net carbs are the carbs left over in an ingredient after you subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols (usually fake sweeteners like maltitol for example). If your last experience with Atkins was years ago, then it will be different for you this time around because of that. You will find you can eat a lot more vegetables than you used to be able to, as well as things like flax seed, coconut flour, almond butter, etc. But everybody is different in how they handle different things so you have to watch what works for you and what might give you trouble and keep you from losing. A great resource for low carb information and support in the forums is http://www.reddit.com/r/keto/ There are some knowledgeable people there and lots of great tips on how to be successful. Keep us posted on your progress if you decide to go for it and I hope you enjoy the recipes!!!

  43. says

    Just made this and have it in the oven. I am doing a low carb, low sugar diet. I surprisingly have not had that many cravings, which is odd for me… BUT because pizza used to be my “I’m having a bad day and need to feel better” food… I figured I better find a low carb alternative soon :) Thank you for putting in the hard work of figuring this out so the rest of us can enjoy AND benefit from a healthier alternative! :)

  44. Anonymous says

    I found you on Pintrest and I am doing the low carb thing, so your low carb recipes are great. First, let me just say that I tried your Buffalo Chicken meatballs…AMAZING!!! That’s going into my bag of tricks! Now, I tried this flax crust…it made a crust all right, but for me, the taste is less than desirable…it was very “Earthy” for me and left a strange aftertaste…is there any modifications that you could suggest to make it taste better? Maybe I’m just not a fan of the way flax meal tastes…

    • says

      Glad you liked the buffalo balls and thanks for the feedback! Some people just don’t like the flax taste and texture. You can try substituting half the flax for almond or coconut flour as an experiment but I haven’t done it so not sure of the results. And it would add more carbs so be aware of that. I saw in some of the comments that people have seasoned the crust with garlic powder, oregano, italian spices, etc with good results to give it a better flavor and you could certainly try that too! Hope you can find a way to make it work for you! Of course there are always cauliflower or meat based crusts as well. Just google it and you’ll find a ton of options.

  45. says

    Thank you soo much for all your amazing low carb recipes! I’m on day 2 of the Atkins diet, and I was looking for inspiration for meals… and boy did I find it! I’ve just barely scratched the surface on your website and I already have meals for a week! Can’t wait to make pizza!

  46. says

    this sounds great– but i’ve been searching for a flax crust as a replacement for eggs due to allergy. since flax meal works well with water, do you think it would work by just adding some water instead of the eggs?

    • says

      Hi Erin, I do think that the flax and cheese would work as a binder even without the egg, though it may be a little stiffer and crunchier without it – not necessarily a bad thing! Might want to increase the water by a couple of tablespoons and let it sit for a couple of extra minutes so it will hold together nicely. I hope you try it and report back, I’m curious as to how it turns out!

  47. says

    hi melissa, i made the pizza last night and must say it was lovely AND so easy to make. i will be trying some of your other recipes too! think i will make a quiche with the flax/parmesan dough.

  48. Catherine says

    Hello Melissa. Thank you so much for this fabulous recipe. Pizza has always been my downfall, but now I can eat it guilt free.

    I was pretty impressed with the cauliflower crust, but this is something else. Your site is great, going to work my way through some more of your recipes soon. Truly, I can’t thank you enough.

  49. says

    I made this for dinner last night. It was amazing! Next time I’ll pound out the crust a little thinner (mine was about 9 inches across, I should have listened to your directions better!) so that it gets a little more crispy. GREAT RECIPE, I’M IN LOVE! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  50. says

    I tried the pizza crust a few days ago. 1) I definitely need to use fresher flax meal. Gods only know how long that stuff had been sitting in my fridge. 2) it didn’t come out as crisp as I’d hoped and I can think of a couple possible explanations for that a) I didn’t give the oven enough time to pre-heat (it tends to run hot, but it takes a long time to come up to temperature). b) The eggs. Many recipes are calibrated for large eggs and using different sizes can affect how the recipe turns out. In this case, I used what I had to hand which, AFAICT, are jumbos, at any rate, bigger than large. So, what size eggs did you use in the original recipe?

