Bangers and Mash (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

Here’s a little tidbit about me.  I get a little obsessive about food.  It’s true.  One recipe or idea can sometimes branch out in my brain into a bunch of different concepts that I just have to explore.  When that happens I get very single-minded about it and all other recipes and ideas get put on the back burner (see what I did there?? tee hee…)

Sometimes it’s an ingredient (recently flax meal, before that Chorizo, etc.) and sometimes it’s a type of cuisine (Mexican, Thai, Italian) or a style of eating (raw foods, low carb, vegan, etc.)  I’ve always been this way and literally will lay awake at night with recipe ideas running through my brain.  As a food blogger I guess that’s a good thing because I can’t imagine ever running out of things to cook and write about.

So what does this have to do with you, the reader?  Well this week, I’m all about recipes from across the pond (England, Scotland & Ireland specifically).  I’m taking some classic comfort foods, and making them low carb to fit into my current way of eating – and since potatoes figure heavily into a lot of them, I’m replacing those with the cauliflower.

I guess this little obsessive fit encompasses an ingredient, a region, AND a style of eating.  First up – Bangers & Mash.  According to Wikipedia it’s of Irish origin and is traditionally made with sausage and mashed potatoes, sometimes served with fried onions or onion gravy.


Why do they call the sausage “Bangers” you ask?  Interesting tidbit – (Wikipedia quote)  “The term banger is attributed to the fact that sausages, particularly the kind made during World War II under rationing, were made with water so they were more likely to explode under high heat if not cooked carefully; modern sausages do not have this attribute.”  Who knew?

Whatever you want to call it, it’s really delicious!  I can’t believe I’ve never eaten this before – and that everyone isn’t doing this already!  These relatively humble ingredients, combined in just this way, are transformed into something truly amazing.  Definitely comfort food in the extreme!  If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out, so get out there and make this asap!  You won’t regret it!


Bangers and Mash (Low Carb and Gluten Free)
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: English
Serves: 4
  • 4 sausages (I used sweet Italian)
  • 1 cup sliced raw onions
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • ½ cup chicken stock
  • 2 Tbsp red wine (optional)
  • 2 Tbsp heavy cream
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 2 cups cheesy cauliflower puree
  • chopped parsley to garnish
  1. Cook the sausages in a medium saute pan until browned and cooked through. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  2. Add onions to same pan, along with the butter and olive oil. Cook for 5 - 7 minutes at medium heat until onions are browned and softened. Add chicken stock and red wine (if using) and cook for another 3 - 5 minutes until reduced. Add the heavy cream and cook another 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Add sausages back to the pan with the onions for a couple more minutes until heated through.
  4. To plate, place ½ cup of cauliflower puree in a shallow bowl. Add one sausage to each plate and top with onion gravy. Garnish with chopped parsley or another herb of your choice.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 378 Fat: 31g Carbohydrates: 6g net Protein: 15g

Be prepared to repeatedly and annoyingly ask everyone else “Are you going to finish that???” because it’s just that good!




  1. says

    Wow…this dish looks fantastic. I can’t wait to try this! :) As far as justifying your paragraphs, I say leave it how you like it. If your column was wider, I could see how having the words spaced out would be hard to read. But – for me – since your column is so narrow, I don’t see a problem. Just my two cents!

    • says

      Thanks Stace! It’s really tasty!! Regarding the formatting, I honestly I hope that’s how everyone feels because I hate the look of it left justified – but I want to be sure people aren’t put off by it since I don’t want to alienate any readers. I appreciate your honest feedback! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Debbie says

    Looks great! Both the food & finished look… I appreciate all the time you have put in your recipes. You have been an inspiration to help me top stay on track with my new low carb lifestyle! (notice I did not say diet?) Thanks again!!!

    • says

      Thanks so much Debbie! If I’m being honest I never thought I’d stick with low carb this long myself – but all of you guys and your comments have really inspired me and kept me kind of accountable. (Not to mention I feel better eating low carb!) It’s nice to know that my recipes are helping others stay on track as well and it continues to inspire me to keep coming up with new ones. So thanks for the feedback and I hope you’ll stick around for more delicious recipes! :)

  3. says

    That’s a pretty good version! In English pubs, the onion gravy is a moat around some mash and then sausages on top. At home, I do similar, but tend to err on less gravy.

    Food from across the pond, eh? British? European? There’s a lot of land and cuisine over here. Check out some fun, like Cottage Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, Lancashire Hotpot (you can put oysters in this one!), Cawl (Welsh “soup” .. like Irish Stew), Irish Stew, many rely on potatoes as a strong filler and source of fast energy for active people, but you can make it low carb and keep within the principles of the dish – cauli mash over Cottage and Shepherd’s Pie is the obvious one. Slices of marrow or cauli stalk in a Lancashire Hotpot. That kind of thing. Oh, Haggis? It’s got some rusk in, which you might well be able to cope with being starchy grain, but it is damn good, damn good as a “Scottish Pie” under cauli mash or wrapped in a mash and deep fried as balls.

