10 Fantastic Low Carb Recipes For Turkey Leftovers

I put out a call on Facebook the other day for links to leftover turkey recipes for this post, and most of the recipes I got were for soup and chili.  So I decided to go with the theme, and rounded them out with some curry recipes as well.  This is kind of an around the world recipe roundup, covering Korean, Thai, Indian, and Mexican flavors, in addition to more traditional recipes.  Some of these recipes require you to go the extra mile to get the ingredients, and you may have to make a few substitutions (turkey for chicken, sugar substitutes for sugar or honey, and coconut flour or xanthan gum to thicken where regular flour is called for), but they all look delicious and worth the extra time and effort!  Let us know if you try any of them and what the verdict was!  Have any favorite leftover turkey recipes of your own that you want to share?  Please do leave links to them in your comments!

 1)  Homemade Turkey Stock from Mark’s Daily Apple – the foundation for any good soup or sauce, homemade turkey stock is not only excellent to have around for the flavor, but it’s also really, really good for you!

2)   Smoked Turkey Chowder from Farm Girl Dabbles – you’ll have to replace the flour with coconut flour or 1 tsp xanthan gum to make it low carb and gluten free, but it looks amazing!  Since most of us don’t smoke our turkeys, I would also recommend adding 1/2 tsp of liquid smoke to this recipe to get that smoky flavor – you can usually find it in the spices/flavorings or condiment aisle of your local supermarket.

3)  Tex Mex Turkey Soup from The Curious Country Cook – vibrant in color and easy to make, this appealing recipe requires no substitutions to make it low carb and gluten free.

4)  Pumpkin Chicken Chili from yours truly – I made this one last week and it was awesome – hearty and easy to throw together, you can substitute your leftover turkey for the chicken.  You can also substitute butternut squash or sweet potatoes for the pumpkin.  The chickpeas are also optional.

5)  Creamy Turkey Green Chili Soup from Barefeet in the Kitchen – a creamy soup that also has green chili’s in it?  I’m all over this one!  Substitute coconut flour or xanthan gum for the regular flour in this recipe.

6)  Easy Turkey Tomato Curry from Rock Recipes – the key word here is “easy” which I’m all about if we’re talking leftovers.  Substitute sugar substitute for the honey that this recipe calls for. 

7)  Thai Red Curry Chicken from Tartine and Apron Strings – what I like about this one is not only are the photos incredible, but she teaches you how to make your own curry paste!  Don’t want to go through all that trouble?  The recipe can also use store bought, which you can usually find in the Asian section of your grocery store.  Use sugar substitute in place of the brown sugar the recipe calls for to make this one low carb.

8)  Thom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Soup) from I Breathe I’m Hungry – spicy and really easy to make, this one is from the archives before I went low carb and gluten free.  It’s easily adapted though by replacing the sugar with a substitute, and using shiritake noodles in place of the rice noodles (or omitting them altogether).

9)  Dakgaejang (Spicy Soup) from Korean Bapsang – this one is a little more on the exotic side but it sounds so delicious that I had to include it.  Well worth a trip to your local Asian market to find the ingredients, let me know if you make it and it tastes as good as it looks!

10)  Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup from Peace, Love and Low Carb – for those of you who love your slow cookers, this one is perfect!  It starts with raw chicken so you’ll have to adjust the cooking time if you’re using leftover turkey.  As an added bonus, this recipe supplies the nutrition data so you don’t have to – at 2.75g of net carbs per serving, I’d say this one is a no-brainer!  Click the link to see the photos.

Well there you have it Peeps – some truly delicious looking recipes to use up all those turkey leftovers that are taking up room in your fridge!  Don’t have any leftovers but want to try these recipes?  Pick up a rotisserie chicken at your local grocery store, and you’re good to go!  Enjoy!


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