    • says

      Thanks for the feedback Rhoadan! Fresh flax meal is definitely key or it will have an off taste for sure. Also, it’s important to get it kind of crisp on the precook or once you add the toppings it just won’t happen. I used large eggs, so that could also have made the difference in it getting crisp enough. Hope you’ll try again and get better results next time!

    • Anonymous says

      Tried this tonight. Soooo hungry for pizza since being on Atkins for 5 months. It was delicious. I must admit that I got my directions messed up and only used one egg. Realized it and instead of trying to mix in another egg, used a tablespoon of olive oil. Turned out great!!! Thanks so much for filling my pizza void.

  51. says

    Hi Melissa– I adore your blog!! I’m somewhat new to the low-carb world, but am slowly getting used to it (and enjoying it, too). I have been incorporating the flax seed meal into a lot of things and love it. Did you use the golden or regular for this recipe? Would there be a big difference between the two? Also, regarding the freshness comment from above, can the flax meal be stored in the freezer? Thanks!! :)

    • says

      Hi Kristi and thanks! For this particular batch I think I used a darker flax but I usually use golden now because I can buy a big bag of it at Costco. I don’t think there is a big difference in taste personally and I do store mine in the freezer and it keeps much longer that way!

  52. Anonymous says

    I tried the recipe but had a tough time with how dense it was. For some reason I can’t get past that with ground flax. So I made another pizza using the same guidelines/measurements but a couple substitutions: I used 1 cup almond meal instead of the flax and finely grated marble cheddar in place of the parmesan. That sold me! I think the oilier cheese was the big help – I’m going to try using this cheese with the flax and see if that will convert me. :) Great, simple recipe – you made the Atkins diet so much more doable!!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your modifications! When I created this crust I was relatively new to low carb baking. Now that I’ve discovered the wonders of almond meal and coconut flour, I’m going to be improving on this recipe for the ebook because it IS very dense. Glad you made it work for you!

  53. says

    Thanks for this recipe! I found your blog through Pinterest and have already bookmarked a number of recipes. I tried this pizza tonight. I forgot to grease the pan (silly me). I used roasted red peppers, artichoke, mushrooms and black olives with low fat mozzarella cheese and I also used low fat parmesan with the flaxmeal. I used basil, oregano, parsley and garlic powder to flavour the crust as recommended. It was tasty and filled me up! My crust was well crisp however the middle was a bit soft. Was wondering if I could use a rolling pin to even it out or will it make it too sticky?

    • says

      You can use a rolling pin, just make sure it’s well oiled or you use parchment paper on top of the dough and roll over that. Also if it’s soft, you may need to pre-bake it a little longer before adding your toppings – which sound delicious by the way! Totally made me crave a pizza! :)

  54. says

    I’ve been seeing a lot of pins and blogs recently about grilling pizza. I bet this would work on a grill just as well and might even produce a crispier crust, not to mention a nice charred taste that brick ovens can give.

    Really liking your blog & recipes so far, and I am excited to try them! I am always looking for healthier alternatives that taste great and are easy to make!

    I am definitely going to try this crust with the additional seasonings as soon as I pick up another box of flax meal!

  55. Anonymous says

    i just made this on the grill, outstanding! i flattened it out thin on a piece of foil,few drops of olive oil on my hands kept from sticking. preheated the grill to 500 turned off center burner, flipped crust over on hot grill peeled back foil and let her cook. only took 4 minutes nice and crispy! put sf bbq sauce, red onion, chicken few peppers, covered with motzellera on cooked side. slid it back on center of grill, 4 more minutes done!!! crispy,smokey tasting, turned out wonderful.

  56. says

    That sounds awesome! So glad you confirmed my thought about grilling! So excited, definitely going to try to grill pizza with this crust, THANK YOU!!!

  57. Anonymous says

    They are exclamation points!! And thanks for the recipe–sounds great!! I love those points, too!!!!!