    British food is massively underrated when placed against our French neighbours, but in the end, we eat much the same … we just call it English words and the French flounce it up. As a Brit, I am very excited about our traditional food and very happy to make it up well, according to my dietary principles, re-working it as I see fit. I do have a cultural advantage here :)

    I eat predominantly “paleo”, which I place in quotes since I do eat starches and dairy, which is an odd admission to make on a low-carb website, but i do like to err on the low(er) carb side and my (dead skinny non-paleo) wife loves caulifower, so that is proving a great ingredient in our lives.

    I feel best eating conventional (low carb) paleo.

    I like that food is food and pictures of food is an inspiration. I hate it when food becomes dogmatic … takes all the fun out of it!

    • says

      Hey Paul! Re: “As a Brit, I am very excited about our traditional food” – Really? I couldn’t tell! ha ha! Love your enthusiasm – it’s very contagious. I don’t want to give everything away but here’s a little spoiler of a couple things you’ll see soon: colcannon, potted shrimp, corned beef hash and at my husband’s request Scotch Eggs – plus a few others. Hopefully while they will have my own spin on them they’ll still be a fitting tribute to the real thing – I’m sure you’ll let me know! ;) I agree with you about food being an inspiration and not being dogmatic about it – for that reason I cringed when you referred to my blog as a “low carb website” which it isn’t – or at least I don’t want it to be. I mean, my most recent posts have been but I’m trying not to get typecast to where I can’t ever move on, which I know I eventually will. I love food too much to only blog about (or eat) low carb things at the expense of everything else. I hope I’ll be able to still keep my low carb peeps inspired when I do move on because I don’t want to do this forever and alienate the vast majority who aren’t low carb. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t started listing all of the nutrition info – for one thing it’s a pain and this is hard enough, but the other reason is that once you start you can’t stop without ticking everyone off! :) Love all your comments so I hope you’ll weigh in (no pun intended) on the rest of my British fare and as always your suggestions for improvement are welcome!

    • says

      … then I’ll happily revise my conclusion of your blog being low-carb focussed. My own food blog is paleo-orientated and I do use the word “paleo” a lot on it, but would hate to be typecast, too :)

      Regarding justification, when read in a feed reader it looks the same as on the blog, but the text is much smaller. Personally, I can read it quite easily, but then I speed read to assimilate information and savour the pictures. It doesn’t bother me. Breaking up into more paragraphs might help – smaller bites of information works well in the blog format.

      Scotch Eggs are fantastic! Love ’em! While you’re tripping around our Isles, culinarily speaking, there’s Cullen Skink, don’t forget traditional Roast Beef (the French taunt us with that one because they think it’s all we can cook), Steak & Kidney Pie and don’t miss out of Chicken Tikka Masala! No, seriously, this one is most definitely British! There’s also puddings – Rhubarb & Custard is a must! You’ll figure out the substitutions.

      Looking forward to seeing the results of your cooking …

    • says

      Thanks for all of the great ideas Paul (Rhubarb Custard?!??! I LOVE RHUBARB!!, it’s nice to have an insider on the team! :) As for my blog being low carb focused, it is – for now, and I wasn’t offended by you referring to it as that. I just don’t know if it will be forever and how long do I keep this going before I’m “stuck” is all. Is it better to be a low carb blog that stands out and is appreciated by all my fellow low carb peeps out there – or to stay more versatile but be one of the millions of generic food blogs out there? I love the community feel we’re getting with all of the low carb commenters adding their two cents on the recipes and sharing their weight loss successes and things. I’d hate to lose that. So it’s been on my mind a lot lately. Not in any danger of stopping low carb anytime soon anyway, just thinking about where I’m going with it in the future I guess…

    • says

      While we’re on rhubarb … a Yorkshire favourite is grilled mackerel with rhubarb! Seriously, it works! We take rhubarb very seriously here in Yorkshire (England’s largest county, practically a nation state, certainly in mind maybe yet in reality). Check out: for some background.

      The low carb thing is good. That’s how I found your blog. I carb up frequently, being very active, but love to live lower carb otherwise. That’s the great thing about food – eat how you feel and how you need. What grinds me down about the paleo thing (sorry to bleat on … dietaryisms do get a bit boring when you’re not preaching to the converted) is I see food as a lot more than fuel. Food is a reason to shine, to show skill, to make a meal. Meals are more than feeding, meals are about tribe time, about quality time with friends, people who matter. Food is also artistic.

  4. says

    Oh this looks awesome! I see recipes for bangers and mash all over the internet all of the time, but since I don’t usually use potatoes, I’ve never made it at home. I’m so excited to try this version, because I’ve always wanted to make it!! I like to cook a bunch of Irish/Irish-inspired recipes around St. Patrick’s Day, so I’ll be putting this on the menu for sure. Thanks.

    Oh – and I’m the same way as you – I keep myself up at night planning menus in my head when I’m trying to fall asleep. Why???

