The Gluten Free Low Carber E-Cookbook


A decadent, yet healthy, selection of over 65 crave-worthy recipes – each one more delicious than the last! Pancakes, crackers, pizza, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, fried fish, cakes, pies, ice cream and so much more! You won’t believe that you can eat these delicious foods, all while dropping weight faster than you ever thought possible!


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  1. 40 of your favorite recipes from the blog, many with significant improvements!
  2. 28 new recipes that will have you running for the kitchen to get cooking ASAP!
  3. A section on essential pantry ingredients, complete with links to sources.
  4. Hyperlinks galore to make the book easy to navigate.
  5. Nutrition information for all of the recipes


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What people are saying about The Gluten Free Low Carber…

[blockquote align=”left” variation=”slategrey” cite=”Cam, ” citeLink=””]Very entertaining and informative read. Mellissa’s photography is stunning and the recipes are all really appealing. I’ve made a number of them with great results. A great resource for low carb/gluten free homemade meals. [/blockquote]

[blockquote align=”left” variation=”slategrey” cite=”MB, ” citeLink=””]Her recipes have been time-tested and tweaked to make them easy to prepare and delicious for everyone. I like that she is able to pull from a standard base of ingredients, without resorting to exotic hard to get items.[/blockquote]

[blockquote align=”left” variation=”slategrey” cite=”H.F., ” citeLink=””]I’ve been a diet controlled diabetic for a couple years now. During that time I gave up just about everything I enjoyed to keep my numbers within range and stay off meds. I’m pretty lazy and frugal when it comes to experimenting with foods so I need easy, frugal, tasty, low carb recipes or I’m not interested. After purchasing Melissa’s book I can once again eat the most delicious dishes … including cake! Yes cake, with frosting, for only 4.5 net carbs. I’m not talking a teeny bite of cake or a see-through sliver;I’m talking a big hunk of the most delicious, moist, flavorful, wonderful, easy and FUN to make cake. The recipes in this book are easy with step by step instructions and the most gorgeous, clear photos. If you want some fresh, new, delicious Low Carb recipes (a must for diabetics) then you want this book. [/blockquote]

[blockquote align=”left” variation=”slategrey” cite=”E. Toth, ” citeLink=””]Wonderful resource for people with diabetes or, indeed, anyone interested in low carb/gluten free food. I have made several of these recipes and love the results. My goal is to try all 65…[/blockquote]

[blockquote align=”left” variation=”slategrey” cite=”RJB, ” citeLink=””]As a huge fan of her blog, I was excited about the release of Mellissa’s cookbook. However, since I live in Europe, I delayed in placing my order as receiving overseas shipments can sometimes be a hassle. So I continued following the blog yet often dreamed about what wonderful recipes might be in the pages of that elusive book. Within seconds of hearing about the availability of the Kindle version, I safely downloaded it into both my Kindle and my iPad and the cooking has begun! Amazing recipes, beautiful photographs–all formatted in an easy-to-read digital style. Highly, highly recommended!! [/blockquote]

[blockquote align=”left” variation=”slategrey” cite=”Baron S., ” citeLink=””]Sevigny is like a mad-scientist figuring out her delicious dishes.[/blockquote]

So what are you waiting for??? Download your copy today, and get cooking!!!!

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Just a sample of the delicious recipes you will find inside…

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[image caption=”Ginger & Orange Slaw”][/image]
[image caption=”Asian Meatballs”][/image]
[image caption=”Orange Miso Salmon”][/image]
[image caption=”Mushroom Chevre Lasagna”][/image]
[image caption=”Maple Roasted Parsnips”][/image]
[image caption=”Buffalo Chicken Soup”][/image]
[image caption=”Lemon Olive Chicken”][/image]
[image caption=”Coconut Almond Ice Cream”][/image]
[image caption=”Eggplant Parmagiana”][/image]
[image caption=”Chocolate Cream Pie”][/image]

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