10 Minute “No Chop” Low Carb Chili


10 minute low carb chiliWhen I was searching out recipes for my Low Carb Superbowl Recipe Roundup I noticed that there is a surprising lack of low carb ground beef chili recipes out there on the interweb. 

Even here on IBIH I have some non-traditional low carb chili recipes like the Tropical Turkey Chili and Pumpkin Chicken Chili (which are both delicious if I do say say so!), but no traditional ground beef chili recipes. 

So this week I decided to remedy that situation – and not only that, but I wanted to give you a super simple and fast chili, that can be whipped up on a weeknight (or any time) in just a few minutes.

Now people love their chili recipes – so much so that entire contests and Simpsons episodes are devoted to it.  Maybe you have a family favorite that you swear by, and I’m not trying to tread on that here.  But sometimes you just need dinner fast, or cheap, or just feel too lazy to devote hours to simmering down all those chopped veggies and meat into the best chili anyone has ever tasted

And that, my friends, is where this recipe comes in.  Don’t get me wrong, it might not win any contests, but this is some seriously delicious chili that can serve many uses.  Eat it out of a bowl with a spoon, stuff it into little sweet peppers as an appetizer, cover it with cheese and sour cream and serve with pork rinds as low carb nachos, use it as a base for taco salad…you get the idea.

low carb chili stuffed peppers

The secret to this 10 minute chili is using a prepared salsa in lieu of doing all of that chopping yourself.  Use any salsa that you like – if you enjoy the flavor of it out of the jar, then you’ll love it in this chili.  If you can find one that is free of sugar and fillers, then this makes a perfect, easy Whole 30 lunch or dinner.  I’m writing the recipe for 4 servings (1lb ground beef), but it can easily be double, tripled, etc.

10 minute low carb chili 2

So do yourself a favor and don’t be a chili snob – give this one a try and you might never go back to your old, labor intensive, chili recipe again!

10 Minute Low Carb Chili

Yield: 4 servings

10 Minute Low Carb Chili


  • 1 lb lean ground beef (or turkey)
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground coriander
  • 1/2 tsp ground cayenne (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 cup prepared salsa (I used Pace Mild)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • In a medium saucepan, combine the ground beef and all of the spices. When the meat is cooked through, add your salsa. Simmer for 5 minutes. Nom.
  • Optional garnishes: red onion, cilantro, avocado, lime, cheese, sour cream, corn, peppers


Approx. nutrition info per serving: 229 calories, 9g fat, 2.25g net carbs, 33g protein


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  1. Jayne

    I love these kinds of recipes, quick, healthy and delicious!

    • ladydi2

      I am a die hard chili fan and I absolutely love this! I have made it twice this week, once for dinner then another batch for two lunches! Wonderful, thanks!

  2. Katey

    This is exactly what I do! I actually discovered it by accident. I was going more for a taco meat sort of thing and added in the salsa, and I realized it was more like chili! I would normally top it with cheese, but I’m currently doing a Whole30, and have discovered that avocado is an amazing topping for chili. Try adding a bit of dried oregano–I find that the combination with cumin gives a perfect Mexican flavor.

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny02-22-2013

      Doing the Whole 30 is what got me using avocado on my chili too Katey – it’s so good! I’ll try the oregano next time, thanks for the tip!

  3. movita beaucoup
    movita beaucoup02-22-2013

    This would be brilliant for days like I’m having today: pyjamas @ 6 pm.

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny02-22-2013

      Dude!? You too?! Seriously though, some of my most productive days are spent in PJ’s or yoga pants, so no judgement here! I do however draw the line at going to Walmart in them. A girl’s gotta have her standards.

  4. Lisa

    I just made this and it’s genius! I work long days and love cooking but at the end of the day have zero energy to chop lots of things. I tweaked the recipe a bit and added a tablespoon of reduced sugar ketchup and 1/4 cup hot sauce. Such a great quick dinner at the end of a long, long work day!

  5. Stephanie

    This was really easy and really tasty!
    I served it taco salad-style, over mixed greens with southwest ranch dressing.

  6. Kris

    Do you have a recipe for the chili stuffed peppers?
    They look great!

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny03-25-2013

      Make the chili, stuff the peppers, throw some cheese on top and bake or broil until the cheese is melted – super easy!

  7. Antoinette

    Thanks heaps for this recipe, Mellissa, another big succes! I gave my husband half of the mince I cooked, he wanted beans, so I added some kidney beans and he ate it with a tomato salsa with onion and cilantro and sour cream and cheese and I shredded 1/2 a baby cos lettuce in a bowl, put the chili on top with cheese and sour cream and the tomato salsa and ot was amazing, can’t believe it only took 10 minutes to make!