    • says

      Hey Carrie! Guess I’m ahead of the curve on the Irish inspired recipes – didn’t even think of that! As to laying awake with menus and recipes I don’t know! I used to do it if I was planning a dinner party or catering job but now that I have the blog it’s a million times worse although I guess it’s a good thing – my favorite recipes have been created when I was trying to get to sleep! I have always been like this which is weird! I remember when I was in school and they taught us how to cut an apple into a swan and I was up for hours thinking of all the possibilities with other shapes, other fruits, etc. Of course it had all been done but I didn’t know that at the time. I was so excited about it – oh to be 13 again when life was so much simpler! Now I lie awake worrying about bills and whether or not I should homeschool! Obsessing about food is definitely not that bad as night thinks go I guess! :)

  5. says

    I love your blog and the recipes are yum! Please don’t change a thing. I am new to the low carb lifestyle (just under a month)…and it is so doable thanks to sites like yours (I rate yours A-1). I appreciate the effort you put into this and look forward to new lip-smacking recipes and photos. Many thanks!

    • says

      Thank you very very much! It’s all of your comments that keep me going on low carb too and feeling I’d be letting you guys down if I start posting carb laden goodies (baddies?) again! Your appreciation and support means the world to me – thanks for the feedback, really. :)

  6. says

    Your little tidbit also happens to be my little tidbit too! Now I keep a notebook by my bedside just to jot down these random ideas!I’m going to try this recipe, I know it tastes great :D As for the justification, it doesn’t really bother me since the gaps between words are not too inconsistent :D

    • says

      Thanks Qi Ting! I’m glad I’m not the only one who lays awake at night obsessing about recipes! I might steal your notebook idea – I already have one for the blog but I haven’t gone so far as to keep it near the bed though. Probably because once a recipe idea takes root in my brain I’d need a chain saw to get it out so forgetting about it before I write it down isn’t usually an issue! You never know though – better safe than sorry! :)

  7. says

    Obsessive about food is a good thing. I think I have referred to your site as low carb…sorry. But you have such wonderful low carb recipes! Please keep being obsessive because I love the outcome. My waist line appreciates it also!!

    • says

      I’m not offended Connie, trust me – it has become low carb and I’m not sorry – just not sure if I’ll keep it that way forever! For now I’m in no danger of running out of ideas so your waistline (and mine!) are safe! ;)

  8. says

    I made this last night for my boyfriend…he LOVED the bangers and mash-was begging for more! He said they were his favorite recipe so far, and I can make them anytime :)I followed your recipe pretty closely just added some red and green peppers and used hot sausage. Pinned it and will definitely be making it again! Thanks for all the great recipes!

    • says

      Thank you Kirstie, I appreciate the feedback! Glad your BF liked them! I would like them with the red peppers but my hubby hates peppers so I usually don’t add them. Maybe next time I will and he’ll have to just suck it up! ;)

  9. Maureen says

    I love making this, It would be awesome to see it entered in a myfitness pal or, another food tracker site for a quick add. Melissa, If users do start entering your recipes on these food tracking sites, how’d you like to be entered as? for example ” Melissa’s Sevigny’s Bangers & mash” or, “I breath, I’m hungry Bangers & Mash.”

    • says

      As long as the recipe isn’t on my fitness pal and it’s just the nutrition info then I’m good with it. Probably I Breathe I’m Hungry since that’s more recognizable to people than my name. Thanks for asking!

  10. Jessica says

    I made this for supper this evening as I have gone gluten free myself, but my husband, two teenage boys, and my young nieces needed a delicious and satisfying meal. Although I did use mashed potatoes It was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed it and it was very easy. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Martha Cox says

    Mellissa, about how many oz. total sausage in this recipe? I’ve seen Italian sausages that are quite large and don’t know if that’s what you used.


  12. Sandi says

    Melissa –
    I just found your site this week and put this recipe on my list for the week’s meal plan. All I can say is…HEAVENLY. I couldn’t believe the cauliflower goodness! And having lived in England, I loved bangers and mash. Your recipe got it JUST RIGHT!!!


    • says

      Thanks so much Sandi! I love this recipe – it’s been far to long since I made it at our house! Going back on the menu for next week, thanks for reminding me about it! :)

  13. Dianna says

    I REALLY LOVE your site and I love that no matter what recipe I put into the search 9 times out of 10 I find the one I love is from your site! I am working very hard on a low carb and gluten free so the carb count would be great. If you have the nutritional data available would you consider adding it please?
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  14. Stephanie Wagner says

    This is in my top 5 favorite dishes of all time (in..and out of!) your meal plan! It was soooo good! Hit the spot for comfort food and then some!

  15. Christine Castaneda says

    Hi Melissa, just wanted to say that I made the Bangers and Mash tonight and it was bangin’. Out of the pan and into my tummy, LOL. It was very delicious and very filling. I loved it!! But then again, I love italian sausage (sweet or hot). This will definitely be on my low carb go to list. Thanks!!


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