  58. says

    WOW! You are a genius! I made this tonight and it’s so good. It really nipped my pizza/carb/bread craving in the bud. THANK YOU! Keep those innovative low-carb recipes coming, Melissa! I will check back daily! :)

  59. Anonymous says

    I tried this recipe once before with success, but for the second time around I added about 3-4 Tbsp vital wheat gluten. Gluten is what gives regular pizza dough its stretchiness, and this addition plus some kneading really made the final crust much more pliable and ‘doughlike.’ Plus, it’s all the gluten plus very little starch from the wheat, so you stay low-carb.

    I also added some yeast and baking powder and let it rise for a bit, which it did, but I’m not sure how much of a difference this made in the final product.

    Either way, great recipe!

  60. Anonymous says

    I made this last night for my family of 5. I tripled the recipe, which made enough for 6 “personal” pizzas, each about 6″ in diameter. We loved it! We made one with pesto, rather than tomato sauce and topped with feta, spinach, and olives. My only thought for next time is that the crust was a bit too salty. I used a grated romano instead of parmesean, that may have been the reason. Thanks so much for posting the recipe! I will defintely make it again!

    • says

      Glad you guys liked it! I love pesto on pizza too! Now that my basil is coming in I want to make a big batch of it fresh. I’ll have to post a recipe when I get around to it! We used to go to a pizza place in CT that made a pizza with a pesto base topped with grilled chicken and hot cherry pepper slices. It was SO good! I’m going to have to make that soon….

  61. says

    WOWZA! I just made a sausage broccoli mushroom pizza with homemade alfredo sauce instead of tomato. SO GOOD! Thank you for the recipe!!!

  62. says

    Can’t wait to try this. I’ve been doing low carb for 9 months now and I’ve lost 47lbs however I’m really getting bored with my recipes. I read above that you say not to waste money on the expensive parmesan cheese but do you use the powdery can type or the refrigerated stuff in the plastic containers?

    • says

      Congrats on the weight loss! Hopefully some of the recipes here will inspire you to try some new things! For the crackers and pizza dough I always use the powdery stuff but I’ve seen photos of others who use the shreds with good results too so you could probably try either! Enjoy!

  63. Anonymous says

    I just recently went low-carb, and made this recipe for my boyfriend and me tonight. I’m a very picky eater, so eating low-carb has been kind of challenging for me. While I do not think of this as a replacement for pizza (oh, how I love the original and not certain I could completely give it up), it was surprisingly good. I used the recipe as is, but added some Italian spices – oregano, thyme, basil, and some red pepper flakes. It turned out great. We’ll probably have it as “pizza” again, but I think I’m going to try using it as a cracker next. Now I’m off to look at all the other recipes on your site. Thanks for making such a great substitute for crust!

    • says

      Your welcome and I’m glad it worked for you! Definitely can’t compare to a real pizza crust – especially a wood-fired traditional Neopolitana – yum! But it’s better than just scraping the toppings off – at least for me anyway!

  64. says

    Just made this crust tonight and it was super easy and super yummy! I am a huge fan of pizza but am always on the look out to reduce carbs/calories. I will definitely make this crust again. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  65. LowcarbNY says

    Humm, going to try this with ground chia instead of flax, or maybe 50/50 flax/chia. Chia doesn’t have as strong a flavor as flax.

  66. says

    Hey! This looks fantastic! I am a huge pizza lover, and just about ending my second week of following Atkins. I MISS having pizza with my family! Question, do I have to use the grated cheese? Will it be totally gross without it? Thank you for the awesome recipe! I can’t wait to try this!!!

    • says

      Hey T! The cheese definitely adds flavor and texture so if you’re going to omit it I would use almond flour or coconut flour so that it’s not all flax or I don’t know how it will taste. Let us know how it works out! :)

  67. Heather says

    I just found your site from a link on Facebook. I have been doing a low carb diet for 4 months as of today and I am 54 pounds lighter. I found a recipe for flax seed tortillas which I think are great and even my 2 year old loves them. I just told my husband over the weekend that I am craving pizza and need to find a substitute. This looks great and I can’t wait to try it! Thank you for all the new ideas, I can’t wait to try them. I think the cauli-tots will follow-up the pizza!!