  8. Nicole

    Is this good if you store it in the fridge and reheat for later? I’m trying to make all my keto meals for the week in advance, because I’m too lazy to cook everyday. :) I just know some foods don’t do well with reheating.

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny01-19-2014

      This is a great one for reheating Nicole, I do it all the time! It also freezes well! Enjoy!

  9. Jill

    I’m currently doing the Keto Kickstart and this is DELICIOUS! Actually EVERYTHING is delicious!!! But my house has smelled like cream cheese pancakes for days :)

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny02-13-2014

      Thanks so much Jill, hope you’re having great success with the plans!

  10. Elissa

    This is one of those “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this” recipes. Who would have thought something so simple would be so good. I’ve made this twice now and will definity be making it more. Thanks, Melissa!

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny02-21-2014

      You’re so welcome Elissa – I still eat this ALL the time and love how fast it comes together!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  11. Andrea

    I just ate a big bowl of yum. Thank you!

  12. April

    Im on day 3 of Ketosis, and thanks to your site, it’s not difficult at all this time around! I just made the chili, and made “tacos” out of romaine leaves. Topped it with cheese, sour cream and avocado. WOW what a treat! Thank you for all the hard work you put forth into making this site!

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny03-01-2014

      You’re so welcome April! I’m so happy that the plans are helping you!

    • Christina

      LOVE THIS IDEA! Thank you!

  13. Cyntha

    DELICIOUS! But 4 servings? Not eating half of this would be a challenge! ;)

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny04-03-2014

      So true Cynthia! When I serve it with cheese, sour cream, avocado, and eat it with pork rinds, a little goes a long way! Otherwise, yeah I could pretty much eat all of it in one sitting! :)

  14. Amber

    How big are the servings? Thanks.

    • Mellissa Sevigny
      Mellissa Sevigny04-14-2014

      I just divide it into four portions – never measured it before. Probably about 1 cup – depends on how much liquid is in it!

  15. susan

    I saw chili and my heart leapt thinking I could have beans…alas no :-( but I am still making it tonight for my family, will scoop mine out then add beans to the rest of the batch to please my boys…thanks for the 3 day plan, I am 1 2/3 days done!

  16. Lolita

    Just made this yesterday. It was awesome! Thanks for the salsa tip!

  17. PW Herman
    PW Herman08-13-2014

    Made this on Sunday for lunch this week – awesome! Thank you!

  18. Chasity

    Tried this today and it was delicious! I’m going to toast up some low-carb tortillas and try making nachos with the mixture.

  19. Kaitlin V
    Kaitlin V10-09-2014

    As a native Texan, I cannot publicly condone this. However, as a tired wife after a long work week, we LOVED this. Can’t wait for different flavor profiles. We used Native Texan Chipolte salsa and it was incredible with sharp cheddar and sour cream. Going into my week night rotation!

  20. Anitra

    Delicious!!! I topped mine with cheese and sour cream. Definitely making this again soon.

  21. Amanda

    Could I make this with the Morningstar crumbles?

  22. Anna

    I’ve made this recipe so many times and absolutely love it. I’m moving out of my apartment this week so needed to use up some things, so I used taco seasoning and with my serving that I’m currently eating (I craved it for breakfast okay, don’t judge me haha) I adde a chopped up hot dog from when my brother was here. It tastes SO good. I do prefer it with your spices as above, but the taco seasoning is a nice and more mild option that even my fussy brother might enjoy eating. I usually add chilli flakes as well for some extra zing

  23. Elise Wormuth
    Elise Wormuth01-04-2015

    Made this last night with great success. I gently roasted some red and yellow peppers cut in half (just 10 min at 400 to soften them a little, not char them), then served the chili over the peppers (a lot of chili, not just what would fit inside them! Then we had cheese and sour cream on top (I had avocado but forgot to put it out!). This was so tasty, and everybody loved it. And sooo quick — even though I’m retired and (supposedly) lie around all day, I’m crazy about tasty meals that can be made quickly –

  24. Kelly

    Just starting to test the water with this keto diet stuff and this is one of the first things we’ll be making. I popped the recipie into MyFitnessPal, though, and the cals per serving come to only 169! I’ve double checked it and can’t seem to find any errors. How did you figure your calories? Perhaps with garnishes like avocado, sour cream, cheese, etc?

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