  68. Belenda says

    I finally had the time to make this pizza. Although it does substitute for a pizza, I’m not overly enthusiastic about it. Definitely will do in a pinch and am anxious to try this as just crackers. It’s really more of a cracker crust – but, just wasn’t a home run for me as pizza. I will defintely try it again and try different toppings to see if that makes a difference. Also, I’ll spice up the ingredients before I make crackers and am sure I’m will be blissfully happy with the cracker!!

    • Belenda says

      UPDATE: it’s only been a few hours, but might be on to something! Rather than just letting the pizza strips sit in the fridge, I turned on my dehydrator and cut the strips into triangles and they are dehydrating. I’m so anxious to see how these dry out with the nice spicy tomato, all the cheese blends and Italian seasoning. May be some awesome crackers!! I’ll update either way.

  69. Belenda says

    NEXT MORNING: Yummmmm!! I like them dehydrated A LOT! Very nice cracker and the dehydrated pizza toppings are even better on it. What a nice “accident” :>)

  70. says

    Thanks for this recipe! I’m excited about discovering your tasty-looking blog! I tried making this and it turned out pretty well. It passed the no-fork-required test which was a definite bonus. I think I will need to get used to the flavor of the flax meal, though. I did use SPROUTED ground flax meal (golden) and maybe that makes a difference. It was nice to try something new and I like the better nutritional profile of the sprouted flax vs. almond flour crusts I’ve made. I may try to doing a 1/3 almond flour, 1/3 flax, 1/3 parmesan version just for sh1ts and giggles. Next stop: those awesome looking ribs!

    • says

      Thanks Tina – I know what you mean about the flavor of the flax meal because I’m not a huge fan either. I have to come up with a new crust using coconut flour one of these days. I like the idea of adding almond flour to it to cut the flax flavor too – let us know how that works out!

  71. says

    I just stumbled across your blog a couple days ago and wanted to thank you for this fabulous recipe! Hubby and I started lo-carbing about 5 weeks ago and to date, he has lost 21 pounds and I have lost 11!!!!! We tried the flax pizza crust tonjght and I loved it, but hubby couxldn’t get past the flax taste. I guess I’ll try the 1/3 almond meal next time, just to appease him………..LOL! Thanks again and keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to trying some more of your recipes…………

    • says

      Thanks Betsey! The flax taste is definitely strong in this recipe but I just posted a new one using less flax and substituting some other ingredients and I think it’s much better. Give it a try and let me know if he likes that one better! :)

  72. says

    Thanks for this receipe! I loved it! As I live in Germany I converted the cup measurements into grams –> 1 cup brown flax seeds = 160 gr / –> 1/2 cup parmesan cheese = 63 gr
    I used to bake it in a 26 cm cake-pan. 350° F = 175° Celsius. I used my Thermomix kitchen machine to grind the flax seeds and the parmesan. So easy to do! I used salami, 1 red pepper, 1 onion and 250 gr mozzarella cheese as toppping! Delicious even without tomato sauce. I certainly will bake this kind of “pizza” again.

  73. Anonymous says

    I love you….I do!!!! Your PASSION for low carb food and creating great LC recipes makes me EXCITED to eat healthy…..never thought THAT would happen!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

  74. says

    I took one look at this and ran to my kitchen to make it! It turned out perfectly!

    I substituted four egg whites for the two whole eggs, though, as I’m watching cholesterol, too, and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  75. Margaret says

    Thank you so much for the recipe…It is quite delicious! I wanted to try your other version, but I did not have coconut flour. I did have some oat flour so I used a combo of flax, oat, parm and a sprinkle of chia for a little extra crunch. I also added basil, garlic, salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes to the dough. Sooooooooooooooooo great! I topped it with chopped kale, spinach, mushrooms, parm, evoo, garlic, basil, salt, pepper…And just a few super sprinkles of fresh mozz on top……..You inspired me to make and play with pizza crust!

  76. Christina M says

    I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. So, I’ve been trying to find alternatives to favorites. I found This recipe last night and couldn’t wait to try it! I made it for dinner and it’s wonderful! I’ve also been looking at your entire blog getting ideas… I stumbled on to it after seeing the buffalo chicken balls recipe circulating on FB. I’m really excited because I can see how you use certain flours, and came up with my own brownie recipe tonight as well. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity!

  77. Wendy says

    I halved the recipe for the pizza dough to make a personal-size pizza. I top it with 2 tbsp sauce and 2 oz shredded mozz. So I think that brings the net carb count to 5.5 g for the whole little pizza. Thanks, Melissa! I’m making another one tonight :) I am looking forward to trying your updated crust once I get my hands on some coconut flour :)

  78. tonia says

    this looks awesome!! my question is I purchased some chia seeds recently and it stated that they can be used in place of any recipe that calls for flax seeds……Is that true for this recipe?

    • says

      It’s hard to say – since this recipe is so heavy on the flax, I don’t know if chia would have a really different flavor or texture. All I can say is give it a try!

  79. Bret Horrell says

    I’ve been making a similar pizza crust, only without the eggs, and instead using water and a little baking powder. This looks like a great idea too, and I’ll be giving it a try tomorrow. It occurs to me that you could season the crust as well with some garlic, Italian seasoning, etc., or you could take a turn South of the border, use a little chili powder, cumin, garlic & onion powders, and make a Taco pizza. Maybe some chorizo and cheddar for the toppings. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for posting these great recipes, it makes eating low carb easy and delicious.

  80. says

    Cant wait to try this out! I have already tried the portobella individual pizzas and they are SO good and quick! Sometimes, though, you just need a crust and crunch!

  81. Catalina says

    Mellissa, thank you so much for all your recipes! I can’t un-stick my face out of my laptop after finding you website :)

    Already tried the Flax Crackers, the Tiramisu and today the pizza crust. All sooo yummy :) My hubby said that this Tiramisu was better than a lot of others he had eaten in restaurants :))

    The pizza crust saved my from a lunch catastrophy (I almost grabbed a sandwich) and totally satisfied my carb cravings. I topped it with tomato sauce, ham and cheese, and next time I’ll go for more veggies, or a more moist topping, because without added ketchup it felt a bit dry.

    But outstanding! I bow to you :)

    • says

      Thanks Catalina and please tell your husband thanks as well – that’s a lovely compliment as I’m a big fan of restaurant tiramisu! :) Glad you’re both enjoying the recipes and thanks for taking the time to let me know!

  82. Dan Rosen says

    I just stumbled on this (a website is the gift that keeps on giving, apparently) and I have a question (though you may not be so into keeping up with the flaxes these days). Is there such a product as flax seed flour? A more finely ground meal product? How would it fit in to a product like this? I guess I could throw the meal in a blender but I’m wondering if you have tried any recipes using the finer meal before.

  83. yvonne says

    I am on Week 2 of your plans and I am not a huge pizza fan at all, so unlike lots of people I wasn’t particularly looking for a low carb version. This was delicious! I liked that the crust was sturdy enough to pick up and eat. Looking forward to leftovers of this during the week.

  84. Johnny says

    How come you only list the nutrition fact and calories to only half of what its supposed to be? 1 cup of flax meal is 897 cals and 71 g of fat u list it at only 300 and something calories/?? did i miss something?

  85. ashley binder says

    Good Lord, this is horrible! Probably as good as you can get given the restrictions, and probably as good as any one else’s recipe given the restrictions…but whoo-whee! it is a-w-f-u-l! You WANT pizza, of course, and you do the best you can. Its really more sad than anything else. I don’t have any dietary limitations, I only wanted to reduce carbs, but I see now that I’ve been on a fool’s errand. I’m not blaming anyone, but I am warning everyone who might be tempted to waste time and money putting together this “pizza” “crust”. Sorry folks, No carbs = no pizza. Deal with it.

    • says

      Oh happy day! I found your comment in the spam folder after you left the other one freaking out and asking why I deleted it – it had never been approved to begin with and I was blissfully unaware of its existence. Until now. Thanks for leaving your very strong opinion on how awful this recipe is. Have you considered it might have been you or your execution? Over 100 positive comments raving about it before yours saying was awful should give you pause. Just sayin.

  86. ashley binder says

    Seriously? You couldn’t leave my comments up? Because I think this recipe doesn’t work and tastes terrible? I really tried to be sure I didn’t direct my remarks at you personally; my only intent was to warn others who might be thinking, as I did, that this would make a nice lunch that it doesn’t work. I would have liked to have been warned. But you tell me, straight, that you like this crust. No, really. No, really. I know why you’re trying, but have you actually eaten it? Anyway, everybody’s not going to like the same things, of course, but we could have a little give and take around these ideas, couldn’t we? Some people seem to have been able to eat this and more power to them. But I’m sure I’m not the only one, not by a long shot, who thought it tasted awful and people deserve to know that.

    • says

      I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t remember you or your comment if there was one. Unless a comment uses profanity or is exceedingly rude, I always let them through because I believe in accepting all feedback and that people have a right to hear from everyone before they try a recipe of mine. You hated it, I get it. We all get it. Thanks.

  87. Lee says

    Melissa, I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for the time and effort you put into providing all of these great recipes and pictures (and your experiences) to us for free! I am very much a flat-crispy-crust type of person, so I could finagle this to be right up my alley. Way to go, ma’am!

  88. nicoleb says

    OMG yum! thankyou sooo much I am typing this in between bites :) I topped mine with crème fraiche (instead of tomato as im not a fan) courgette, mushroom, pepper and onion that I’d roasted in the oven for 30 mins to get rid of some of the moisture and topped with mozeralla
    After doing low carb for 4 months and losing 24lbs I don’t miss carbs to much but really fancied pizza,this saved me breaking my diet and I can say im more than happy with how this turned out :) (I’d post a picture of the result but I can’t see how)

  89. Daniel says

    This Recipe looks very interesting, easy & tasty so I thought I would give it a try .im in the middle of baking the crusts ,will let you know my verdict after eating . Thanks for sharing Melissa .

  90. Daniel says

    WOW, Mellisa this pizza base was to die for ,it was absolutely amazing ….. Better that the pizza shop to be honest, can’t believe it worked so well . The slices when picked up held together exceptionally well and seemed to droop over when picked up like any ordinary pizza base would do. This pizza base is definitley a keeper in my household . Thanks again for sharing such a great recipe ….. It’s all thumbs up from me …. Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

  91. Ro says

    Hi i made this the other day it was great. next time tho i thought i would make thinner it does roll well. However making my memory i lol forgot the parmesan cheese and had used 1/2 cup of coconut flour (I have been doing lots of different bakings so confusion lol) I wondered why it was dry through in a third egg thinking it was 3 and it baked perfectly. 1c flaxmeal, 1/2 c coconut, 1/2 tsp garlic salt and 3 eggs mix form dough and roll out it made a large pizza which i cut into 8 pieces it was amazing. this was cranberry chicken avocado and mozerella yummooo.

  92. Ro says

    i have made naan bread with tapioca which gives the softer chewy/pull apart result, i am interested to try adding to this or your other recipe to see if it gives a bit of movement in base? what do you think or have you tried

  93. Saul says

    Just tried it, added a teaspoon of dried Italian herbs, and it was amazing. held together, unlike cauliflower low-carb bases I’ve tried.

  94. Ruth says

    Just made this last night and was pleasantly surprised! I’ve never eaten flax before but the reaction I got when I mentioned my plan to make this were not encouraging. But this was sooo tasty! Definately making this again!


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